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Dec 14, 2011

10000 Year Old Alien Italy Cave Painting

In past we had reported ancient cave paintings depicting Aliens, UFO and wormhole found in Madhya Pradesh, India

Down below is cave painting is c.10,000 BC and is from Val Camonica, Italy.It appears to depict two beings in protective suits holding strange implements


  1. Very interesting picture. Thanks for sharing, I have not seen this before.

    One observation I'd add is the turtles...

    I think we've found the human race's missing link!

    Honestly though this is very good. Always welcoming more evidence of contact from other intelligent beings. Be them from Earth, a higher dimension, or the Cosmos.

  2. Seems like the Hollow Earth Theory to me, where there is a entrance at the north pole, and the south pole is depicted as being Ice- covered

    Could represent the inner Earth.

  3. Cool image. To me it looks like a really nice depiction of where people think they came from. You've got the stars and the sun and the moon at the bottom, then people walking up with tourtoises, signafying very slow movement from the creation of te stars, right up to the point where you are born. Watched by people, greeted by the snakes, maybe depicting the natural world or something more spiritual.

    Personally I love the tourtoises, perfect depiction of an implication of speed, so simple, but so brilliant. Took brains that.

    Not sure I see any ufo connection, just a very clever depiction of a womb connected to a mother with a child, all as one.

    Be a great tattoo that.

  4. The turtles were often compared to the shape of flying craft, as does the circle. The snakes would indicate lights that appeared to moves snakelike around the craft. You notice that humans are shown at the bottom and the creatures at the top are tall, thin, with longer arms and legs than humans.

    They indicate that they came from the circle, or craft. Back then any people alive not knowing what technology was would mistaken the craft as a living thing.

  5. Looks like an alien creating a rebirthed human the human has lungs. or it could be a rendition of the mother goddess gifting the world with her son Horus. or it could be a number of things.

    Good find!

  6. What we have there is the very first human on Earth being born of an Alien mother. The lungs in the small human suggest that the original beings don't breath air as we do. The mother is a surrogate and the human child has been implanted by the other beings surrounding her. The Earth is represented behind the 'humanoid' beings with Turtles and serpents being other experimental predecessors of this new human child.

    In a nutshell, humans are a hybrid of an experimental or extra-alien life form and the beings who undertook the surrogacy.

    The cave painting was created by one of the original humans to ensure that over time, the origins of today's human would not be forgotten. It is no secret. However, unfortunately, over time, the human ego evolved and we have washed away all traces of our true history with our own self-importance and greed. We are now on a path of self destruction. Human V2.0 is already thriving elsewhere in the universe. Of course, the distance is great enough for us never to be able to come into contact with each other. If we did, there would be cross contamination and another experiment would be rendered a failure.

  7. My turn at interpretation

    Let's assume something very simple : the artist drew what he/she saw with the constraint that they might not understand all the did see. So :

    Stripy Snake = DNA
    Tortoise = Source of egg used to hold embryo and/or provide growth medium.
    Large snake at bottom = DNA extracted from and/or injected into tortoise eggs.
    Tortoise to egg to tortoise to bipedal being below the tortoise is the link between expectation (limited artist knowledge) and what happened ie a bipedal being from the tortoise egg.
    Two snakes at top = Two sets of DNA injected into the egg.
    Two linked beings in the middle = Clone
    Stars, sun etc = where the science came from.

  8. None of this precludes the idea of aliens - but does imply involvement, protection, helping, watching - and most importantly to me, teaching that we are part of something much, much greater than ourselves and our own small 'globe,' be it a womb or world. An important lesson, methinks.

  9. Good find!!!

    Wonder if there is any way to find out the credit for the cover picture....

    I am looking as well for more information.

    Maybe looking in Aboriginal pics?

    I know someone stated it was fake a couple pages back but where did this author get the pic? Did they make themselves or is it from an actual depiction?

    More hunting to do!

  10. To me, it is a representation of Life, on earth, and Death, in space.

    The two inter beings represent humanity and mother nature inside of the Earth, symbolizing that they are one. Nature's mind is open, and one with the Earth; likewise, Humanty's mind is open, and one with Nature. Or, that humans came from nature and the earth, and they will always be a part of each other. The stars, moon, planets, etc represent outer space. The turtles and snakes are decoration for water and land. And, of course, the 4 dark figures are the "dead", who are now among the stars, reaching back for "life".

