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Jan 26, 2012

CNN : Ancient UFO Relics In Baltic Sea

For anyone who is reading our site regular will know that we have already written a article about Baltic Sea UFO

In latest development final mainstream media start reporting about Swedish treasure hunters who struck upon a mysterious find at the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

Mysterious UFO Like Object Spotted On Sea Floor Near Sweden


  1. My guess is that whatever it was will be either gone or destroyed by the time May rolls around. Just like the Face On Mars. Or the salvage ship will be sunk on it's way out.

    Compliments of the Powers That Be.

  2. sounds interesting, but like all objects found that need further investigating to prove its real we will never hear anything about the findings. After years of following these type of findings its becoming very tedious because it builds your hopes up then it just dies off at the end with blank explanations.

    PS. Im hoping to be proved wrong this time!! :-)

  3. It would be typical when they get down there in may to find someone else has removed the object before they have a chance to even see it.

  4. To me, the disappearance of this “Find” will be all the proof I need. I mean how does something the size of a Jumbo Jet just move away on its own?

    They will have to remove it because even if it’s blown to pieces there will still be evidence of it.

    In the end it will just be swamp gas reflecting of the sea floor.


  5. The reason why every time we see something like this happening, they're making it big news about it and then just near the end where their about to find out what it is the story dies off. It's simply because they need the money and the funds to do the research, they almost always get it from private donations from rich people when they hear and see on TV about such a thing. And then the story always dies. I don't know if it's because those who gave donations wants it that way or if something else is behind this.

  6. I have to agree with Rick. If it disappears, that's about all the proof you need. Unless it moves on it's own.
    I know... I just blew your mind!

  7. sooner or later theyll have to admit the truth .. when the truth comes to us ...

  8. Yeah it will be gone home by the time they get back or to area 51. Papose lake .aka. s 4.

  9. I would have thought this is everything the film director James Cameron's been waiting for. He has the equipment, crew and cash.