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Feb 9, 2012

2012 Strange Humming Sound Heard Nelson, BC, Canada : Feb. 4, 2012

My living room window was open just about 15 minutes ago when I almost fell asleep here in Nelson, BC, Canada. I heard a dog freak out , outside and run away, then the owners whistling for it to come back and they just could not find him and then suddenly , their voices disappeared, then, of course I start hearing this humming noise in the sky which I had never heard before I poked my head out the window and looked out to try and figure out what the hell the sound was or where it was coming from.

I thought it was a car or something at first by instinct but then it became quite obvious that it was definitely not a car it was in the sky just revolving around - sort of a circular sound. Then I sorta felt nervous, closed the window, went on the computer, stepped outside for a smoke and the humming was still there! I still couldnt tell where it was coming from but the sky and then it slowly faded away, I dont think it's still happening but it sure was there.

Naturally, I typed on google "Strange Humming Sounds" and see if anyone else heard anything similar to figure out what the fuck it could have been. So now here I am , the site I stumbled upon that seemed to have any sort of forum going about this. 

My belief is a UFO of some sort with a cloak on it to be in disguise. I am a believer , especially after seeing a UFO in Bankor, USA a couple summers ago while on tour with a band...outside smoking cigs alone at 3 in the morning by a fence with an open field, not knowing what it was as it slowly became closer and closer then my jaw dropped as this craft ,barely making a sound was hovering roughly a mile from me and about 100 metres from the ground, just hovering , it was circular freezby like craft with a green blinking light and a steady blue light on the other side of the ship. If anyone else has seen a similar craft please let me know.

I would like to hear about your experience. My good friend had an odd UFO experience he shared with me that his brother also witnessed with a dog freaking out , while they were camping alone out in the wilderness and he described "A STRANGE HUMMING NOISE" and explained that they got scared, walked back to their tent site up the path and ignored what happened in the meantime and what should be a 2 minute walk felt like a 30 minute walk and when they got back they tried to start a fire for the life of them with dry fire wood, paper even..for about 25 minutes and these brothers grew up basically surrounded by forest, they know how to starting a freaking fire.

Anyways, the fire never started so he gave up and was about to go to bed, then the dog got scared again while his brother was in the tent, he saw the UFO above the mountain a bit and said "Bro! get the fuck out here and tell me if you see what I see"!!! His brother thought he was face to face with a bear, and then they both stared in awe and confusion. He described it to be shaking up and down for about 5 seconds then unbelievable fastly flew out of sight. I am one of the only people who believed his story since I had an oddly similar but different UFO experience.

Thanks for reading and again if you wish to share something similar post on here for email me personally @ timbersounds@hotmail.com . Thank you.


  1. I would be asking the neighbours about their experience. As what made them go silent? Surely they didnt just lose interist in their dog all of a sudden?


  2. You have no evidence of anything no video no audio just a story. You probably work for this site and are helping them get views by creating a story. I live in Canada bro and travel all over for my job. Infact i was visting one of the places where they shot one of these "sound videos" and man i was there the whole week didnt hear nothing . I didnt even hear of anyone talking about it. Until you or this sight have legit proof stop posting crap. ps i do believe in aliens and ufo and such so dont try to say oh your just a non believer. Im just sick of crap people post.

    1. You a idiot, use YouTube and search strange sounds from the sky then tell me how hundred of ppl from all over the globe are hearing this and recording it and it still can't be real? Your in for a rude awakening, I understand ignorance is bliss but not when it comes to natural phenomenon.

  3. swamp gas, nothing to see here, move along...

  4. Earlier poster is right, where's the beef? Here's what would be fantastic: I heard this strange sound and recorded it in my cell phone

  5. Nice story but you lack video or auto proof. That is like me saying that I thought I saw a gray at the foot of my bed 20 years ago, with out proof it is conjecture and does not hold water.

  6. I don't carry a smartphone or a video camera. It is accounts that matter. Myself, a memory of white ghosts down the garden and waking up with bed clothes upside down and inside out make me think. Plus the scoops on my legs which take an age to heal

  7. I live in Nelson bc and I herd it that night, I also herd it twice today at 530 am an again at 1130 am it's not swap gas that's bs cos if you know the land here you know that doesn't exist here, it's preassure between the biosphere and iosphere caused by the switch of the magnetic poles, and when this escalates it will be the nay Sayers and the ignorant that are not prepared, it is stupid to believe also that we are the only beings out for 1000's of galexys and solar systems, ppl need to get there heads out of their asses and open there minds to the possibility,. And if nothing goes down I'll be the first to admit I was wrong but atleast I was prepared.. Tools.

  8. My wife heard a buzzing sound in deer camp when i was not there near kamloops bc
    She said she looked for something in the air and ahould of been there but could see nothing
    She went into trailor And tried to read a book the sound left adter 10-12 min she was quite frightened when i returned from my trip
    I had noexperience but have no reason not to beleive wife is lying kinda earie

  9. My girlfriend and I were lying in bed around May 15th or so and I heard a crazy weird loud electrical sound that was immense, it grew and faded a few times, and was nothing i'd ever heard before and i'm 43... it was so strange, i didn't dare bring it up.. but she did.. and she was also hesitant because of it's oddness, we both perhaps thought we imagined it. That is powerful. I would not be a believer but hearing / experiencing the immensity of the sound is unreal.. i've heard sonic boom and such but this is a long 'larger'... it sounds as if it were coming from everywhere, or at least a huge source.. not an engine for sure. It certainly left me with the impression I had experienced something extra-phenomenal.