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Mar 21, 2012

2012 The Mystery of Puma Punku : Ancient Aliens

Down below is one of the best episodes of all seasons, so far. The crew dedicated the entire episode to scrutinize the megalithic buildings of Puma Punku, in the highest area of Peruvian Andes. 

The most astonishing structures every registered in ancient civilizations, because is the only one that present visible and clear signs of hi-tech machinery crafting in giant blocks with hundreds of tons, assembled as legos.
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  1. UFO-Blogger.Com thanks for your above article:

    A couple of professional and experts in machinery and hi-tech tools, did participate of this episode, reproducing scaled models of the stunning notorious "H" blocks in their workshops, to prove that only high advanced technology could have made the original ones and there's absolutely NO way of primitive natives, with chisels and stone-hammers have cut those blocks with laser precision.

    Giorgio Tsoukalos particularly debunked the mainstream scholars and BLASTED the shills, skeptics, haters and naysayers of the "Ancient Alien" theory, with a simple explanation: Puma Punku is placed in a point of the Andes so high that no trees ever grew in the area, so the official explanation of archeologists about the infamous "rolling bearing method" with trees trunks, for transporting those blocks, is baloney.

    They also made new tests with actual RC replicas of the notorious aerial vehicles reproduced in gold models by the ancient Incas, that archeologists claim they are "stylized birds", and proved AGAIN they are fully functional AIRCRAFTS.

    And they managed to make the connection of Puma Punku with the Sumerians and the Anunnaki, by using an artifact exposed in a Peruvian museum, which is a ceramic bowl with several Sumerian cuneiform glyphs carved all over its surface.

  2. Good episode.

    Don't underestimate the power of the human mind and body though, it isn't IMPOSSIBLE that they built these structures simply because it would have been hard.

  3. to "isn't impossible that they built these structures simply because it would have been hard" <-- I would agree that the human mind has a gift for creativity and ingenuity. However, the frequency of these structures would indicate either one really good artist that traveled around the whole world or a bunch of driven and artistic individuals that helped perform all these amazing artistic feats. (One amazing artist maybe even a dozen) ... just a lot of the designs and art look extremely similar all parts of the world. Just seems highly unlikely is all.

  4. seems to me ,answers to many questions,cound be answered if they just look at rock gate[coral castle] florida built in the 1900s this place shows that ,giant stones ..........swinging door 9 tons ,balenced., no cut marks one man could do everything they do at sites world wide......... still people cant grasp it ..batteries ,transitors,

  5. Yeah this is probably the best ancient aliens I have seen. This has got to be the most interesting and curious place on the planet.

  6. This makes up for the nasa show they had lol,

    I got to say that this show opened my eyes to one important fact, not that alien were visiting us in the past, that is a possibility . I think there used to be advanced human civilizations living on earth in the past, this theory that where more advanced then we every is not right any more.

    You have the pyramids in egypt and puma punku are the best evidence there is. There are probably more evidence but those two are the most convincing.

    Its already proven that there was an ice age around 12000 bc and that there was a big flood that wiped out some life and probably most civilizations.

    maybe history repeats it self and soon we or nature will wipe ourselfs out again and we will have to restart.

  7. The blocks weren't machined. No tools were used. They were cast like cement in a mold. That's why, for example, that the H-blocks all have more or less the exact same shapes. They simply reused the same mold. No aliens or advanced technology needed here. Look up the name Joseph Davidovits and so-called geopolymers.

    I am a bit tired of people who want to see aliens where they are not.

  8. @Anonymous

    Hey I have never heard of that guy before you make an interesting point here is a good video

  9. Right. Molds. Thus, the point? Why Molds? Why molds of those shapes? Who made the molds? Just so many questions like "where are the molds"? Were they ever discovered? Just seems like a good tool to discredit a possible story. Show me more proof then one guy with a claim.

  10. Sure-molds are a good idea if they were made out of cement or even adobe brick-but they are indigenous rock!

  11. Molds. Yes. I could ask the same questions about the alien astronauts. Where are they? Where is their ship/base? Where are the tools they used?
    The mold theory is the simplest theory and we can reproduce the blocks using that theory. Just apply Occam's Razor.

    I do agree with your question "Why molds of those shapes?" This question remains. As does the question "Why did the Egyptians build the pyramids in the way they did?" I don't have the answer.

  12. Using molds is an interesting explanation... it's easy and makes sense. Still, you can think of other stuff made with sandstone (I think) and it seems unlikely that they used molds. There's a Egiptian head (saw it on another Aaliens episode) with perfect proportions, smooth and complex curves. If they used a mold, how could've they created the complex mold in the first place? other molds or what? hard to explain. What about the giant statues? giant molds? posible, but unlikely I think.

    btw, the stones are not attached to the ground as it happens with the mold technique. The stones at Puma Punku are literally placed on the ground...

  13. The extreme temps required to melt solid granite would have been impossible with stone age or even bronze age technology. What fuel source would the have used to reach these extreme temps? What material would they have used to contain molten granite? I dont think they could have accomplished this monumental task.

  14. Hi, it's the mold guy again ;-)
    You don't need to melt the granite, you 'just' need chemicals that soften it. When you add these chemicals, you get a sort of plasticine that can be molded or shaped depending on how fluid the whole becomes.
    Which chemicals are we talking about? I believe that Davidovits mentions these somewhere on his website or his books (which of course can also be found on-line - ahum). Otherwise there is a little text here I found that explains it as well: http://richardgrigonis.com/Ch09%20Sidetrip%20Colonel%20Percy%20Harrison%20Fawcett.html

  15. ok puma punku is about 14000 years old and mainstream scientist say that the Summerians were the first human civilization after we came out of the stone age at about 4500 years ago so your trying to say that coming out of the stone age or ending of stone humans knew about chemicals that soften rock and transported it hundreds of miles I don't think so, yeah there's no physical proof of aliens but c'mon common sense people if we have a hard time doing this shit now your saying they did that wit no advanced technology be real, almost every ancient civilization talks about gods coming from the sky and remind you they carved their stories in stone you think they took all that time telling you a bunch of lies every single one??? Open your minds people were a grain of sand in the grand scheme of things were not alone were not the top of the food chain like we think we are

  16. @Anonymous This amazing place is not en Peru this is in BOLIVIA!!
    The musseum is in La Paz Capital of Bolivia!!!!

  17. the h blocks could have been made by aliens they mass produce the blocks on site then took the h blocks with them