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Jun 23, 2011

Julian Assange: Facebook, Google, Yahoo Spying Tools For US Intelligence

The man behind WikiLeaks says his website's revelations are just the tip of the iceberg. In an exclusive interview with RT, Julian Assange said it is only a matter of time before damaging information that Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo Spying Tools for US intelligence becomes known.


  1. I suppose we all knew it, and I suspect we are on their list. But we have to be a bit higher on their list then the average Joe due to what we search and how much searching we do of our interisted subject, and what we talk about, etc. So this is not that exciting.

    But I have to give them credit, as if I was spying, I would want to do it through this same way. As through this way you are able to see exactly what a person thinks about, how much time they spend thinking of the things they do, and you would be able to predict what a person did, or is going to do.

    Basically with these tools you are able to read peoples minds, and they basically allow one to visit a persons mind as if it were a place.


  2. If you look up rendlesham forest symbols on google one of them is a circle encompassing two blobs and a triangle. The 2 blobs are earth and the moon. The encompassing circle coming out of the moon and wrapping around earth is the moons broadcast ( see moon matrix). Now, and here is the good bit if the moon carried on orbiting and going left along that circle it would go over the top of the triangle and look exactly like THE EYE OF PROVIDENCE. And if you say it can't be its curved, look at an aerial view of hampton court built in the 1500's and see the curved eye of providence. The moon is acting as our god, controlling us, and taking away our other senses.

    Human Revolution

  3. In ref to Anonymous in the last post. What an interesting take on the subject. Its good to see what other people thhink.. Id have not thought of this myself. Good to see other opinions other than the things ive already thought!!

  4. Julian Assange could likened to a modern day Jesus of Free Speech. What a well thought out interview. His responses were flawless. I hope they dont crucify him like they did the last great prophets.

  5. I can't understand the need to hide it any more. How much is being spent on this lie? How many lives have been taken?

    Is it because of oil? Give me a break. Let the oil companies hold the rights to use it. I don't care. I'll pay for clean energy that doesn't kill us and this planet just like I'll pay for oil and fossil fuels that do.
    As a group it's time move past this game we are playing.
    What is the worst thing that these visitors could want to do? Come down to earth and make us all slaves? Give me a break. 99% of us are slaves now. We work day and night to survive, to eat, to pay our bills. Hell, All they have to do is feed me, give me a comfy bed and a few hot chicks to hang out with and I'll do whatever they ask of me. (As long as I don't have to worry about BILLS!) Think about it.

    It is said that you can not go faster then the speed of light. But, can we outsmart it?

    Yes, I look for UFO news everyday on the internet. I'm lucky to be able to. I hope that Star Travelers can help us out of this mess we find ourselves in. And I have have had "Friends" on Facebook turn out to be so fake that when I ask other real friends if they know who they are, The name is removed from their friends list as well.

  6. Rick, there are many many reasons for not disclosing including oil. But ultimately it is fear of "not being in control" which compels them to hide the fact, and fear of what could become of the human race.

    These beings have the power to send us back to the dawn of civilisation. Everything we ever worked for, everthing we have ever learned, everything we know and care for, just may not matter anymore. The rich and powerful will then no longer be, the poor and powerless will no longer be. This scares the shit out of those who hide the fact! Just as it scares the shit out of the religous leaders.

    But make no mistake, "disclosure" is obviously not entirely up to those in power on Earth. Disclosure can come from the aliens themselves, or us.

    Also, do not make no mistake about those in power here on earth not being stressed about what is going on, as they are pissing blood from stress over whats going on! Many of them have had their worlds turned up-side-down from learning what they learned and from doing what they do, and they know that they are fighting a losing battle. This destroys them, so take some comfort in this thought, when you can.

  7. Thank you for the reply. But, I have to say this.

    There seems to be many different types or races of visitors. Each ship may be a different race for a different location. Just like the different races on this planet. There could be Billions of other civilizations out there. Surely some of these races have encountered the same situation many times. How did they make undisclosed contact the first time? How was their own civilization first contacted? What was their own response? Planet wide peace, war, civil unrest, a breakdown of society a re-birth of it? These are some of the questions I’d like to have answered.

    Throughout history I can really only think of one major event when visitors may have tried to really wipe out the people of Earth. During the plague, the Black Plague of the middle ages. “The Grim Reapers or Seven Horsemen would show in the upwind field of the towns and villages. They would swing their sickles at the oat yet no oats fell. A loud Swishing sound could be heard and a mist was seen in the air. The next day the people of these areas would start showing symptoms of the plague and they weren’t the only ones. The plants & trees withered and died. The animals & livestock died as well, even though no outside visitor had come to the village in many days.”

