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Feb 14, 2012

13 Feet Tall Alien Makes Big News In Italy

Illustration Credit : sulletraccedelmistero.it
Google Translated article:

The news of a approx 13 Feet high ET walking along the road in Italy is making big news in Italy.Eyewitness Leonard D'Andrea, on February 11 at 22:30 was driving his car when, while visiting the Napoleon of the new roundabout at Mortegliano, was forced to stop.

He said : "I noticed the cars stopped, I queued - says D'Andrea - I thought at the time of an accident. But when I fell, I noticed that there were three cars in front of a strange creature that walked along the road. It was about 4 meters / 13 Feet  high and was silent. "

D'Andrea wanted to tell his father about what he was witnessing, but the phone was not working. Nobody could neither call for help, or take pictures of the creature.

He added : I took the torch and lit the gray creature, noting that her legs were slightly bent forward with the back formed by a sort of very large tendons. "While illuminated, i noted that the head had a round shape and ending in a conical shape.

This creature "walked" on the road, not caring at all the cars stopped and people - reminiscent of Andrea - In front of me was a Mazda with a family.

The mother took the two children hiding behind the seats, while two girls behind me wanted to call 113 but the phone did not go. "

Then the silhouette has fled in the direction of Lestizza, Leonard tried to follow her but without success. Other people who live in the area confirmed that they have seen something "strange".  Source

Photo Credit : sulletraccedelmistero.it
Update1: Creature Illustration and location Photo added.


  1. if so many people saw it then where is the evidence? not a single pic? im not a skeptic but c'mon.

  2. Hi from Rome,

    News is real & source is very much MSM..

    According to news...Northern Italy last night, on a road many cars stopped to look at a strange creature walking near the road.

    The witnesses said the creature was grey, 13 foot tall, with a big head and didn't pay any attention to people. It disappeared fast and they couldn't follow it.

    Some people tried to call 113 (Italian 911) but no cell phones were working.

  3. The reason there are no photos is because all telephones ceased working in the vicinity of the area, though a torch was functional and allowed them to cast a light upon the 'grey-ish' figure.

    Joy (Bilingual Italian)

  4. fine the phone lines were jammed...what does it had to do with the camera on the phone. there should have been at least one picture.

  5. where can we see these news ?

  6. so what now do we disclose. since people saw.

  7. I personally don't need pic's to know they are out there. I know they exist, just like they know we exist.. and they should, they put us here. There is not just one kind of species out there.....there are many.

  8. @Anonymous

    How exactly does a 13 foot creature disappear quickly?

  9. Italians should recruit it for their basketball team lol

  10. This is as WILD as it gets!!

    All I know is this, the 1 time I did see something in the sky it was a little over 1,000 feet away. We were standing in front of an Outback Steak House, maybe 30 people saw all 3 pieces hovering in absolute silence for over 5 minutes. Not a single one of use could use our cell phones. even the people who weren't even paying attention to it were having phone issues.

    I did manage to record 3 to 5 seconds with mine before getting frustrated and only because I had just pulled up in my car for carry out. All the others were there, looking at it for some time.


  11. @Anonymous

    well mostly becouse it was dark at night (and we dont see at all during night time) and it was 4m high so it had big legs and that means it could travel faster than human (1 step of them is like 10 of ours xD)

    still im really sad that no pic or anything ;/ I wonder how would react a analog camera..since digital is all electonics..

  12. Interesting that such a report should come ahead of the Troll Hunter film

  13. This sounds plausible to me! Contactee at Three and a Half years old!

  14. Pics may be forthcoming. It can take a bit before details get out to the american public in under-reported stories like this. IT's also common for people to be so shocked at the sight of a UFO or ET that they don't want to take their eyes off it long enough to get the cameras or don't fully consider it until the moment has passed.

  15. Sources: http://www.zeusnews.it/index.php3?ar=stampa&cod=16870

  16. Why is the report not on news ??

  17. I wanna see a pic as well. But I do believe it's a true story. The 10th planet is here and so are the anunnaki. I just wanna see them and find out more about them and us. Kelly V. ;San Diego

  18. @Craig The Trollhunter film is almost 2 years old and made in norway.

  19. everyone has a smart phone and no one took a picture ya right. BTW Bigfoot is staying at my house I'll send in illustration when I get the chance. With no evidence it doesn't matter what they think they saw.

  20. Ive checked numerous Italian news websites and this is not a top story...didn't even see this story in Italy's news, so maybe it was big news for one media source however big news sources such as Ansa don't report this story

  21. Why do they have to be all creepy looking!?

    How does a being that has master space travel look like that?

    Why can't she a 13 foot tall super hot Blonde? Damn!

  22. Yes, with every new blog Ufo-blogger.com is compromising itself more and more.
    The stories from "yellow" press are taken with great attention, but there is very little credibility in those fakes.
    Perhaps more attention should be given by the editorial.
    Thumbs up for the documentaries.

  23. Instead of beaming up (scotty) they beam down.

  24. And nobody in this day and age had a cellphone or a camera. Yeah right. There should have been at least a dozen cellphones taking pictures of this thing and youtube posts within minutes.

  25. that's one of the "friends" (the tall one) from the italian alien documentary

  26. Other newspapers and sites talking about it here in Italy and now check another witness.
    The news will be broadcast on Italian TV Rai 2
    I apologize for the bad translation, but i do not speak english

  27. Collaborative witnesses would in my opinion count as credible. Just as they would in a court of law.

    Id be interested to know if there were any other strange goings on that evening. Perhaps some strange lights in the sky. If people see the being, its likely that someone saw the delivery event too.

    I would like to see pics too. If say the craft was nearby, and there were disruptions to communications, I am not absolutely sure that a digital camera would work. The likelyhood of someone having an analog camera today is minimal.

    In regards to the sketch up there.. if it was only seen for a few seconds or even minutes in the dark or even sunset the face would not be easy to transcribe to paper accurately. A lot of fantasy likely went into the sketch so it should be taken with the proverbial grain o salt. Overall dimensions may be somewhat another matter. Witnesses would report different dimensions so I suppose you just take the average of those?

    Either way..
    Cool story bro.

  28. How exactly does a 13 foot creature disappear quickly?

  29. Everyone posting about people not taking photos and no evidence are stupid its obviously states that phones did not work, we have this sort of technology avaiable its called an EMP Pulse which basically stops all electro MAGNETIC technology working.

    This includes complicated circuits which involve the use of magnestism (capicitors/circuit boards) to malfunction whereas simple circuits like TORCHES (2 wires going straight from the battery to the LED lights) will not be affected because they involve no magnetism just direct energy transfer.

    The Alien being probably had a device or a transport nearby with an EMP pulse transmittor stopping advanced technologies, what could this EMP be used for?

    Well most likely for advanced weaponary on other alien planets who use laser weaponary or something like this. So the alien uses it as a defense mechanism, maybe the aliens cloaking device shit itself and she walked back to the ship.

  30. @Anonymous

    So the alien in question has advanced anti-electronic equipment capable of rendering electronic devices useless with the obvious intention of hiding it's existence and yet it chooses to wander around next to a busy road in plain sight on foot? C'mon.

    1. He's lost. I've been in contact with 14-19 foot aliens before and they don't know a lot about humanity

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  33. all car should use dash cam in order to capture UFO or aliens crossing road or road rage or car thief.