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Jan 17, 2012

Fox News Edited Out, When FOX Reporter Fight Back Against Negative Ron Paul Coverage On Live TV

Fox News edited out the news segment clip, when FOX reporter fight back against another reporter about negative Ron Paul coverage live on FOX News TV.

Down below is what happened and users saw on Fox news online.

The fight is at :35 sec in incase not understood by the title.Ron Paul Dominates Fox's Twitter Survey Of The SC FOX News Debate

According to our regular reader who sent this above video, he said "It was on FoxNews TV. I noticed that they only showed aggregate numbers for Romney, Santorum and Gingrich. I did not see ANY of the back and forth, when I was watching."

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  1. The MSM and the AIPAC Lobby are really losing cred by the minute.

  2. Did you notice how they put Ron Paul at the end of the podium?

    By the time they asked Ron Paul his first question Mitt Romney had been on camera five times answering 5 different questions.

  3. Mainstream media is so consolidated and run by a few rich guys

    All paid shills on mainstream tv paid to tell lies

    Mainstream TV is total BS brainwashing for the masses

  4. I saw the exact same thing that the poster said was edited out. It was on the post debate coverage about 5 minutes after the debate they did show the guy saying RP did well however they did not show the lady speaking nor when they went through the candidates they only showed gingrich,romney and santorum numbers and I recall thinking that is bull.. even edited Perry out.. I still have it on my dvr.and can re watch but i saw the edited version as well...

  5. She's doing the online coverage, of course she's going to shill for RP, do you actually think the network wants to alienate their online audiences?

    i mean, come on, it's kind of a fact that people that are online are for a large part ron paul supporters, and that they will use any means possible to vote for him.

    cross me as crying cheat or whatever, it's not what i'm saying. what this means is basically.. the online audience is for RP, the online audience votes for RP, and the online audience feed is going to pander to them, with a host saying 'HEYWAIT A MINUTE RONPAUL!!!'... whereas on the cable tv feed, with mr sean hannity, there was no serious mention of ron paul, AT ALL

    so what does it mean? it means that people that can actually look outside the box, that isn't tuned into the MSN, has their sights on ron paul. no surprise here, all you need to do is check out any press release with comments on RP

    on the flip side ron paul is mocked, snickered at etc. no surprise here either, all you have had to do was be someone who's watched the MSN for the last few weeks

    is this segment awesome super news? nope. it's the same as usual, and the fight goes on. SC is just the 3rd state, there's a lot more to go through until this summer

    RP 2012

  6. Here is someone who taped the edited version. Go to you tube and this is the link watch?v=mO4ufkJue5g

  7. RON PAUL is consistently censored across every main-stream medium. Google would have us believe that Mitt Romney is fascinating enough to be in the top 5 (usually 1st or 2nd) of trending news topics for the past several months. Based on this video and common sense, Ron Paul obviously gets the larger share of interest among online readers. So, why do I only see his name as a trending topic once in a blue moon, and why is it never above Romney? That was rhetorical. Obviously, Google is promoting the candidate they feel is in their own best interest and/or the candidate they've been ordered to promote.

  8. WooHoo!!!! GO RON!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Ron Paul For Prezz 2012