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Mar 27, 2012

Sun Pyramid UFO - NASA Removed, Sun SOHO Picture Browser Webpage

Earlier we had documented, down below images showing a gigantic coronal hole in the Sun, with the perfect shape of a triangle, were uploaded on NASA SDO website:

We had also mentioned that It's was not just a glitch as it was PERFECT triangle-shaped coronal hole, which appeared in all spectrum of graphics and images and was must be VERY important because NASA had highlighted it as well: 

But now in latest development, NASA removed the Sun SOHO picture browser webpage.

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  1. I am part of an organization they call the 300 keepers. Pyramids will all align on December 21st and a mass Ufo invasion will happen. It will start in the midwest then spread to all the major cities. This will be ongoing for 3 weeks. So be sure to have gold and silver to barter for food and water. Think people why is the price of gold going up and dollar falling, and you see all these commercials targeted at taking your gold for your worthless dollar. Wake up.

    Member 145 1956 inducted

  2. Really they can just remove stuff and nobody holds them accountable??? Where is the reporters doing a story on that? Oh I guess they are to busy worrying about what's snookie's baby is gonna come out looking like. The world is full of sheep.

  3. Big Fuckin Deal....

  4. NASA wants to hide the fact that the Andromeda council exists.

  5. @Anonymous@ 300 Keepers. You're a crackpot!

  6. @Anonymous

    Gold prices are rising because it is an alternative investment good for oil. With our economy based on nominal value dropping, gold is the best choice that's why.

    And if what you are saying is not going to happen, we all be lookng for you and spank you!

    Btw I still think that pyramid is something natural

  7. @Anonymous
    Wouldn't it be better if people stock food and water? What would someone do with gold and silver in a dominated world?

  8. member 145, you sir...are fucked in the head.

  9. I personally believe that this is nothing more than a computer glitch or a genuine problem that they had.

    The images are still available on the NASA SOHO website if you search for the date 20120314.

    For example:

    If it is indeed a cover-up as you are implying, then they are doing a very very poor job about it.

  10. our dollar bill has no value because the federal reserve keeps printing cash with nothing to back it up. that has nothing to do with aliens and everything to do with man being greedy and stupid, im afraid.

  11. Big fuckin deal?? Lol I hope the third person to comment was being sarcastic. Either that or you haven't seen the original video. I'd say it could be a pretty big fuckin deal

  12. well they may have removed it because too many people were getting excited . we never get the truth from any government

  13. Natural formation. Nothing unusual at all. Pareidolia...

  14. I am also a member of the 300 keepers,the alignment is a fact, on December 21 unfortunately aliens will invade earth,but 3 days into battle members of our sister planet will force them back into their dimension through the time portal
    in which they will send their ships.fear no evil.

    Member 177 1960 inducted

  15. Alright my Precious Fear-Mongers, you can relax. ETs are already here and have been here for many thousands of years. There is no imminent, upcoming invasion. There are forces over-seeing this planet--a free-will zone--that are more powerful than you can imagine, and though certain things are allowed here (in keeping with humans obtaining there needed lessons at university Gaia) other things are most decidedly NOT, such as nuclear annihilation (or it would've happened decades ago), and other more technologically advanced cultures taking over Earth. OR THAT TOO WOULD'VE HAPPENED LONG AGO, n'est ce pas? If you guys believe that you have this upcoming scenario firmly in mind, why wouldn't the actual players also know the outcome of it, and if so, why would they then need to play it out? There are no foregone conclusions but one: THE LIGHT WILL PREVAIL.

  16. @Anonymous

    Not sure about the gold and silver bit . . . but I sure would wear my brown trousers!

  17. Here is an answer from Tolec of the ( about this spherical shape seen from the sun and I quote.

    What is this new thing in front of the sun we've been seeing from space in recent days, this big black triangle?

    ANSWER: It is an interdimensional portal, an entrance & exit point, a gateway for interdimensional ships to come into our solar system's space and watch everything that is going on here. Very simple.

  18. @AnonymousI three am a member of the 300 keepers. Fear not. On December 21, the Green Lanterns will come to Earth to protect us!

    Member 123 2012 Inducted

  19. testing, testing ...can you read my communication , this is the emperor of the galagtic krrrrww 300 keepers krrrww### gay cult krwwwc we have made a portal through the rectum of your sun and
    we look forward to bumming , i mean meeting you all..

  20. @Anonymous

    Dont worry about food, water, etc. Just stay in good shape and practice sexual rituals via tantra. Study Jericho Sunfire and other breatharian videos very well and accept self-responsibility and immortality.

    The free energy devices will be based on the pyramid's ratios. Watch the rulers of the world avalon video at 1:45:00 to the end if you dont believe me.

    Anyone who wants domination over others cannot love, this is the tantric's realization: As Samael Aun Weor says: A civilization that is not serpentine is not a civilization at all. So stop worrying about the end of the world and accept you dont need a damn thing to live, only yourself and your love of self and other humans, and enjoy everyday no matter what happens. DO NOT fight over food or women.

    What is left to fight for, then?