    Life, Death, Nature, and Space were really all the ancient people knew. So, a man drawing his ideas of death aren't really unlikely; but, a man drawing flying bird people, or extra terrestrial visitors riding on giant turtles is pretty farfetched....

    Just my interpretation though

  11. The artistry seems to depict that we may be existing in a living cell or part of a living thing and that all life is connected. Take the fact that in the painting you have live giving birth to live inside what could be a cell. Then around the circumference of this cell we have a chain of life through paintings of various life forms .

    There are mind blowing things that could explain such a concept. Quantum physics is full of many concepts that suggest this like zero point field. Zero point field is an energy that appears to connect all things. To me i believe that this theory of existing in side a living thing is far beyond our scientific understand as of now but Quantum physics is going in the right direction. I for one back this concept.

  12. To me it looks like it depicts

    -The balance between good and evil, and female and male (ying yang). The Snakes usually represent spirit, So the two opposing each other would be the good and bad in everyone.

    -The snake at the bottom looks like it represents the holy spirit of earth, perhaps circling the image creating a never ending cycle of the mother and child in the center.

    -Once again the moon and the sun represent both sides.

  13. I have no idea how anyone observing the image can reach the conclusion of aliens, there's nothing that implies that theory even.

    I see snakes, turtles, human beings with 5 toes, perhaps drawn by a human who didn't possess the best artistic skills,nevertheless better than stick men....speaking of which imagine the image was composed of stick men, people would say they look like aliens too,like the tall skinny ones, are they called the blacks or grays? I forget.

    Interesting image however, I believe the way the serpents are conveyed mean something, ideologically speaking off course....

  14. It looks like Australian Aboriginal rock art to me, if genuinely found in Italy - a very interesting find.

  15. Very interresting, and the extraterrestrial idea sounds reasonable, but it also has a sort of spiritual importance with the depiction of the inner body (soul or astral body)and outer body (physical body) connected to the astral plane through the crown chakra.

    The outer body is bound to the physical (3rd/4th dimension) represented by the dark sphere where the inner body has access to the higher dimensions. The snakes at the top of the head also has reference to the the kundalini rising or soul serpent which is popular in indian culture and spirituality, but the theme is seen all over the world.

    I don't know, that's just another way of looking at it. Remember that life does not have to be from another planet in this dimension to qualify as "alien".

  16. this picture is really blowing my mind...

  17. @Anonymous
    I thought exactly the same when I saw it, what a great tatoo it would make :o)

  18. And they say a picture is worth a thousand words.
    One word in this case would be so helpful...

  19. This seems to be a representation of each and every one of us and how we are all connected to the universe. Hear me out:

    The person within a person in the middle - is our over selves - the way in which we are connected to everything and everyone (even our creator) - including the knowledge of our past lives and our greater existence - our astral bodies that are all knowing and help us in this life, which is surrounded by little lines or the energy of this union.

    As you can see in the arms caressing the innermost being is connected via the crown of the head with small lines depicting the energies binding us through the arms (metaphorically meaning this helps with all of our actions). Studying chakras - you know our aural energies flow through the crown of our heads.

    And thus noticing that our body, as well as our astral bodies head also opens at the top to receive that infinite knowledge from a higher source - in this case being two snakes facing each other. One is in the shape of the galaxy we live and the other from somewhere else. Snakes are kundalini spirits and symbolize great knowledge. If you think of all of the pharaohs that have crowned upon them a snake?

    The beings at the top could have a hand in our evolution?

    The snake at the bottom is very interesting - 64 is a very powerful number in so many ways, our DNA, the Mayan Pyramid, the resonant timewave, etc. The snake has 8 white squares and 8 black - each representing time in the resonant wave it is counting down to. To the right you see a solid black portion that is quite large - that is our very distant past - the amount of time it took for the very early life on this planet to become conscious of it's existence. Follow this over the different proportioned squares symbolizing light vs dark, good and evil, heightened consciousness and a downfall to learning - however you look at it, it is symbolic of time and when we enter the left portion our solid states of squares now turn into that same energy we see that binds us to our over selves - which can be viewed as waves of energy.

