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Mar 20, 2012

2012 Illinois Vote Fraud : ABC7 News Accidentally Published Today Election Results Prior To Election

In past we had documented, U.S. Media And The GOP Working Together To Take Down Ron Paul and also reported:

Iowa Caucus 2012 Vote Fraud
Maine Caucus 2012 Vote Fraud, 1800 Votes Missing 
Electoral Fraud : Athens-Clarke County, Georgia - Republican Delegate Fraud EXPOSED

In latest development on election fraud, ABC7 News accidentally published today election results even prior to election. And while we were taking the screenshots ABC7 News removed the page from their website but we were able to take single screenshot.

Down below is screenshots of before & after page, which was last update on 9:00 PM CT :

Down below is Google cache: of same page, which was last updated at 5:12 PM CT :

Source : http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:4IAKOaPH6HYJ:abclocal.go.com/wls/elections/local/results+&cd=4&hl=en&ct=clnk&client=safari


  1. Great job guys.. thank for posting this here on your website ..Here is my screen Shot


  2. Keep up the pressure they are not sweeping this under the carpet, make viral as best you all can, link watch?v=ICbmwmVHdJw in other youtube videos and thanks again for ever uploaded this. They have been caught red handed again, I love their bullshit excuse of a test, fucking unbelievable, I'm thinking there are certain people wanting this all to be blown wide open.

  3. You must be careful... while I would love for this nonsense in Maine and Iowa etc. to be exposed I believe the current excuse that they were 'playing with software' could be accurate... check of the link given by Anonymous:


    It actually has very different results than the article above's results. It looks like they were fooling around with the program they are going to be using to show election results in an attempt to work out any potential bugs.

  4. @Anonymous You must be careful...

    I don't know, how you come to the conclusion that http://picupload.org/images/GIHP8.jpg have very different results than the article above result.

    Please have look at 1st image above (last updated "9:00 PM CT").

    Second screenshot was taken from Google cache with last updated "5:12 PM CT".

    Which means the second screenshot data is older than the 1st one.

    And that's the reason why second Google cache screenshot in above data is different from http://picupload.org/images/GIHP8.jpg

    So, in short you should have to compare 1st image above image with http://picupload.org/images/GIHP8.jpg instead of second one published above.

    Love, Real Light & Peace

  5. Intertnet MIND MANIPULATION. whatever .your Vote will never count people.

  6. Listen people.... You all fail to realize that time is not a factor to the so called Elite.....the greatest advantage they have is that they can accomplish their agenda over a span of many many years. EVERYTHING is a plan........

  7. Share this and post it EVERYWHERE!!!!!!

  8. wait this comes as a surprise to you people... LOL !!! This has been going on for the past 60yrs, and its not JUST in USA... LOL !!