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Sep 28, 2011

Iraq War Update: Rothschild Now Owns Iraqi Oil

I believe in the transformational power of liberty. I believe that the free Iraq is in this nation's interests. George W. Bush

In our previous article on war for oil, we reported Minister Farrakhan blasted Pres. Obama and Secy. Clinton for their arrogance in meddling in another sovereign nation's affairs and publicly recommending regime change in Libya in order to get natural resources, more specifically-oil.

Now in another "war for oil" development according to media reports Nat Rothschild’s world stretches from the coal mines of Indonesia via the aluminum smelters of Siberia to a legendary wine estate in France. And it just got much bigger.

Last week, Mr. Rothschild made a huge bet on the oil fields of Iraqi Kurdistan, one of the last great frontiers in oil exploration. His investment vehicle Vallares PLC said it will merge with Genel Energy International Ltd., a Turkish firm that pumps oil in Kurdistan, to create a $4 billion company.

The deal has raised some eyebrows in London. Critics say cash shells like Vallares provide a back door to the London Stock Exchange for murky emerging-market firms that might otherwise fail to comply with listing rules.

Yet when Vallares listed last June, it raised a whopping $2.18 billion—a mark of the faith Mr. Rothschild inspires in investors.

"These are very unusual structures because you get entrusted with people's capital and get given the license to do what you want with it, on the basis of trust," he says.

That trust is an asset Mr. Rothschild has leveraged into a complex network of business interests spanning the globe. The scion of a banking dynasty that expanded its wealth by cultivating relationships with influential people, he is equally at ease among Russian oligarchs, English aristocrats and New York socialites. Based in Klosters, Switzerland, he will spend more than 700 hours aboard his private jet this year.

That's what the soldiers are fighting for? And we Americans are thinking, our brave soldier are fighting to protect our freedoms.

USA Military are just mercenaries for ROT CHILD'S..We the tax payers are just funding these war's set-ups by them.

Who among us can be happy and proud of having a 120,000 Iraqi innocent blood on our hands?

"Those weapons of mass destruction have got to be somewhere!" —President Bush, joking about his administration's failure to find WMDs in Iraq as he narrated a comic slideshow during the Radio & TV Correspondents' Association dinner, March 25, 2004


  1. There is a reason that soldiers are forced to get loads of vaccinations.... mind control. same reason the NWO wants all children poisoned with vaccinations.

  2. Fuck them!!

    When the fuck does the world wake up from this nightmare!!

    As I paddled through oil in my kayak about a month ago I thought about what it has cost BP - NOTHING!!!

    There is still oil, it is being covered up. Now Tony Hayward is one of the richest men in the world while I have a camp that is almost worthless and have to pay a toll every time I head to Grand Isle - IT ISN't RIGHT!!



    WHAT A FUCKING NIGHTMARE!! We killed the Gulf.

  3. The same day that LSU releases the bad news about the damage to our fish in the gulf......BP GETS PERMISSION TO DRILL AGAIN!!

    You guys should see the dept of homeland security destroyer that defends the supertanker loop off of Grand Isle. It does not show up on our radar...some kind of active radar jamming. It is all black and has open fire on a few vessels that got too close - they like to take out the engines of your boat. NICE!!

    Gotta defend the Rothschilds wealth. This shit is really getting old. I don't like being a target if I get a bit off course!!

  4. Everything the Rothchilds(Red shield)do, they do at the behest of the Jesuit order.Research my friends research,they are soooo connected.

  5. Now... is anyone chocked about this?

    i remember a retarded president saying....

    "we are just there to help, they want democracy, after that we will go on home and leave it to the Iraqis"

    Yeah right, after some fucked up rothassholes bought the contry and there is a starbucks and mcd at every streetcorner.... thats true democracy..... democrazy!

  6. This is why you should not participate in the military

  7. I hate this fucking Jewish family, every fucking war they're there like vultures.

  8. He also said that WE would benefit from Iraqi oil because it would be used to pay for that little expedition---not the US taxpayer. Lying bastards will burn in hell.

  9. Let's not forget it's also in the "Desertec" zone.. Another Rothschild essential project for future power needs of Europe.. Along with all the other North African nations that they have created "Arab springs" in...

  10. I got to say those guys are good no matter what happened in the world they adapt and they always find a way to corrupt it and stay on top.

    I dont think they started the arab spring, it was started by one man burning himself against injustice and spread from there on, they are using it to there benefit they always do that, bahrain and yemen they make it look like there is nothing there except militants while Syria they make a big deal out of it to rob it.

    there are some wealthy people out there that are out of control, not all of them thou, look at the Gates there giving away 90% of there wealth WooW, others they dont care of millions of poor people die if they pollute there waters to make few more millions in there accounts.

    The USA is the perfect example they manipulate poor hard working folks and fill there head with fear and ignorance to get them to vote there way, there way is invading countries and killing poor people to more riches.

    If you step back and look at this world and see where the money is going you will see its a big joke on 99.9% of us. how do the rest of us let them do that!!!!!!

  11. USA is in the process to extend a massive Military Build-up on Guam.

    Japan was ordered to pay for half the expense to relocate 80, 000 US Marines and their dependents from Okinawa to Guam...and those demanded expenses is to pay for building a $750K house for each military family housing.

    Japan does not see this as reasonable.USA threaten to sink Japan and followed through using the HAARP to create the earthquake which caused the tsunami in Japan.

    US had created an Organic Act government for the Guam natives(Truman 1950) that fooled the natives of being US citizens (pseudo).

    And with that today, this Guam pseudo government had been promised great financial wealth to accompany the massive military build-up.

    With dollar signs twinkling, the Guam government can not see future limitation to their own natural water supply nor the full control of martial law.

  12. Good, more brain damaged liberal commentary to further the point that you should not be listened to for any reason.

    Go suck a Glock.

  13. us people see what they donne to the towers and say nothing . you see what bush donne towin elections and say nothing. you go to war with the sadam guns mass d, excuse and say nothing . your gouvernement don´t show the tech that can save childs and all world people like free energy and you say nothing , your gold was change by non value metal by inside people . you say nothing ,,, so what you want? you want it...

  14. The Bush Crime Family corrupts everything they touch. In addition to killing all these people listed above, they are devastating the fishes of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed with their Omega Protein government sponso:red purse seine menhaden fishery....Zapada Oil shell game. Search George Meredith MD menhaden Omega Protein

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