    If that’s not a Poison Gas attack I don’t know what is.

    But, other than that and a few other things like it, for the most part our history has been full of positive, helpful contacts that brought us to our present day. If they wished us away, they have the means to do so and could have long ago.

    Also, any time there is a major sighting when “High Level” officials are questioned about the event, their answers are always the same. “There is no threat to us.” “The lights are not a threat to us.”

    I don’t want to keep rambling on but I’d like to close with this. At our current pace, if nothing changes and we keep using Earths resources without regard. Then I don’t think we’ll have to worry about invaders from outer space wiping us out. They will however sit back and watch us do it because we won’t be worth saving!

  8. I love your line of thinking Rick. You ask the big questions and dont get caught up with just what you are looking at (video or pic of ufo's)! If we all did this, "disclosure" would happen a whole lot sooner.

    You are safe in assuming there are many different types of them from many different locations. As logic tell's us there are many different type's of them from different location's, as logic tell's us that they do not all look at us the same, just as logic tell's us that they are all at different level's of evolution.

    Some of them out there are still cave men, others are at our level of evolution, while others still are light year's ahead of us.

    - Obviously some of them look at us like we are ant's. They do not think one way or the other about us, and just take what they need from us and/or our planet (new DNA stock and raw materials).

    - Others look at us through scientific eye's. They research us and try not to interfere with us to track the route of evolution.

    - Others still, are obviously evil, but it would not be a evil based on hate or jealousy. As it does matter how evolved they are, they still need to mine for raw materials, and their population growth will still overcome their food resources.

    There is a chance that visitors did try to wipe us out with the plague, but it may have been a accident. We would have to lean more towards thinking it was an accident, as would have to be right in thinking that if they wanted us gone, they would accomplish it.

    In regard to the officials, it's obvious they cant not have an answer, that would cause panic. Other's though know somethings we dont.

    I find myself sometime's thinking that the majority of these alien's are in contact with each other, and for some reason they cant interfere with us. It's as if they are being policed, and we have some sort of copyright over us that say's the majority are not to interfere with us. Or why wont one of these many alien races just make contact with us, and reap the benifits?

  9. Thanks again for your reply. I like your last paragraph the best.

    I’m sure there are Evils in the universe. Glad to see that so far, Good has been able to protect us. I do have a fear in my mind that is very hard for me to ignore. On Earth, when 2 groups of ants come in contact what happens? They battle for the resources at hand. When a Pride of Lyons comes into contact with another they battle for their resources. What will happen if someone wants our resources? I think that is one of the biggest factors at play for the Governments of the World not disclose ET existence. That and PURE GREED. Because if it isn’t one, it’s damn sure the other!

    On the other hand, they come here everyday. Every single day there are sightings. Every single day UFO’s are tracked on FAA radar. If you look at a single days Flight Tracking map you can see them. The maps are color coded to show the normal commercial aircrafts altitudes as they move across the country. Then from the sides of these maps you see lines coming down from great altitudes and drop into the water, into the middle of the Pacific Ocean half way between Hawaii and California. I don’t know of any Islands between the two, do you? There are many, not just one and not in the same areas or ocean. Now, these are the official FAA records and tracking’s of inbound aircraft. I didn’t see any reports for 15 plane crashes in one day. See for yourselves.


    I think they come here to harvest our Oceans. Remember, “Officially” no true Earth like planets have been found. But, there are many planets and moons in our own solar system that may have “Vast Oceans” under their frozen surfaces.

    If it’s true, that may be one of the reasons for the BP Oil Spill and why the people involved let it drag on for soooo long. Hell, that may be why they MADE it happen in the first place. To put the word out that our Ocean’s are in trouble and dead. Maybe to keep them away??? The NWO’s last grasps’ at maintaining power??

    All I know is this, United States has been spending Billions & Trillions of dollars every year to hopefully protect all our asses from an “Outside Threat” as President Regan called them. There are things at play out there that will completely boggle our minds if we ever find out. I don’t need to know it all. I’d like to. But, what you want and what you get are….you know the rest.

    I’m glad to see the World is protected from the outside, if there is a real threat. But, what’s the use if we are killing ourselves from the inside?