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Oct 11, 2011

Bob Lazar Worked On Alien Spaceship Reverse Engineering: Lockheed Martin's Senior Scientist

Unquestionably, one of the most famous men associated with S4 (Sector - 4) is physicist Bob Lazar. Robert Scott Lazar was born in Coral Gables, Florida, in 1959 and is a name numerous people associate with alien spaceship reverse engineering .

This is due to the fact that he claims to have been employed at a complex recognised as "S-4" deep within the now dry Papoose lake bed from 1988 until 1989 as a physicist at an area called S-4 (Sector Four), located near Groom Lake, Nevada, next to Area 51.

According to Lazar, S-4 served as a hidden military location for the study of and possibly reverse engineering extraterrestrial flying saucers. Lazar says he saw nine different discs there and provides details on their mode of propulsion. 

S-4 (Sector-4)

Bob portrayed the complex as having being built into the bottom of the Papoose Range with nine aircraft style hangar doors angled at 60 degrees.

Lazar described the space craft that he performed on as being powered (energy source named "Element 115") through an anti-matter reactor.

The major Bob Lazar's scientific disclosures was the existance of a stable isotope of Element 115, which is needed for the ship's antimatter reactor. During the time period when Bob Lazar first spoke with George Knapp on Coast to Coast (1989) AM under the cover-name "Dennis", Science had not yet discovered Element 115.

Element 115:

Bob Lazar stated that the “Sport Model” Flying Disc amplified the “Strong Nuclear Force” of Element 115 (UnUnPentium or UUP) to generate the gravity field for “Space-Time Compression.”  Bob also stated that the U.S. Government had 500 pounds of Element 115 in their possession. 

The raw Element 115 was given to the U.S. Goverment at S4 by the Reticulan EBEs (Extraterrestrial Biological Entity)  in the form of discs.  The scientists at S4 sent the Element 115 discs through Groom Lake to Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, to be milled for use in the Anti-Matter Reactor. 

The Los Alamos personnel were told it was a new form of armor.  They simply followed orders, milled it in accordance with the following steps, and sent it back to Groom Lake

Bob Lazar education and employment records controversy:

Bob Lazar evidence to support his employment and subsequent whistle blowing claims came by way of a payslip which contains the intriguing designation E-6722MAJ and an internal telephone listing of the Meson Laboratories 1982, which included Bob Lazars name.

It was also identified that his taxation documents incorporated the contract number he was provided while working at S-4.Certainly some convincing evidence to support his employment at the top secret base.

However, people started to become somewhat sceptical of his claims when it emerged that his educational background did not stand up to scrutiny. No substantiated evidence could be found [or intentionally removed] that he had attended the California Institute of Technology or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as he had previously stated. 

2004 Scientific breakthrough provide credibility to Bob Lazar’s claims:

In Lazar's first interview he talked about Element 115. Fifteen years later in 2004 scientific breakthrough, however, provides significant credibility to Bob Lazar’s claims rather than discrediting his claims, when scientists at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, in collaboration with researchers from the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Russia (JINR), announced that they discovered two new super-heavy elements, Element 113 and Element 115.  The Isotope of Element 115, produced by bombarding an Americium-243 (95Am243) nucleus with a Calcium-48 (20Ca48) nucleus, rapidly decayed to Element 113. then continued to decay until a meta-stable isotope was obtained.

NASA Antimatter Reactor 

In 2006 NASA had officially talked about "Antimatter reactor " too, down below is what they had said:

"Some antimatter reactions produce blasts of high energy gamma rays. Gamma rays are like X-rays on steroids. They penetrate matter and break apart molecules in cells, so they are not healthy to be around. High-energy gamma rays can also make the engines radioactive by fragmenting atoms of the engine material.

The NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts (NIAC) is funding a team of researchers working on a new design for an antimatter-powered spaceship that avoids this nasty side effect by producing gamma rays with much lower energy.

Antimatter is sometimes called the mirror image of normal matter because while it looks just like ordinary matter, some properties are reversed. For example, normal electrons, the familiar particles that carry electric current in everything from cell phones to plasma TVs, have a negative electric charge. Anti-electrons have a positive charge, so scientists dubbed them "positrons".

When antimatter meets matter, both annihilate in a flash of energy. This complete conversion to energy is what makes antimatter so powerful. Even the nuclear reactions that power atomic bombs come in a distant second, with only about three percent of their mass converted to energy.

Previous antimatter-powered spaceship designs employed antiprotons, which produce high-energy gamma rays when they annihilate. The new design will use positrons, which make gamma rays with about 400 times less energy."


