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Jun 26, 2011

UFO Fleet Videotaped Over London BBC Radio Building

According to eyewitness testimonial " it took over a week to get it, but finally on June 24, 2011  I have managed to get these UFOS on camera on a clear day over London BBC Radio 1 Building, and even get a close-up of UFO mothership. It seems to be attracting quite a crowd now when they appear. Can anyone explain what on earth these lights are please?


UFO fleet over Tower Bridge London on June 24, 2011

Last year on October 13 New York City had also attracted international media attention, when unidentified objects did show up and were witnessed by thousands read it all


  1. Aren´t they known as fastwalkers? What they are i don´t know...

  2. This was something eerie to watch.

  3. wooooooooow

    This is what i m talking about, this is really good video alot of people watching and taking photos and videos from different angles.

    The ufo are doing impossible maneuvers in the sky. There has been many recorded ufo stories of a big ship and small ones flying around it.



  4. Birds? No
    Movie scene? No
    Flying object? NO
    UFO ? You got to believe!
    What was that in the sky and those objects were very very clear, so no illusion or nothing of that sort.
    whats the official version?

  5. Great sighting video! This is the kind of stuff that needs more attention.

  6. has anyone noticed that most of the sightings of these things there is a chemtrail on the background?

  7. I work at Longbridge Radar Station and I keep getting false targets. Maybe these are what they are.

  8. I've seen very similar displays over here in Canada over the last several years. The first time I noticed this was back in 2005, above the CN Tower in Toronto at around 5:30am.

    The second time I've seen this was in London, Ontario (Canada), back in 2007 at my In-Laws place. I was in the backyard--I was putting the cover back on the BBQ with my wife and we noticed what seemed to be about 50-100 of these tiny white lights moving in erratic ways towards an electrical storm that was brewing in the distance.

    We pulled up lawn chairs and watched this for about 15 minutes until clouds moved in our way.

  9. These objects seem as if they are life forms of some type, obviously something beyond our realm of knowledge or understanding.

  10. What are you guys saying.. "Beyond the Realm of knowledge or understanding" ???? Its easy to understand, and not hard to know.. we are ready... our imaginations can easily cope with this.. I can't wait... I can't believe I was born in THIS time, to see all these amazing events.. I don't care if they're hostile even.. no matter how advanced they are, they didn't make this universe...

  11. I have been studying privately about UFO's for over 20 years, and do firmly believe both the UK & US governements know far more that what they let on. BTW the dead giveaway is how institutions, governments etc react to real UFO encounters by very credible people. They do seem to put their foor in it. Unfortunately I feel this footage is faked, why ? 1) there seems to be too much wind noise on the mic, but its not that windy ! good excuse not to hear witness reactions clearly ! 2) the witnesses do not seem really bothered & where is the corroboration ? their stories ? Even if you stood in the street & pointed to the sky with camera, others will do the same out of curiosity no matter whatever is going on !!! 3) being a very sunny day, the UFO's look suspicious in the way they move & do not align upto the frame right. Get Bruce Mcabee to examine the footage to look for video artifacts, fringing, layers, overlaps etc. Will the owner of the footage provide this ? absolutely not ! cos its a fake. The late Tony Dodd (look him up if you dont know who he is), said the witness accounts are JUST as important as the footage itself. Without it, this sighting has no credability, just like the recent Jerusaleum UFO.

  12. Dimension theory hasn't been taught for many years now. I once had the privilege of listening to an very old and very learned man with numerous earned science degrees (A.E. Wilder-Smith) who theorized that any craft that could move and turn as quickly as many UFOs do may be operating with technology that shifts the craft and its occupants into an alternate dimension in order to do so. We wouldn't be able to observe such a craft, unless there were some kind of anomalies, electrical or otherwise, that bring it into our visual range for the duration of the anomaly. That's why these things seem to simply vanish.
    Anyway, it's all theory.

  13. Oh my God, I saw something like this when I was 10 years old....that was 34 years ago!

  14. The website of OpenMinds tells this is a Hoax. But this video is uploaded more than once by different people all over the city. So what is so open minded about their stupid website!? The 21st of August, Barack Obama will give his statements about UFO's and Alien visitors. Something that Mexico has done back in 2006 on National television. Why is it still hard to believe when even government tells us they really exist!?