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Nov 17, 2011

China: Huge Mysterious Structures Found Middle Of Gobi Desert

Yesterday we had received the email along with images and coordinates. In one picture there seem to be wide lines drawn with some white material. Or maybe the dust have been dug by machinery.

It's located in Dunhuang, Jiuquan, Gansu, north of the Shule River, which crosses the Tibetan Plateau to the west into the Kumtag Desert. It covers an area approximately one mile long by more than 3,000 feet wide.

The tracks are perfectly executed, and they seem to be designed to be seen from orbit.

Perhaps it's some kind of targeting or calibrating grid for Chinese spy satellites? Maybe it's a QR code for aliens? Nobody really knows.”

China: Huge Mysterious Structures Coordinates  (You can check it out yourself)

Another similar pattern of lines is located approximately 20 miles west of the first pattern.

Here is a another weird airport-like structure. Except it's bright cyan. Seems full of water or made of a weird material. And look at the other airport-like structure next to it. Perhaps a decoy?

China: Huge Mysterious Structures Coordinates  (You can check it out yourself)

The fourth one we don't know what the hell it is either, and it's perhaps the craziest of them all: Thousand of lines intersecting in a titanic grid that is about 18 miles long. Another targeting grid? A big practical joke?

This pattern is completely different from the first three linear patterns, however. Consisting of thousands of lines, this pattern seems to form a massive grid. These grid lines are displayed in two massive strips that intersect each other perpendicularly. The vertical line is approximately one mile wide by a whopping 20 miles long. The horizontal line is approximately one mile wide by 30 miles long. The northern most point of the vertical line reaches within 10 miles of the Mongolian border.

China: Huge Mysterious Structures Coordinates  (You can check it out yourself)

Above same grid pattern is visible in several locations in nearby areas. But in some locations, the pattern varies, combining zig-zag lines with straight lines.

China: Huge Mysterious Structures Coordinates  (You can check it out yourself)

Approximately three miles west of the third pattern of lines we mentioned is a strange, circle formation that appears to be intentionally arranged in some sort of code pattern( similar to Crabwoods alien crop circle). There are airplanes positioned within this pattern.

China: Huge Mysterious Structures Coordinates  (You can check it out yourself)

SETI Crabwood Disc Alien Crop Circle: 

China HAARP?

It's west of what seems to be a fairly big antenna farm similar to HAARP, the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program located near Gakona, Alaska, and funded by the US Air Force, the US Navy, the University of Alaska, and DARPA.

China: Huge Mysterious Structures Coordinates  (You can check it out yourself)

 HAARP Alaska, U.S - Yahoo Coordinates (You can check it out yourself)

HAARP Alaska, U.S - Google Coordinates (You can check it out yourself)

Somebody Ordered Tons of Satellite Photographs of China’s Mysterious Structures

There are lots of explanations for the gigantic structures built in China's desert. But the most mysterious thing is invisible: according to a former CIA analyst, there's someone who has ordered tons of satellite photos of this area since 2004.

And the plot thickens.

Allen Thomson, an analyst who used to work for the agency in the field of reconnaissance satellites, has noticed that "starting in 2004, somebody has ordered many, many satellite pictures of it."

You can see the extreme density of these requests if you turn on the DigitalGlobe layer in Google Earth—the satellite has received commands to photograph this area many hundreds of times. Compare that crazy grid of squares to the few images taken of its surroundings.

I doubt these orders come from the US military, since they have their own spy satellites—more accurate than Google's. Perhaps it's some low level agency not connected to the military. Or another country. 


  1. i believe this to be the government testing top secret weapon technology on foreign countries. maybe in preparation of the impending staged alien attack they are setting up sometime in the future. lets face it they have the control. nothin happens without it being on purpose. theres a purpose for every fake staged event just like 9/11.

  2. You are right. It is a testing ground for another haarp. All these testing grounds all over the world are preparing for what that man in contact with an alien race said. If we invade iran, russia, china will leap and wipe out the us. Do not be scared the next dimension is better. Do your best it could be over soon. I am not afraid. I am here to save all the races in the universe from something and now i can't. Soon we can be free. But we may not all die.
    Good luck and may all your wishes come true.