Certainly Bob Lazar and alien spaceship reverse engineering go together well in terms of conspiracy theories however, given the information to support his employment at the US base some parts of his claims indeed stack up

But now in latest development as we discover, in down below interview Bob Lazar claims get validated by Senior Scientist for Lockheed Martin Boyd Bushman!

As a Senior Research Engineer Boyd Bushman worked for Lockheed Martin, Texas Instruments and Hughes Aircraft. He is regarded as one of the inventors of the Stinger missile and he speaks on Camera about Area 51 and advanced propulsion systems being tested there.


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  3. The guy sure is smart though. I saw an interview with him in his back yard and he had made a particle accelerator! it was in the background and they wern't talking about it but wow...

    I actually think he is an allowable leak, but is still being used as a consultant

  4. There are tons of evidences proving Lazar is NOT a fraud like stanton fraudman says.

    Look at the los alamos phone book, he was there. look at the magazine showing his picture with a hydrogen fueled car, there too. also talking about the use of 115 long before it was officially isolated by russian scientists as the op said.

    The real question is, how much did the govt want him to tell?

  5. We may have before us the greatest coup the US government ever tried to pull off, unfortunately people have lost their lives and have been threatened, maimed etc. in the name of "Democracy" and clearly in violation of constitutional principles. At some point our Government and those who have perpetrated this mess and coverup should be made to pay, and if it means dismantling the government piece by piece, I'll lead the way my friends.

  6. Here is the main reason they will not disclose and this would be the case even if aliens didnt exist. The leaders and bankers love power but when they disclose and give us the technology. We will abandon our leaders and create our own planet and live the life of a god and be happy. What power will they have when we leave? None. We can finallY be free then.

  7. Boyd Bushmans reference to the Bob Lazar tapes is not new, it is at least two years old to my certain knowledge.

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  9. Bob Lazar IS NOT A FAKE! A very gifted man, very bright , who was invited by the late Dr Edward Teller to work at AREA 51 to make reverse engineering in some propulsion devices of ETs spaceships stored there!!! That's when he discovered about element 115 ETs used for their propulsion systems...what means THEY travelled throughout space using antimatter...(MBT)

  10. Well Well. You people are finally waking up LMAO.

  11. Watch the skies - 10/21/11 - 15:30 GMT.

    Only the smokers will see the truth.

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  14. i was at area 51 as well but i have not yet released my information i was with the same group as bob lazer

  15. Bob Lazar is telling the truth. Govt. officials and Military men have for as long as one can imagine threatening anyone who reported a UFO. If they didn't have anything to hide why would they do that. In just about every sighting, the govt. came up with weird explanations of the sighting. The very fact that it is hiding the truth proves that UFO's exist and all the video of Bob are true. In fact as Bob said there are several of these craft with the US defense. They are just trying to use them to work as vehicles for Air force.

  16. i think what he says is true & many people also reported about S-4

  17. I will believe anyone on the road in any country if he said he saw a flying saucer than accept what is dished out by the govt. agents and their stupid explanations. The threats received from govt. and military officials by countless Americans who have reported seeing these alien spacecraft proves one and only one fact- the govt. is busy covering up and misleading the common American. It is a shame that this must happen to America's own countrymen. Bob is absolutely honest in what he said he saw including the testing of the sleek UFO moved out from the hangar and what he said about seeing 9 alien different models of UFO's at S-4.

  18. We know now with substantial testimonial evidence, and a massive amount of documentation governments throughout the world have, and had a huge interest in the UFO phenomenon... There is no speculation to that.. When questioned the constant denial of them having such interest is down right detrimental to the social, political, and economical contract we as citizens have with out elected leaders. In essence, what they have done is remove an enormous amount of data they have collected, by legitimate means and place that intelligence into the hands of private defense contractors, that have no citizenry oversight on the intelligence or how its used. This marriage of knowledge, and secrecy has no end because the intelligence is placed first under a blanket of national security. At least in the 1950's through most of the 1970's our government would give absurd explanations about UFO's, nowadays they make no statements other than saying they collect no data on the subject anymore washing their hands completely of the matter.

  19. The threats received from govt. and military officials by countless Americans who have reported seeing these alien spacecraft proves one and only one fact- the govt. is busy covering up and misleading the common American.

