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Sep 14, 2011

Denver Airport "Close Encounter With Third Kind" Movie Connection Decoded

Mind-Boggling Denver Airport Close Encounter With Third Kind Connection Decoded

Close Encounters of the Third Kind movie was released in 1977 it was written and directed by Steven Spielberg.

In the movie there is a particular scene. In that scene there are many scientists who are trying to figure out a signal sent from space. The signal is a series of numbers that appear on a computer screen and are printed out on paper.

Interestingly the numbers that are being sent by the aliens to humans are coordinates. In the movie, the coordinates point to Devil's Tower, but in real life they point to something even more strange.

Down below is screen shot of the coordinates from movie "Close Encounter With Third Kind" and Google earth coordinates :

Google Earth Coordinates [Download Google Earth]: W104' 44' 30' N40' 36' 10'

Back when Close Encounters of the Third Kind was made the Denver Airport was nothing more than a farmer's field. Airport came in existence 16 years later at that location. DIA official land size, is 53 square miles (140 km2), it is the largest international airport in the United States.


  1. trippy... I live in Colorado just north of Denver and I have seen many crazy UFOs near Denver. Definitely not airplanes either. I saw 2 white orbs shoot around in the sky faster than anything I've ever seen. Also have seen the classic triangle formation of orbs too.


  2. After seeing Jessy Ventura 2012 conspiracy where this airport showed some real stuff I am not really surprised.Does anyone else see the swastika?? on that picture above? Or is it just me??

  3. I find this info very interesting. Thank you for pointing it out.

    Also, if you notice. On google earth there are like 6 to 8 major solar fields around the airport. Far more then any other place I've ever seen!

    53 square miles!? The other thing that completely surrounds the airport is crop farms. In every direction.

    That place is freaky!

    I hope some of you are checking to see who else will be in the Denver area on the 27th of this month?

  4. I consider myself a "Smart Son of a Bitch" so I am going to jump in. This is my first time posting to this U.B and I am calling "ALL HANDS ON DECK" for this one and I invite all other "Smart Sons of Bitches" to jump in!

    Here's what I propose:

    1. We have established that Obama and NASA scientist are going to be in Denver around Sept 27th. If this is not a coincidence, there should be more bastards leaving for Denver around the same time. Let's try to find out who else is going to be there around the same time. Everyday up until the 27th we should be checking and posting here. KEEP THIS SON OF A BITCH PINNED!

    2. There should be large scale movement of military trucks, freight (food, equipment, etc) to the Denver area. Now, what we don't know is this: We don't know where the entrances to the alleged DIA underground are located. In other words, there should be exits off the highway or county roads that lead to entrances where trucks and military units can drive to for unloading freight. We need people in Denver to help with this. We also need truckers and contractors to step up and help us with this. WHERE ARE THE BASTARDS with the INFORMATION. If this is real, it's time for these bastards to spill their guts.

    3. Keep your eyes on other countries. If this is a celestial or global event, Russia, China, France, Germany, etc. should be making moves to. Keep your eyes on Sarkozy, Medevev, and Merkel because they should be on the move too.

    I'm all about the facts. If it turns out to be nothing, so be it. We'll move on to the next DOOM adventure. But this one is absolutely intriguing! Let's go People! ALL HANDS ON DECK!! Who's in??

  5. Does anybody else see the swastika shape of denver airport?

  6. Of coarse I'm in. I asked before if some one would start checking to see which Movers & Shaker of America are going to be there too. I know Taylor Swift is so far. However, I think they are smart enough to not announce it till the last minute to keep it as quiet as possible. It will be tough. But, I'm sure a lot of people are checking and watching. At least I hope so.

    I can't do shit to get to Denver if it comes down to it any ways. I'm stuck on an Island and the highest point I can get to is a 300 ft high dump. So, ifthe shit hits the fan that's where I'll be climbing to!

    Yes, there are many strange things going on at that airport. Swastikas included. Did anyone see all the solar farms around it? They are everywhere and i'm sure that picture is a little dated so there should be even more by now.

  7. I love a good conspiracy.
    Problem here is that its drawn from a movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind". Good movie, that is true. But drawing on a privately funded movie for a real life event is a bit of a longshot.

