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Mar 30, 2012

UFOs Filmed Over Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, Nevada, US

According to youtube video poster "Watch the WHOLE video! It gets really crazy at the 2:30-3:00 minute mark! At 2:58 you'll see an AMAZING pattern! In the first 1:30"

The event I captured in down below video changed my life forever. More and more these exact same sightings have been popping up all over the world! I can share similar videos with you upon request. We are NOT alone. The governments of the WORLD have lied to us for YEARS! In today's world full of technology, iphones, ipads, pocket recorders etc, the truth is coming out, but on our own terms. Soon, world governments will have no choice but to disclose what they know.

This event took place on March 21st 2012 over Las Vegas BLVD. Nevada is without question littered with UFO activity. Especially as of late.

Watch how the orbs move. Watch how they interact with each other. Some even dart off at amazingly high speeds. Study this video and you'll find these orbs making patterns and forming several triangle shapes.

This video is the REAL DEAL. I ask that ALL of you start paying more attention to the sky. And please share any similar experience with me. There's a lot of weird freaky shit going on that can no longer be ignored.

He added : UFOs lasted more than 2 hours in the same spot so definitely not planes.


  1. Based on the Youtube replies, it seems that a lot of Las Vegas residents have seen this lights in the sky and many have called the government for explanation. They are always told that they are bats! These will be glowing bats if the authorities to be believed.

  2. i live in Las Vegas, NV for over 26 years born and raised and our native bats really don't fly that high and they stay close to their desert mountain homes due to so much construction of new homes. The bats are more pushed away from the Las Vegas strip and more towards the surrounding mountains of Las Vegas valley.. this footage in this video doesn't surprise me at all.. i recall seeing a lot of "skyfish" or so called flying rods around June 2011 Lake Mead, Boulder City, NV in broad daylight. UFO's and E.T's are like gay men in the closet, just come out already lol

  3. Yet another blurry video.
    Are we ever going to see a clear UFO video?
    One more thing: if the govs dont want us to know the truth, then they are stronger than extraterrestrials, obviously more successful in covering it up than the little green in showing up themselves.

  4. couldnt agree more ...the govt seems to be more powerful than we previously imagined....we thought that some day we will see the full disclousure....but i dont see tat comming any time soon.....!!!!!!

  5. These patterns they make like the triangle and other formations they make are trying to tell us something. in another video the lights were just like this and also they were forming patterns,triangle patterns in a line going at an angle up toward space. I have seen them in 1975(silver craft) when I was a kid and 1997(yellow/orange light. they are more numerous now in a time that our sun and planet are going through a change.
    Thanks for sharing what may be a message by them that we do not understand now but may be decoded once we begin to understand their way of communication
    Again thanks for this coverage

  6. great video. looking at the youtube comments i was a little disappointed by all the negative comments. its not easy to fake this type of footage, you have to get the camera tracking right, the grading right etc. its really hard to pull it off looking authentic so if anyone out there thinks this footage is faked, reproduce it and show us how easy it is.... secondly, how can you prepare to record an unplanned event, take a tripod is a comment that really makes me smile. ok, so we are going to see a show in las vagas i think i'm going to take a camera tripod just incase i see multiple ufos........give me a break. this video is great, and i personally thank the individual who filmed this for sharing it. we need more of this guys, start pointing your cameras upwards and start sky watching, i think something big is coming down and we need to be prepared.

  7. Beware of remote control illuminated kites. Clever prank.

  8. The one question that always bugs me is why if there are bases on mars, UFOs etc. are the governments covering it up? Are they protecting us? Enprisoning us, making us think earth is our only home? Making us feel alone? Or part of something even bigger? Who knows

  9. Those lights are being seen over the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The Luxor is the pyramid shaped hotel named after the city Luxor in Egypt. I have been to Las Vegas several times and have seen those same lights in the the beam of light that shoots into the night sky from the top of the pyramid shaped Hotel. If you go to Las Vegas you will see them too. No one seems to notice or seems to care. I thought it was amazing the first time I saw it...after a while it just became a normal occurrence. Not sure what it is.

  10. In the dead of night "remote controlled illuminated kites" <-- Really?!? How does one pull off the risky maneuvers at lower altitude let alone where these look to be located? If they were anything but self-contained/operated vehicles they would have come crashing down (if they were being remotely controlled). Unless it was an optical illusions of them being so close but then you also have to hope somebody looks up at just the right time to film it.... So I say if it is a fake it is most likely the one that recorded the video and if not then it is not a fake.

  11. nellis afb 5 miles north .lol nuff said

  12. Let me first say I do believe some U.F.O sightings are out of this world.
    However I have seen these remote controlled Ufo flying toys that light up in different colors and do some pretty amazing stuff.
    The first time I saw one was at Burningman back in 2005.
    I just saw these things recently by thunder valley casino a few months ago. Look them up I dont know if these are the exact ones but they are like these. Everytime I have seen these in the night sky its always some group trying to give a spectacle. Let me tell you they are pretty convincing though.
    Notice the l.e.ds...

  13. Happens every night over the Luxor light. Been here my whole life. It's a night bird that eats the bugs that are attracted to the high beam light. I'm into UFO s and wish it was a real sighting but it's not. From where he's standing and pointing the camera he's looking right towards the Luxor. You ll notice the lights are brighter right down the middle of the screen where the beam shots up and they fade as they drift out. Down on the strip you can hardly notice the light beam anymore cause the surrounding lights are so bright, but if u go out of town you can really see its power