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Jul 28, 2011

UFO Filmed Over Fort Worth By NBC News Skycam

A light dropped out of the sky — upper-right of the video — and seemingly disappeared. A slow-motion look, though, appears to show a fainter view of the light veering off at about a 45-degree angle to the image right.If you watch carefully the object stops, then speeds off to the right of the screen.


  1. They showed this on the news last night. I thought it looked like a falling star, but on the TV it does look like it goes back up. It's hard to see on the video.

  2. Clearly not space junk or a meteor...and planes do not descend, then take a 90 degree turn on the horizon...just saying

  3. Pedro (Portugal) About eleven our twelve yaers agos i sow an objet in sapce doing the same thing that did this one. The only diference was the at first moment he travelled slowly in the horizontal horizon, and then in way like super fast, get's out of the horizon like this one, it was in aletnjeo (a region os portugal). thank's

  4. agreed clearlly.. its becoming more and more relivent that ppl see more and more unexplained things making the human mind think outside the box that has been forced apon us by gov and religion... i hope to see more and more in the years to come. good vid :)

  5. great video. direction of travel defies accepted norms for a piece of space junk. explain this one debunkers...


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