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Dec 31, 2011

2011 Best UFO Sightings And Disclosure News : 2011 Round-up

Best 2011 UFO Sightings:

Five Separate Airlines Pilots Confirm UFO Sighting Over India On 26 January, 2011

UFO Sighting Videotaped From Plane Window Over West Florida, USA

Disclosure 2011 News:

Secret Memo Reveals Kennedy Demanded UFO Files Before His Death

FBI Vault Files Confirms Utah UFO Encounter

Possible Extraterrestrial Alien Signal Received Says, NASA

Alien Plant Found Near Roswell, New Mexico, US 

2011 UK MOD UFO Files Revealed Rendlesham Forest Incident Cover-up

NASA and Alien Life - By Law NASA Is NOT Allowed To Tell The Truth

Chile's Civil Aviation Authority Published Audio Recording Of UFO Sightings By Pilots

We The People

Global Bankers Rule The World

Iraq War Update: Rothschild Now Owns Iraqi Oil

U.S Federal Reserve Admits: We Have No Gold

Libya War Exposed - Gaddafi Targeted Cause He Tried To Change Currency To GOLD

Libya: Al-Qaeda Flag Is Now Flying High Over Libya, Thanks To President Obama

Bill S.1867 Legalization Of Martial Law, End Of The Republic

NDAA Bill 2012 : Indefinite Detention Act Creators Senators Get Paid $ 500K From Lobbyist Says Anonymous

NDAA Bill 2012: Two American Generals Make A Stand Against The New World Order

US Suppressing Media: Journalists Arrested For Filming Public Meeting

Occupy Wall Street Crackdown: Police Beat Protesters, Dozens Arrested

Ron Paul Is Silenced By The Media Because Of The Federal Reserve Says, Professor Murray Sabrin


Illuminati Card Game Shows Japan Earthquake Was Preplanned

Fake Iranian Terror Plot Orchestrated By Israel And Saudi Arabia : Fox News

Oil War: AIPAC's "War With Iran" Bill Passes In US House Committee

Opium Poppy War: Afghan Drug Profits Too Juicy To Resist For U.S Says Russia

iPhone Can Take Photos Of You Without Your Knowledge : Wikileaks Spy Files

Chip RFID Tracking : Mythbusters Banned From Talking About RFID Chip By Visa and Mastercard


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