    I think it might be too long a bow to draw guys.

    1. also if you put the co ordinates in google comes up in a field

    2. " But drawing on a privately funded movie for a real life event is a bit of a longshot. "

      Hardly. The global elite who control Hollywood have been putting subliminals in movies for years. Look at the 911 event; prior to the event happening there were numerous numerological subliminals in film. The first Matrix film being just one example. The "Lone Gunmen" pilot episode being another. The sick elite consider revealings like that as Revelation of the Method.

      "also if you put the co ordinates in google comes up in a field"
      Correct. In current versions of Google Earth. However, in previous versions, it did indeed come up right on Denver's Scareport. That's a fact.

  8. DIA has many wierd features about it indeed which make many speculate that not only does it contain features that a normal airport wouldn't but also that when the time comes it would be used for something else. Perhaps a military base, or some sort of safe haven for the elite. Check out this link which gives a little insight into DIA.

  9. Society of Government Meeting Professionals... DCAA Government Contractors... will all b there... still looking

  10. This is one "conspiracy theory" that I do believe in, especially after Jessee Ventura's report. But, why Denver...?? My theory is its approx. a mile high...high enough to possibly try and avoid a "super tsunami" from the Pacific ocean if a asteriod or comet hit that ocean..??? Just a thinking out loud.

  11. I live right by the airport... I'll be checking it out on that day...and night too

  12. I don't know if I read it here or another site but NASA is having a really big conference in Denver on....

    You guessed it the week of the 27th with all of the NASA big wigs, lots of ex-astronauts and other high ranking officials.

    It's starting to add up.

    NASA also claims an old satellite will be breaking up and falling back to earth on the week of the 27th as well. Just as we pass through the tail of Elenin.

    I think we are on the verge of something big!

  13. Just to clarify, the new one goes by the designation DEN. "DIA" is still Stapleton, I guess.

    Those solar farms are HUGE! Just acres & acres of panels. You drive right by them on the way in. There are also some strange old barns just out in the field - not surprising until you notice the razor wire fence that keeps people far away. Why fence off a barn in the middle of nowhere?

    And you gotta wonder what the horse statue artist knew before his "accidental" death, eh?

    I'll be checking the Denver Post to see who's riding into town. And maybe I should convince my mother to *stay* in Denver instead of coming to visit ME on the 26th! Yikes!

  14. The Date it was supposed to happen - the contact date was the 27th September 2011.
    thats why they built the most sophisticated listening station at Denver and the meeting point
    But they dont actually know what will happen but NASA will be there, POTUS and some military big nobs
    heres the clincher
    guess who else
    only fracin Richard Dreyfuss
    need i remind you of what film he was in and where the co-ords came from. AND you dont think that Spielberg could here of a signal we received many Years ago and use it in his film.
    So get ready for a Denver Airport evacuation prior to the 27th for an EVENT of epic proportions

  15. check to see how many things are scheduled to be closed on the 27 of sept, you will be surprised. Too many things are lining up here. good luck to you all and hope to see you on the other side.

  16. Hmmm did Anyone check the coordinates? They don't work in my google earth, even if I put it to english - I am from Germany. I have to translate the coordinates to 104°44'30"W 40°36'10"N , to make them work in my case. And the problem is I end up some miles above Denver airport on the map. So is this post just an unchecked mock ? I am it's close denver airport, but it doesn't point at it at all !!! Would like to hear any clearification and how to enter the coordinates properly.

  17. I also felt I am looking at a stylized swastika.

  18. Dateline:Denver, Sat. Sept 24th
    The absolute largest amount of chem-trails were laid down across the sky from very early morning until afternoon. This coincided with the huge city-wide emergency drill called Operation Mountain Guard (OMG).
    I can feel the heightened energy here in Denver. POTUS is supposedly coming to Denver to talk education at Abe Lincoln High School (at least that's the cover). Everyone needs to keep watching this critical week.

  19. look at 6:43 or 6:59 in the video where its showing you the demon in the suitcase again. if you pause before the close up of its face you can see what appears to be the face of Jesus