    David Wilcock talks about an expirament where "bucky balls" or molecules were transformed into a wave particle - which is said to be impossible. If you think about our bodies and everything we view to be physical of form, solid, an object of mass, you have to think in a scientific point of view; all matter is comprised of molecules vibrating at a certain density, thus creating the illusion of solidity on our 3rd density or vibration. The Sorcerer's Apprentice movie explained it very well.

    In this last section of the snake we may have the opportunity to transform into wave beings and become that energy that constantly surrounds us and further ourselves into the 4th dimension. With the sun emitting such unknown forces upon us - said to peak in 2012, the great galactic alignment, and all of these cultures and people expressing fear and hope for what is to come, we have to open our minds to other worldly possibilities - the proof is right here on this planet.

    I am not sure I can explain the other turtles and stars and suns and people in the drawing, rest assured they all mean something in particular - possibly other races of beings that helped in our evolution or symbolic animals to represent the amount of time it took to become what we are now.

  20. Turtles and circling snakes is what made sense to someone 10,000 years ago when they saw flying saucer type crafts with lights circling around them. There is no doubt in my mind that we were visited in the past by ancient aliens and most likely mixed their DNA with ours. Just think of the exponential growth in intelligence. 10,000 years ago the first civilizations with languages, art, etc. where born when our DNA was upgraded. 1000 years ago there were advanced civilizations all over the world with amazing technology, tools, and weapons. A couple 100 years ago we didn't have electricity, cars our much else before the industrial revolution. Now modern day, computers galore, high-speed trains, planes, and automobiles...the ability to travel in space...our technology is the future. We need to focus on sharing resources and spreading intelligence around the world to better mankind and fix our growing problems. The ancient aliens will return.

  21. If you look carefully you will see that it looks like a moon and it's all so in two parts inside of the moon it shows a person that controls a person with longs it mean that they have a remote control of body from out in moon what i understand from this picture ,.

    and the alien body with in the human body have some control. i think on matrix.

    best regards,

  22. Definitely alien all the way our ancestors where not as dumb as we think period....

  23. Great find ! It's seem that the alien had hidden under the world all this time to me. And the snakes is the clear one then the others pics here.. Cheers

  24. Maybe its just drawing a pregnant woman giving birth ? I am a UFO believer. We all see what we want to see and what we believe. But I just can't see any aliens in the cave painting. If I have to find some aliens, I would say the four humanoids above the middle two persons looks more like aliens. :D

  25. If you take Ayahuasca/DMT you will see the exact same things. Snakes, flying saucers, bugs, Octopus, and alien beings etc...

    I believe this ancient people consume psychedelic drugs and paint what they're saw,
    and I think that this is the key to understand reality and beyond.

  26. Some really great ideas on what this means. 10000 years old would be right about the time that our current era of civilization began. There is just too much evidence of alien influence throughout early Mankind. Maybe still today, however if so they do not make themselves openly apparent as they once have.

    I can see a little truth in a few different theories mentioned by some of you... but there is so much knowledge not shared with us by those who have kept such knowledge secret. The pieces are there, scattered among different religions, ancient artifacts, and scriptures, however until humanity, us peasants, takes back the knowledge from the royal crown (ie "elite families") we will never know the truth, because we will never be able to put together all the pieces.

  27. Who cares...No one knows....What matters is we are still here.

  28. Has anyone tried viewing the pic thru a different light source.. Infrared or anything??

  29. It's about kundalini energy, your soul and interconnection oy everything. But not at all about aliens in my opinion. Non the less a like this image a lot. In christianity the same is representet by the cosmic christ. Here a quick google search. Archetypes -> C.G. Jung and so on...


  30. Beings exiting a stargate?

  31. they have paper and ink, in 10000bc? cool!

  32. The large figure in the sphere looks like a wandjina.

  33. This is angry person....if an angry ur mind are not listening ur word...ur fight like snake...ur patient line turtle chasing snake...