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Mar 22, 2012

Strange Weird Noises And Houses Shaking Reported In Wisconsin, Oklahoma USA and Vancouver, Canada

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In latest development, beyond 'strange sounds' - widespread Rumbling & houses Shaking in reported in Wisconsin, Oklahoma USA and Vancouver, Canada.

People in multiple states and countries are reporting the ground and their houses shaking and a barn collapsed in association with the rumbles, so obviously this is not just 'strange sounds' phenomena anymore.

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  1. I live in one of the mentioned states, and these noises where a topic at dinner last night.

    My skeptical husband admitted that he had trouble going to sleep because of the ongoing noises on the night of March 19th. He got up from bed at one point to check the weather for possible tornado's in the area. For those who don't know, the sound associated with a nearby tornado is an ongoing hum and as it gets closer, the hum turns to more of a roar. It was storming, however the underlying sound was entirely different than thunder.

    I fell asleep listening to it. It would hum for a minute or two, then stop for a minute or two, then start again, sometimes it would last 3-5 minutes.

    A local Fox news anchor even spoke of it during a live broadcast, 45 miles from where we live. I'm sure that most people will just say it was thunder, but it was too low, and rumbled too long to be thunder.

  2. I live in Oklahoma and I have heard some weird noises around our house. Nothing too strange but a lot of little rumbles. The first night, which was Monday, I started hearing the noises I thought it was thunder since we were getting a lot of rain and thunderstorms. One thunder was so loud it woke me up because I felt the whole house shake. Last night as I was laying down to go to sleep I swore I heard a big truck pull up in our driveway.

    We live out in the country and have a 1/4 a mile long driveway so no one should be showing up in a truck. So I jumped out of bed and ran to the window but there was no truck there. I woke up around 3am and walked into the kitchen to get some water and I kept hearing a rumble. It was real low but I could hear it.

    I walked outside and it went on for a few seconds and then stopped. Nothing too out of the ordinary but watching those videos makes me wonder.

  3. WOW.....that recording of "the sound" is one of the best I have heard. I have heard it myself and that is exactly how it sounded. In person, you can feel it in your chest.

    Even in that video, you can sense that feeling.

  4. I find this interesting. I am in California and not too far from you in Redondo Beach and have been waiting to hear someone from California say they have heard these strange sounds. I personally have not heard them but have to admit that the abundance of people talking about them has me curious.

    If I remember correctly, there were some mass fish deaths in the Redondo Beach area in recent months. I wonder if these mass animal deaths also correlate to the strange sounds being heard.. Has anyone posted a map with both the mass animal deaths and the strange sounds?

  5. Clintonville, Wisconsin sits on both sides of the Pigeon River. The noises have been said to go from the SW to the NE which is perpendicular to the direction of the river flow - the river on the surface.

    Is there water down below moving creating the sounds? No snow pack and warm weather have made the rivers in Wisconsin run early this spring, even that far north. I wonder what's all moving down below.

  6. I live near Dolese in SW OK. By near, I mean around a mile away. There's not much between my house and the gravel mill except pasture and trees. I've noticed a different sound lately, heavier and lower and I can't hear the machinery. Now, I have moved in the last couple months. My old house was just down the road, like 1/4 mile from where I am now. The sound is very different.
    I assume it's the fact that the house I'm in now is much older, and the oldest part of it doesn't really have a foundation. It's like the sound carries differently. But...

    Last night I thought I heard a large truck in my driveway too. I was close to the door and, therefore, the driveway. Nobody there, no cars around. The road is gravel, so any car makes a specific sound; that sound didn't exist when I heard this. There's been several things like this happen. Again, I usually just attribute them to Dolese. Who knows though? It does sound different than normal.

  7. You know, I haven't given much to this rumbling thing......BUT i have heard some rumbles lately that made me think I should check out these threads.

    I live just West/North West of OKC. Last night I heard a rumble, that I thought was an earthquake coming (sounded similar to the EQs we had last winter) except the house wasn't shaking. We also had some thunderstorms in the area, but it didn't quite sound like thunder, even the longer rolls of it we often get. Probably was, but still it was strange enough of a sound it really caught my attention.

    I have heard some other rumbles lately too. Now I am near/under both traffic patterns for actually 3 airports and 1 to 2 Air Force Bases, so usually I just attribute the sounds to that, someone exiting the area and kicking up to full power. But the sounds I have been hearing are longer, more steady, and sound "closer" then the typical jets in the pattern.

    Very strange incidents to say the least.

  8. I live 3 miles north of Santa Rosa New Mexico in the country. About three of four days ago I was home in the middle of the day with the doors open and I heard and felt a rumbling thunder sound that repeated about three times. It was not very loud and if I was in the city or if I had the TV on I probably would not have noticed it. I told my wife about it and then today I heard about what is going on in Wisconsin and it has got me freaked out.

    Any other reports of the thunder like sound in New Mexico?

  9. I live in Las Vegas, NV and I also heard some strange sounds for about a minute earlier today with a slight rumbling. Strange indeed because I thought nothing of it until I read this report.

  10. Strange indeed. i grew up near clintonville and now live an hour south. we've had strange weather this year too. from around 20 degrees and snowy to 80 degrees in two weeks. so maybe it's something to do with the ground being heated too fast...

  11. I live in southern Oklahoma. Last year, I was inside the house and my 9 year old was outside playing. I heard what I thought sounded like a hundred trains rumbling past our house. We live in the country pretty far from the railway. We also live hours from the nearest air base, and since I've lived here we've never had them fly by that close. Anyway, I rushed outside and my son was so freaked out he began running towards me. We stood there for a second, hands over our ears, looking up at the sky waiting for the fleet of airplanes or something to pass by us. It rumbled like that for a good 20 seconds before it faded off like nothing. It happened a few more times last summer, another time waking up my roommate from a xanax sleep.