    Sagar Group Engineering College, Bhopal

    1. I agree 100%. _ The Aliens are indeed, more advanced then us humans, by at least, a million years, as it is claimed by some of the scientists. The UFO technologies, their capabilities, certainly, prove that fact!!! - The governments on Earth, know that we humans are totally powerless, as to the Aliens power, in terms of,. their speed, weapons, non-acceleration flight, from, A to B, seem to, defy logic in terms of, our knowledge, physics, gravity, inertia, time and space. - We are simply, defenceless, indeed!! - The governments, FEAR, mass-panic here on Earth, breakdown of, law and order!!! - With best wishes!!!

    2. For those, who have had, contact with the Aliens, abductions, seen UFO'S, - Be it military, government, scientists, at times, ordinary civilians, have had a visit, from the, so-called: "MEN IN BLACK". The purpose being, to warn them, most-sternly, NOT to, reveal, or go public as to what they, saw, or witnessed, otherwise, their family will suffer most terribly(GAGGING-ORDERS). - The crucial, burning question is: Who are these, so-called, "Men in Black?" Are they, government, CIA, the Pentagon members, staff? - Is it the shadow-government, as to the, so-called: "New World Order?". _ With best wishes!!!

  20. I to believe what he says to be true.the fact that he talked about element 115 years before it was announced by scientists should make a lot of people listen a little closer to what he has to say.even though i cannot fathom what it would take or how it could ever be possible to travel such vast distances through space in a life time BUT i have often wondered could aliens live a lot longer than we do,just like comparing a human to a fruit fly so the distance it would take us to travel in 5 life times would only be equivalent to a few months for them. although i do think bending space-time or creating/finding wormholes is probably the solution and although(not that i know anyway)we cant do it yet we do know that physics allows it,so everyone should be open to the possibility that life on other planets figured it out first.If you dont think theres life on other planets your a moron of the highest degree,the same kind of thinking people had when they thought the world was flat can you imagine showing them some of the daily technology we use today they would not be able to wrap there minds around it just like im sure some people today wouldnt be able to if they were shown what we will be using in a few hundred years from now(If were still here)

    1. I agree with you, 100%. Moreover, the Aliens could be using, warp-drive, with warp-engines, to achieve, travel at the speed of light and higher!!! - I believe the article in this blog to be, genuine, real and true. The governments are, DELIBERATELY, concealing, the fact that, Aliens, UFO'S, exist, as to, their(Aliens), being at least, a million years advanced, in terms of, their evolution and therefore, their technologies too, as evolution and, technology, through time, - goes, hand in hand, as we see, here on Earth. Having said that, a million years is a long time, as to the, time and the evolution of us humans, in comparition to the Aliens that is. - Well, the UFO capabilities, certainly, prove that fact!!! - With best wishes!!

  21. I really see a ufo (flying socer) very nearly above the roof of my house the 9 fevrier 2013 19h35mn, at "Belvédère of Crançot" in France. it was aerodynamic with a large dome. A light in the entire surface of dégaeait as the light escaping from a neon.I checked that it was not a hallucination pinching me hard and noting the details in writing immediately after.It does not look anything like the UFO Lazarus. Most beautifull, most real and strange.

  22. I can't help thinking, as to the, claim, the confidence with which the scientists at NASA are saying, "alien life will be found within the next ten years," - Is this as to the, reverse engineering, thus the new technology, that we will have SOON to be able to do, what the UFO'S do, fly at, such gravity, inertia defying speeds? Not forgetting, the abilities of, travel, in terms of, time and space, that is, that the Aliens seem to have too!! - I Do seriously BELIEVE, that the, UFO'S DO exist, life on Earth, NOT an exception, with the, over ten billion stars in our-own Galaxy, with so many, Exoplanets found to date. With better technologies, we WILL one day, find smaller, rocky planets, just like Earth, Earth's twins, across the Galaxy. - No doubt, the UFO-type spacecraft technologies, a DEFINITE possibility, BEFORE the next ten years!!!! - With best wishes!!!

  23. I’ve recently become very interested in the topic of UFO’s and have spent many many hours looking at the masses of information out there on them.
    I particularly hold credence to the ex-Skunkworks teams and employees who have courageously made their experiences public and have shared them with us…. This is what the US government should have told us ages ago. The stand over tactics, bullying, humiliation and threats they have employed to silence the innocent whose only crime was to witness something that they saw which they couldn’t explain.
    Interestingly enough I’ve been looking at the Lockheed Martin Skunkworks whistleblowers who have made claims that we now possess technologies beyond what we can imagine… Lockheed Martin have announced that Compact Fusion is closer than we think, what a break through.
    Many scientists still believe this is an impossibility; could this be (if True) one of the benefits of reverse engineering alien technologies? Otherwise why would a company like Lockheed Martin make such a claim.