    1. Dieing is a word that does not apply to us we r only energy remember that :)

    2. 'Dieing" does not apply to us because its not a word.

  3. Here are the weapons that could be used in WW3:
    Vapour trails spraying poison (+crop killer)
    Ultraviolet radiation weapons

    If there was a war now, it will be bad

    1. you forgot scalar and QP weapons as well as electromagnetic weapons and probably some weapons that we would struggle to comprehend the existence of

    2. The tinfoil hats should save you though... @-)

  4. Obviously some kind of top secret base,[erhaps China's version of area 51

  5. I think some of these 'grids' are old test areas for city or state destroying weapons. Something that can decimate all the essential areas of a town/city/state such as electricity, water and gas lines, but not kill everyone (this would be of benefit if an invasion of some sort was being planned and slaves/prisoners were to be acquired).

    I believe this could be a 'map' of somewhere hypothetical, or even maybe a real place, and the purpose was to see what collateral damage would occur to the area.

    This weapon could easily belong to either faction in this 'war'.

  6. images 4 & 5 are from seismic surveys used in oil exploration--go to 39.731 N -115.44 E (NE Nevada) and see similar--I watched the seismic crews do these

  7. The 'airport-like structure' looks similar to the potash evaporation ponds that are directly west of these structures.

  8. Ok, I've looked them over pretty good. In the top picture on this page the pattern in the center of it is almost the exact lay out of Manhattan. But, I'm sure we practice bombing their major cities too.

    The airport layout on the right is a practice bombing sit too. You can see all the pot holes in the north west end.

    Hope it never comes down to it.


  9. These are clearly the nesting grounds of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Finally, the conspiracy to cover up it's existence is starting to fail.

  10. if were all gonna die, can they start with the ugly people first?

  11. Can we get some legitimate coordinates for these images or is UFO Blogger claiming rumor as fact again? If UFO Blogger is unwilling or unable to provide this, UFO Blogger is doing a great disservice to the UFO agenda. But then again this post will most likely be altered or not released by UFO Blogger. True skeptics must look at everything with a critical eye and not just accept everything as fact. Is UFO Blogger part of the disinformation machine? If this post gets edited or eliminated we will know UFO Blogger is disinformation.

  12. @Last Anonymous - You give me one more reason why i hate Debuker pimp like you, those who even don't read the article prior to making their statement. Just Click on "Structures Coordinates " and you will see the same structures on Google Map.

    Great job U.B

  13. I think everyone has missed one (or two).
    I have looked all over the net and cannot find any reference to a square image I have found not far south from the much discussed patterns above.

    If you're at all interested, use google maps to look up:

    You should see a body of water just above it and another smaller square just to the right. These squares seem older and less defined than the other patterns but interesting none the less.

    Spread it around if you want

    K. (-_-)

  14. I am Hliols from the outer rim. We have seen the welcome mat. We are coming.

  15. About 35 years ago NASA reported a massive grid structure in Australia. Does anyone know anything about this?

  16. Hey Hlils, that canard soup at your rimside cafe SUKKED mightily. Granted I had taken a tumble after slipping off edge of flat earth. Folks, why y'all skeert to publish 1) nik and 2) your opinions that may, or may not, be right out there with my purview.

  17. Please, it looks like either test pattern to gauge the resolution of surveillance equipment (either aerial or space) or to test ways of obscuring areas from such surveillance techniques. That circular "symbol" image is just a storage pile.

    You do know that China is a superpower spending large amounts of money on military and space projects?

  18. I think there are many other interesting structures within 100 miles or so of these. China has seen a lot of seismic activity and it looks as if the more westerly 'airport' was overrun by mudslides and rebuilt. Don't take too much notice of colours - they tend to be part of the Google Earth overlays. The large solar panel arrays and enormous reservoir 130 miles west are also interesting. The circular pattern with MiG 19s looks like a target for nukes.