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Jan 19, 2012

Yet Again Strange Sounds Heard, This Time In Chile, Canada, Finland, India, U.S : Jan. 12 - Jan. 17

Strange Sounds Heard In Chile January 12, 2012

Strange Sounds In Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada January 14, 2012

Strange Noises Heard Near Grenfell Saskatchewan, Canada January 16, 2012

I don't know what to say. i had to create an account just to upload this. i was no believer in this shit but what the fuck is it? I was just gonna go and try do some elk hunting when i heard this bullshit. i wouldn't have believed it if i didn't hear it. i had to create a youtube account just to post this.

Strange Noise In The Sky Over Helsinki, Finland January 17, 2012

According to eyewitness testimonial down below video was recorded late at night and the sounds on it are really amazingly weird. I've never heard anything like this before in Helsinki. I wonder what could make those weird sounds?

Strange Noise In The Sky Over India January 17, 2012


Strange Sound : Indiana 'Mystery Boom' Draws Many Theories - Jan. 17, 2012

Weird Noise Heard In Spruce Grove, Canada Forest January 19, 2012

According to eyewitness testimonial " I was out walking and kept hearing this, thought it might be the snowplow for the sidewalks but sounded way deeper than just an engine...hmm strange."

Google Trends for "STRANGE SOUNDS" Way Up Since January 15, 2012

Down below is Google Trends last 30 days "Strange Sounds"Screenshot:



  1. I am just wondering why is it the same high pitched squeel is heard in the most of the videos ? would that not make them all copies for the sounds?

  2. We heard it in Scotland too! What the hell is it?

  3. Or...its the same sound which is why it sounds the same

  4. Let's try and unpack this mystery through Bible prophecy. It is written that a time will come when the Lord will return, and prior to this event, He will show signs upon the earth and in the heavens. These signs are simply to confirm the authentic record of 'End-Times' and of course, the authority of scripture. In the book of Revelation chapter 8 we read about 7 trumpet sounds which warn of impending judgment and punishment upon the nations because of the evil and continued godlessness....and we can all see that this is true. The trumpet sounds are divine announcements given to wake people up and alert them to what will happen next in the apocalyptic timetable. The study of this is called eschatology and deals with Biblical end-time events and reveals the wrath of God being poured out from heaven. Yes, from heaven, the very place where these sounds are coming from. The Bible also speaks of a time when there will be war in heaven. Wars are generally noisy. Local governments, national leaders, scientists, earthquake experts, police and military have all been approached to come up with some answers. They have found the correct answers and have now made them public. This is what they have to say:-'We do not know what these sounds are, are what is causing them' Of course they don't know. These sounds are not man-made copies as been presumed. If they were, someone with a brain would be able to make that clear to us all. But they remain a mystery. I have listened to 30 samples made with mobile phones, cameras, and pro-video recorders. Some are similar in sound, but these are coming from places which are thousands of miles apart. From Egypt, Romania, USA, Russia, UK, Australia, Austria, Canada and dozens of other places. Please do not dismiss these prophetic events. The next series of events will herald in a 7 year great tribulation period when all hell will be let loose. The Bible speaks of a time when the earth will 'Reel to and fro like a drunkard' The Bible also refers to a time when the whole of creation will groan for return of Christ Jesus. All these things are happening right now before our very eyes, yet there will still be some who think they know better. There will still be those who will refuse to accept that what is happening is simply nothing more than Bible prophecy being fulfilled......Today! There is only one Way out of this mess-age. There is more to come, and it will get worse. Sadly wickedness and lawlessness will increase. But who wants to know about that Way out?

  5. We dont know if these sounds are coming from the sky (heavens)!! If the noises are due to military activities, and is due to the testing of secret technology, they are not going to tell us anyway!....and of course they are going to say "they dont what the noise is due to"!

  6. I think were all "groaning" for you to save your preaching for sunday, and the church.

  7. Let Jayem say what he wants. You do. You know there IS a possibility that he is right and YOU are wrong. So why don't YOU save your "don't preach to me" bullshit.

    1. Ok, since you put it like that, than ok, let him have his say. But no, there is no part of me that says "there may be a chance hes right"! I dont believe any man who tells me we can have good without evil!...and not your him right??

  8. MANY of these videos have been proven to be fakes using the same source sound from a video created in 2011. The topic has gone viral at this point and kids far and wide are creating hoax sound videos.

    Add to that a layer of fear-mongering, agenda driven religious folk who want the "end times" to come so badly that they are willing to fan the flame.

    Is there a phenomenon here? Maybe but its not as wide spread or regular as many would have you believe. Be critical, investigate, compare and don't give into fear.

  9. I heard that sound twice tonight in Kangasala, Finland as I was walking my dog.
    At first I didn't pay much attention to the sound as I tought it was a snowplow, but then when I heard it again I realized it was exactly the same sound as I had heard from these other videos.

    Sadly I didn't have a chance to take any viedos 'coz my hands were full with my dog. I went outside again after I took the dog inside, but I couldn't hear that sound anymore. :/

    Anyways.. That's really interesting sound and I tought it was all just a one big hoax, but not anymore.

  10. I heard this in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, August 2011! No BS here.

  11. Hello everyone, at first like many here I believed that this was just some kind of hoax or whatever but last night I heard a strange Hummin sound like the ones heard in most of this videos, it was late like 3:43 a.m. and as I was going to sleep I heard it loud and clear no BS here, btw I live in Mexico I know theres have to be a logical and simple explanation as to what is the source of this strange sounds but for now we can only especulate and wait.

  12. hey you with the bible you will believe anything the bible also states that a ten headed creature will rise from the sea but i bet you dont believe in the loch ness monster because it is written legend God did not write the bible men did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I have heard the Same exact sounds here in California at the Border to Mexico... I know it will be easy for skeptics to dismiss this... But umm I don't know... I personally heard it.. and that's why I believe

  14. i heard it in L.A but didn't make much of it until a co-worker brought it up 2 days later!!! and thats when we found out it was happening around the world....

  15. i live in illinois.about 50 now.i have noticed in the last couple years that the thunder when it storms just seems to roll on for 20 minutes or so nonstop.anyone else out there noticing this.

  16. Haha come really think its a trumpet from "heaven"? Put the fiction book down and open your eyes to reality. Possibly HAARP in action?

  17. The day will come when all men (and women) will see the truth...I just hope it is not too late for those who do not believe in God's word now. Hey if you don't believe in God at least get educated and read the bible. It wouldn't hurt you to take a few minutes of your time to read the book of Revelation....especially if you take the time to read websites like this. Just say'n. God bless and praying for you.

  18. Its prob all haarp ...there fucking with the sky and the ionisphere its cause a hole in the atmosphere. or it could be "god" or The anchent beings who first stepted forth on this planet .. that sounded like a ship going across the sky ..using a invisibility cloak .. they already have that coing out for the military tanks