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Jul 23, 2011

EXPOSED: Illuminati - Freemasons Secret Society Behind Norway Bombing and Shooting

EXPOSED: Illuminati - Freemasons Secret Society Behind Norway Bombing and Shooting

Update: Yet again, Facebook censored the article, particularly in U.S. by deleting comments, wall posts and even forcing its user to enter security text code prior to SHARE the article link on their wall.

Now big question is how to fightback, our answer is please share the link with everyone via email, Google plus and ask your friends, to do the same and tweet it with #Norway

92 people killed and the immediate knee-jerk reaction was to call this a terrorist attack and the work of Islamist fanatics.

But it was not a terror attack to be blamed on Al Qaida but the bloody work of a depraved and demented Norwegian Freemason who hated Muslims.

According to media reports Anders Behring was born in 1979 , the position of General Manager and Home Oslo.

The alleged offender is a member of the John lodge St. Olaus TD Three pillars of the Norwegian Masonic Order. He has 3 degree status, where the peak is ten degrees. read it all

On his Facebook profile(already removed) appears to be 32-year-old Christian and politically conservative. As favorite books provide the man behind the profile including George Orwell’s “1984″ and Kafka’s “process”.

According to above translated page, the ranking of the members of the 'John lodge pillars' in Oslo are 'about 813 members' of this lodge.

The page shows 'about 813 members', there is 1 person in the position of 'Grand Master' of the lodge.The next rank below the 'Grand Master' of this lodge, is the 'Zealous St. John's medbrors', of which there are 34 out of the 813 members.

The next level below them in this lodge of 813 is the level Anders Behrings is at, the 'Hardworking St. John's apprentices', of which there are 38 in this Masonic lodge

So basically the Mason Anders Behring is in the top 9 percent of initiates in that lodge of 813, and there are only 4 percent of the members of that lodge that had a higher ranking than he did.

Note that the website reports the 'information is taken from "matrikkel of the Norwegian Masonic Order 2008" and is therefore not an updated membership' so he could have had an even higher level of initiation than that.

It’s come to this. The junior partner in the Norwegian government, the Socialist Left Party of Kristin Halvorsen, (Sosialistisk Venstreparti), plans to vote on a measure calling for military action against Israel if it decides to act against the Hamas in Gaza. Norway, Israel and the Jews blog informs the Tundra Tabloids of the following: has published all the comments that Anders Behring Breivik posted on this news service.
These can be read in its entirety. read it all run by Hans Rustad, a former journalist left. Hans Rustad is Jewish, extremely pro-Zionist and warns of Islamization, violence and other problems associated with Muslim immigration. On his blog meet people with similar opinions, then one of them Behring Anders Breivik.

Anders Behring Breivik comments are long and thoughtful and shows, among other things, Christian fundamentalism and sympathy with the violent Jewish movement EDL, English Defence League, which previously reported. He shows an extreme Zionism and Israel-love.

How did it look at Utöya days before the terrorist attack? See image below:
From According to Norwegian and Swedish media, he is also an active Zionist and anti-Muslim blogger.

Oslo Police Conducted Bombing Exercise Days Before Terrorist Blast

In yet another example of how almost every major terror event is accompanied by a security drill focused around the same scenario, Oslo police were conducting a bombing exercise at a location near the Oslo Opera House just 48 hours before a terrorist blast hit a government building in the Norwegian capital.

Although it’s too early to judge the nature of this exercise, the fallback of a drill, which gives the state an excuse should any evidence of complicity in the real attack emerge, has been evident in previous major terror events, including both 7/7 and 9/11.

And then there are the numbers…always the numbers

9/11 9+1+1=11
7/22 7+2+2=11

7/22/11 features 22/11

Initial reports: 7 dead in bombing, 9 dead in shooting

Bombing happened 3:26pm local time 3+2+6=11

560 members of the Labor Youth Movement on the Island 5+6=11

Headline reads “Shocked by twin attacks” echoing “attacks on twin towers” , 'Blast scene 'like 9/11':CNN

Now big question is:

Is it a false flag done by the same group of people behind 7/7 and 9/11?

