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Mar 14, 2012

NASA Spotted Another Near Sun UFO, This Time Its A Huge Sphere

Earlier we had reported " NASA Spotted Gigantic Triangle Shaped Coronal Hole In The Sun". Now we have been informed by our regular reader that on March 11 one days prior to gigantic triangle, NASA SDO had also spotted a huge sphere near sun.

Video poster comment on above video : I just came across something extremely curious. There is a black spherical anomaly the size of Jupiter on the south east limb of the sun. I have no idea what this may be.

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  1. alien refueling

  2. Maybe It Could Be Fuel Station Of E.T. Or An unusual Shape , TYpe Of BlackHole -10may

  3. Its obviously a Rebellion Deathstar super charging via solar panels...

  4. Soon this planet named earth and all of its inhabitance will enter in a new age. The new cycle in which man will evolve to become one with and amongst the 'Gods'

  5. Somethings going on!

  6. Wow!

    That has to be one of the most interesting things I have ever seen!

    I hope it's something good.


  7. It looks like the sun sun is sucking dark matter from a black hole, and consequently another black hole is developing,.... maybe?

  8. the actual craft must be smaller, that sphere must be some kind of shield to protect the craft. It's just an idea if this object is really a space craft. And it can be using a tractor beam to collect matter from the sun surface. It can be a rip in space time because of the solar energy, but i really doubt that

  9. Soon this planet named earth and all of its inhabitance will enter in a new age. The new cycle in which man will evolve to become one with and amongst the 'Gods'


  10. according to the andromeda council, their guys are tinkering around at the sun, preparing it for it´s evolution into something like a "white-blue sun",which will be accompanied by the comet takoma, which will stick somewhere near the sun and become some kind of tattooine-ish second sun xD
    also they said, they´re establishing shields in case of more violent sunstorms!

    i´m glad we can now actually witness how much they´re trying to help us! awesome guys, which i´m looking forward to meet for sure :DD

  11. sun giving birth to planets....god damn it people are stupid !!

  12. preventing a sun from destroying a solar system and its species is hard work.
    the sun is in constant flux, and it should be watched and maintained.
    think about it, why wasn't the flare that should have hit us 4 days ago super big like they said?
    why is that this type of thing has been seen 2 times now this month alone!?
    maybe there trying to help us out.

  13. @Anonymous
    oh good idea!

  14. Here is an answer from Tolec of the ( about this spherical shape seen from the sun and I quote.
    From - powerfultools4life - came this question today, March 12, 2012: " Tolec... just take a quick 1 minute look to see what this thing is attached to the sun. Could you please ask the AC is this is them, or another planet, or a ship, who knows? It was uploaded on [to the web] 11th March 2012 ".
    ANSWER: I, Tolec, watched the video, and simultaneously showed it to the commander of the primary Andromeda Council biosphere. Here was his complete response about this situation.
    "This explanation is three-fold:
    a. What appears to be a connective 'umbilical cord' is functionally the same thing? It is a conduit that is connected from one of our Andromeda Council biospheres to your sun. The reason that the color of our biosphere is black and dark is because an ultraviolet radioactive protective shield is in place to protect the biosphere while the work is being done. This biosphere is one of the Andromeda Council's ships. The technology being used originated on the planet Terial in the Mirach star system.
    b. This work being done to feed and transfer via the connective 'umbilical cord', the conduit, to the Sun - the proper amount & adjusted vibratory rate - helium to help raise the overall vibration frequency of the Sun so that it will become a blue white star. This work is being done in addition to the 4th dimensional frequency rays emanating from the new crystal blue star, that used to be comet Holmes 17P, that is now also bathing Earth in these frequencies, as well as your sun.
    c. During this time of the solar flares storms, know that we also use shield technology from our combined biospheres to protect the various planets of your solar system, including Earth, to minimize the strength & frequency of solar flares in recent days, as well as in the coming days.
    Know that we are monitoring the solar flare storms of your sun. They will lessen with time.
    There will be more signs in the sky for your astronomers and other prospective fields of science to see, or shall I say, activities in the skies will become more active in appearance. People will see things that they have never seen before.
    I am reassuring the people of Earth that we have the best experts in the field of quantum star phenomena to bring about evolvement of the Sun, and the entire solar system, without side effects (i.e. radiation from the flares, heat storms, fires, etc.) As part of the overall changes to the solar system, including your planet.
    Know that this solar system will become a binary star system. Thus, we will have a blue white star shining in your solar system, your evolved sun, and a smaller reddish star, Tekoma, that will bring about the beautiful colorful prism of rays to Earth for the 4th dimensional life that will exist on the planet.
    Be at wodakote.
    Primary Andromeda Council Biosphere"

  15. I feel for Mortal kind. Verily, you know naught. As it once was, so shall it be. So very few and far in between know the one and only truth. So very few are prepared for What comes hither... Prepare. Please do. For, there be yet time at hand to do so.

  16. Telescope images captured of the sun on Monday (March 12) show what appears to be a planet-size shadowy object tethered to the sun by a dark filament. In the image sequence, a burst of brightly lit material can be seen erupting from the sun's surface surrounding the dark object, after which the orb detaches from the sun and shoots out into space.

    The footage, a composite of images captured by the Solar Dynamics Observatory and processed by scientists at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, has quickly garnered attention on YouTube, where viewers are suggesting it shows a UFO spacecraft refueling by sucking up solar plasma, or at the very least, the birth of a new planet.

    However, according to NASA scientists, the feature is actually a little-understood, but frequently observed, type of solar activity called a "prominence," and the way it is situated beneath another solar feature gives it its otherworldy appearance. [See video]

    The thread extending from the lower left edge of the sun in the video is known as a "prominence," a feature containing cooler, denser plasma than the surrounding 3.5-million-degree Fahrenheit corona, said Joseph Gurman, project scientist in the Solar Physics Laboratory at NASA Goddard. It isn't yet known exactly how prominences develop, but these dense plasma loops can extend from the sun's surface thousands of miles into space.

  17. Go to select the Image Type EIT 304 and set dates to 2012-03-11 - 2012-03-12. You can see that there has been a solar flare bursting out from that place. The black line is just the decaying flare.

  18. It's a very common solar phenomena but is not captured on film that often. All is explained here:

  19. I will forget the Planet earth size spaceship orb That mass will be highly magnetic.I find this even scary like something that occurs every x thousands years.Imagine when the vortex snap loose.. it could go outward like a helium balloon smashing everything in its path gathering matters all around itself to form a planet. The birth of a new planet i beleve and a shitload of alien tourists watching the event with theirs shades on.
    Peace and respect.

  20. I have been watching for several months now on a daily basis and have notined if you zoom in at around 500% and look at the three thirty position (HOUR HAND POSITION) you will notice a planet sized sphere tha has a dark ring around it.It has been there for months now I have Daily photos of this thing and a lot of other anomalies as well.I have Photo's from 2 seperate dates that show a large planet sized object at the ten o clock position, expeling what appears to be a flame that at scale has to be miles long.There is something wierd happening around the sun,It appears their mining anti-matter or Helium 3 maybe or some thing we don't know about yet.Both elements are theorized fuels which could be used for intergalactic travel.
    See history channel Doc. Series