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Feb 17, 2012

Fox News Fired Judge Napolitano For Telling The Truth To Public : Freedom Watch Dropped

For anyone who is reading our site regular will know that we have already written a article about Fox news holiday card depict our Sheeple AKA viewers are the best!

In latest update, one of the last and only remaining leaks in the mainstream media machine was plugged this week as Freedom Watch was cancelled by Fox Business Channel. 

This signals a major blow to truth seekers and people of a generally open and less sheep-like persuasion. In contrast to the reactionary and demagoguery found in just about every other news show across the vast array of news networks, Freedom Watch and its host Judge Napolitano offered a clear minded and intellectual take on current events and politics that didn't fit the left-right paradigm.

Napolitano ranted against undeclared and unnecessary wars, criminal government waste and corruption, and above all stood alone as a beacon, calling for freedom and liberty for all people. He trashed the unconstitutional and Orwellian Patriot Act like a Liberal, and at the same time called for the dissolution of the Department of Education like the most argent conservative. A truly thoughtful and intelligent person does not simply give easily predictable, knee jerk reactions to every piece of news that comes their way. They carefully consider an issue, consult their values, and then develop an opinion without worrying about whether they are remaining in character as a "Conservative Commentator" or "Liberal Commentator." This was Judge Napolitano and his voice will be greatly missed.

The show's cancellation should not come as a surprise to freethinking individuals aware of the game that is being played. The real question is why was this show allowed on the air in the first place, and why did it last for as long as it did. It's very existence was a contradiction to everything the mainstream media stands for. It was anti-corporate in a world where the media is owned and relies upon corporations for funding and advertising. It was anti-war in spite of the fact that defense contractors are some of the largest contributors and sources of funding for multi-media corporations. 

Additionally, Judge Napolitano was an unbashful and outright supporter of Ron Paul. It is an established fact that the media intentionally ignores Paul. Even John Stewart has acknowledged this. Clearly there are forces at work who have decided to black out coverage of Paul as much as possible. Freedom Watch did not toe the line.

But despite all this, the show probably would have been allowed to continue had Napolitano not criticized the one group a media commentator is never supposed to bring up; Israel. Just ask Mark Sanchez. 

Napolitano has consistently been critical of the United States' blind support for Israel. He criticized Israel dragging the United States into never ending wars in the Middle East that have drained our Treasury and killed thousands of American soldiers. 

Freedom Watch was the only show that questioned the fairy tale that begins with "they attack us because they hate our freedom." It's not that simple, and Napolitano recognized this.

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Its not a first time they have did this:

Fox news reporters found out a link between Monsanto's bovine grownth hormone and cancer related deaths from drinking pasturized milk at the store.They got fired.

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  1. Just one more step of TPTB (the powers that be) in silencing the messenger and shutting the American people out and away from their FREEDOM!!!

    We will be in another form of civil war in the very near future!!!!

    And it won't be pretty..

  2. **** Fox News and the Government alike. Judge deserves his own platform on the web!

  3. Excellent!

    9/11 was a demolition done by Israel and Zionist Traitors, the planes were just a deception for emotional dupes.

    Wake Up America!

    As a Former US Marine it is time we stand up and run these TRAITORS out of our Nation.

  4. Freedom Watch supports Freedom and Ron Paul, and FW is owned by FOX, who is against Ron Paul and against Freedom.

  5. Why did Americans ever watch Fox News to begin with? Are you folks really that goddam slow?

    I woke up to these bastards 20 years ago and took actions to protect myself.

    Too bad you just woke up./

    All USA media are fucking Zionazi Jew owned and operated.

  6. God Bless this man. I have truly enjoyed listening to his words of wisdom and experiencing his bravery.

    This is one of the ONLY personalities on TV that had the courage to tell it like it is.

    I hope Judge ends up on another program where he can continue to be a champion for Freedom and the Constitution !!

  7. I used to like Fox News but lately I have been seeing the same old crap I see from the Liberal Media. They are trying to elect the next President just like the liberal media did when Obama ran. I have seen a change in Fox News. They are getting to be like the liberal media is like. I wonder if they were threatened buy this addministration. Glenn Beck was the first, the judge, and others in the past have been let go. It is down right wrong to let the media run the show. We should be able to say whatever is on our minds. Tell the news just like it is taken place. I won't be watching any news if they can't tell the truth.

  8. Poor, poor Christians, you have long lost your country and you do not even know it - what a pity.

  9. I guess my comment about Christians losing control of the United States was objectionable to you folks, eh?

  10. Well, what the h*l* should I do now. I am the most Far Left Wing (O'Reilly the phony Irishman always uses the full term "Far Left", never just "Left")Radical Anarchist you could ever meet, and I agree with Napolitano 100%. Building # 7 is half mile from WTC North and South, was not hit by an airplane or anything else, did not ignite as collateral damage from WTC North and South, but it collapsed. CIA had offices in Building # 7. I believe, along with Napolitano, that Mossad was behind this whole mess.