Absolutely, the numerological fingerprints are all over it.


  1. The number 11 along with triple 5 as in 5:55 are good signs that they are trying to fuck up. research 11:11 and 555



  4. he sounds mk ultra mind controlled , mind control slave , it fits the global agenda

  5. the illuminati code

  6. my own deceased father was a freemason of the same ranking - according to the apron we discovered after his death.. But as I have since found out that very few of these freemasons will ever be included in the heirarchy of the Masonic agenda, only to be used as slaves of the Elite, elected to do their bidding... This is only one of many atrocities that will occur within the next few weeks, of that I am sure, and no doubt they will eventuate in places we would not conceive within our wildest dreams.. The Illuminati are masters at what they do and in what they have and will achieve - many people will die for nothing more than greed by an Elite Few and their own Masters - this has been going on for centuries and is all part of a plan for One World Rule..I say please beware of false flags such as this and although many lives will be lost - please be aware that it is all part of a sinister plan by these ruthless authorities re religious prejudice and setting one race or religion against the next. Love , Joy and Peace be with you in such torrid and extreme times.

  7. The highest Degree for a Mason is a
    3rd. Degree Master Mason. A Mason at the 1st Degree is an Apprentice
    Mason, at the 2nd Degree a Fellowcraft Mason. I have not seen anything higher in America, as for
    Masonic Lodge Members.

  8. Elites, are simply a slaves to the masses. The Chief are servants to the many. Of course, they do it badly, but, what can you expect of those who have no love or heart for themselves or others. Except you be like them you cannot see their fear and folly. Their is hop no matter how dim or far away.

  9. A Manchurian candidate, a spree killer or a cold blood masonic fundamentalist assasin? At least in this tragedy the police caught him red-handed; if not, we could heard in the mass media of another Al-Qaeda attack. I think that with this murderig the message of this groups is more blatant, they have the power and they like Hassan Ibn Sabbah are saying that they haven´t to hide anymore and that they have an army of zombies that will do this kind of things if we don´t bow to them.

  10. Here is something fascinating about 11. There were before the betrayal of an apostle, 12 apostles (2012), but now there is just 11 (2011). Even though 2+1+1+2+2+0+1+2= 11 (21/12/2012). and also apollo "11". This world is far more complex than we can imagine.

  11. This is not new, Illuminati have INFILTRATED the free-masons before, its logical they attempt to do things in the name of freemasons.

    Illuminati NOT the Free-masons are tyrants, either in Entretainment industry in US or as ultra conservative groups in different parts of the world funding operations.

  12. I liked this post, 11 is strange number.

  13. 5 represents Man. 6 negation of Creation, and 7 represents Creation.
    11, as such, gives an imbalance when split into halves = 5 and 6; 6 and 5. Unless decimal points are added. (5.5) and only then is it equalized into perfect halves. 5.5 + 5.5 = 11
    5.5 aspires to and is within the vibration of 6 as are all the following decimals 5.6, 5.7, 5.8, 5.9.
    Its/their place is fixed and static. It/they never attain 6. But does/do its bidding. = Slave, Soldier, Clergy, 'Hommes de Mains', Etc... (Many more categories fit the mold.)
    The bigger the institution, the easier 6 walks in.

    Food for Thought:

    “When one creates phantoms for oneself, one puts vampires into the world, and one must nourish these children of a voluntary nightmare with one's blood, one's life, one's intelligence, and one's reason, without ever satisfying them” (Eliphas Levi )

    Be Well.

  14. We are Just like SIM 1,2,3,4 if any body played it,THey are havin fun watching over You GET A REAL LIFE BREAK FERR BECOUSE U CAN

  15. This guy was a right demented scum bag who just showed the world what the freemason's really mean PURE EVIL scum's.