    She thought we were under attack. We haven't heard anything quite like that since last summer, but recently we've heard blasts and I know for a fact that they are doing drilling in our area for oil. I've seen the geokinetics trucks on our road, and watched them do cable drops with their helicopters.

  12. same going on here in the Uk for last few days on & off..

  13. Clintonville had a town meeting last night. A Geologist from a University was on the news and ruled out the 'frost quakes' theory.

  14. I live in Lebanon Tn. Shortly after noon today my house shook and there was a rumbling noise. Sounded like the noise coming from blasting rock. Don't think there's any of that in our area, but who knows???

  15. It's the end of the world as we know it....

  16. its punch effect of an hummers when stationary above ground and creates boom sound and shaking when it flies away:)

  17. I live in the bay area in calif (north bay, for those familiar with the area) and have experienced this rumbling; early march sat night/ early morn, 3am, shook the house-jolted it, so to speak, and was rather short-lived. Quick, like 2-3 seconds. And woke up 2 others sleeping in the house (I was already up watching a movie). I've seen these articles and it immediately reminded me of this experience. Wired bc it's really not an earthquake technically. I searched local news reports for an earthquake that night/ morning and nothing, no reports of such...I've been in a lot of earthquakes here in california and this definitely was not one (for example, the ground did not move the same as an earthquake, different kind of shake too)...interesting to see all the folks world wide sharing this common experience.

  18. I'm in Queens, NYC and back in October around 6am I was headed to work an heard a sound similar to the one in the second video. It was quiet outside, no cars, nothing going on and it sounded like it was coming from everywhere. I kept looking for a con edison truck working on a gas main, or any type of vehicle/generator as i walked towards the train. Strangest thing was I kept expecting the sound to get louder or softer as I either walked towards or away from the source. It stayed the same volume. I didnt think much about it agin until I started seeing posts on here about it. Normally I have a healthy skepticism, but I experienced this myself. It's definitely an actual phenomina.

  19. I live in Perth, Western Australia, and after reading for months on this site I was amazed to finally here something for myself. Two weeks ago, as I woke up at around 9am, instantly I could hear what sounded like a passing plane, thought nothing of it. Once I noticed it was still constant 5 mins later, I turned off the fan for a better listen. It was loud enough for me to go outside and check it out and it sounded almost exactly like the "strange rumblings in Oklahoma sky" video, but quieter. Like the sound you get when you make a flamethrower with a deodorant can. But with more low bass frequencies. Without sounding too cliché, the sound literally felt like I was looking right at the source (in the sky 35 degrees up and about 1km away). It lasted for hours, like I could hear every car in the city all at once. I know it was weird for sure because I'm in the same bedroom and I've heard nothing but silence since.

  20. Bellevue wa, my room has been shaking for about a year, almost every night,my bed is on solid bricks,in garage convert room, concrete floor,Drilling?

  21. In North Dakota. Have also heard large rumbles a few times in the last month that sound like something hitting the house, like a basketball, or a gunshot. Much louder than any other sounds I've heard living in my house 5 years. It's scary, but after reading these posts and understanding the high amount of oil drilling currently going on in our state, it seems they may be related...? In states where drilling has been common for a while, does this get worse? I thought I was going crazy...


  23. The earth's crust is under stress from a polar shift that will occur. This is a world wide thing that's going on and not from drilling. Chemical, refineries, nuke plants and nukes will cause pollution. Volcanos will blackened our sky choke out the sun and the ocean will wash our lands. I guess the end is getting closer. No bunker will save you and time will erase what we have done to this planet. Peace be with you...

  24. I'm in Texas north of Dallas, we've been hearing and feeling the rumbling here as well. I seem to notice it more during late night hours. We live in a rural area on 140 acres, also with long driveway and also are often awakened by what sounds like a truck sitting outside. I can never determine the direction where the sound/feeling is coming from; its like being completely surrounded. It also usually continues for 3-5 minutes, what is it that it can be the same in so many different places around the world???? It is beginning to creep me out :(

  25. Yes, your right, its not just strange sounds anymore, finally we can say its an earth quake or a tremor! Whew, glad we finally got that out of the way! subject! Still this does not prove anything, and the flock (weak minds) are following like they should be. The worst part is, how stupid you will feel when this simply dissapears off of the radar.

  26. Dont get creeped out with th world, get creeped out with the US and the UK! As in my country, I have close family members in all major cities of the states of my country, who I regularly talk to, except for one state. Since this has started some time last year, I have been asking my family members about them experiencing what is described in these reports, and not one has felt or heard what is described in these reports!....the funny part is, UFOBlogger claims my country has experienced it!

    30 15 26.20"N 36 19 28.59"W

  28. I have been hearing this sound since moving here (20 mins south from San Francisco) from Upstate NY March of 2011. I have only heard it at night, the earliest being 10-11 PM and the latest being 4 AM . I used to record what time it would happen, and approximately how long, and I found absolutely no discernible pattern. I would hear them every night, then not hear it for a week. I have done hours and hours of research and this phenomenon is worldwide. Even in cases that were studied throughly after eliminating traffic sounds, tinnitus and other factors, there is still no answer (from wisegeek dot com). Last night was the first time I’ve heard it more than two times in a night, with a total of 8 or so about 20-40 minutes apart, sustained noise for 2-4 minutes, and it worries me. Not cool. It’s honestly freaking me the h*ll out. It did before, but last night really, really made it hard to sleep. Now, I’m not a paranoid person by nature, but since this is so widespread and unexplainable, d*mn right I’m concerned.

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