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Aug 18, 2011

Jiangbei China UFO 2011 - UFO Disrupts Air Traffic at China's Jiangbei International Airport

CHONGQING, China—Once again, an Unidentified Flying Object, i.e., a UFO is responsible for air traffic being diverted and or delayed at an International Airport in China.

UFO was spotted over the runway at Chongqing Municipality's Jiangbei International Airport led to flights being disrupted yesterday.

Airport traffic was restricted for around an hour from about 12:30pm before the object left the area and the alert was lifted, according to Chongqing media reports.

Passengers on several flights were delayed when their aircraft were diverted to other airports after the mysterious object was spotted.

The Chongqing government has not officially offered an explanation of what the object was.

The news that a UFO was sighted at the Jiangbei airport spread quickly across Chinese social networking websites yesterday, creating much excitement online.

The airport said two flights from Beijing that were about to land had to divert to two other airports in the region following the restricted traffic alert.Two other flights en route to the airport were also forced to land elsewhere, said officials.

By 1:20pm, the alert was lifted and normal traffic resumed, the airport said. The affected aircraft started returning to Chongqing later yesterday.

This is not the first time a UFO has been seen at Chongqing.

Last year as most readers will recall, a similar UFO sighting took place at Xiaoshan Airport in Zhejiang's provincial capital of Hangzhou; that event caused quite a stir both in UFO circles, as well as being picked by the mainstream media.


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  1. there again we here in dublin Ireland a few years ago had a huge ufo sighting that hovered over the wicklow mountains for 2 hours and thousands of people seen it but not one person recorded it on video which is very strange.