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Apr 26, 2012

2012 US Election Fraud : Obama Puppeteer,George Soros Buys Company That Will Count US Election Votes

For anyone who is reading our site regular will know that we have already written a article about "Hacking Democracy Via EVM : Your Vote May Not Count!"

In latest disturbing development, SCYTL is the name of the Barcelona-based company that now owns the rights to count most of the votes in the upcoming US Election. 

Obama gave SCYTL company his blessing to provide their 'secure' voting services to the US Electoral process. It isn't bad enough that a foreign company will count the votes, but that company was just bought by one of Obama's puppet masters George Soros. 

From The Western Center for Journalism in a piece entitled, "Spanish Company Will 'Count' American Votes Overseas In November,' they state the following in this excerpt:

"When the Spanish online voting company SCYTL bought the largest vote processing corporation in the United States, it also acquired the means of manufacturing the outcome of the 2012 election. For SOE, the Tampa based corporation purchased by SCYTL in January, supplies the election software which records, counts, and reports the votes of Americans in 26 states–900 total jurisdictions–across the nation. ..." Find the rest of the article @ www.westernjournalism.com

And if that doesn't make you squirm, George Soros is closely associated w/one of Obama's biggest contributors who, himself, is involved with SCYTL, the company that is going to count the votes!! Keep reading.

"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. 
Those who count the votes decide everything." -- 
Joseph Stalin
From: It Makes Sense Blog, (www.itmakessenseblog.com) they allege that,

"GEORGE SOROS WILL CONTROL YOUR VOTES IN THE UP COMING PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION -- Follow the bouncing ball on the criminal corruption ruse of your USA votes.

1.) The Obama Government has outsourced the counting of votes for the 2012 election. But since WHEN does the nation need to outsource a task as uncomplicated and straightforward as vote-counting?

2.) Obama outsorced the counting to a Tampa Florida company, named SOE, that had previously been used to administer the vote counting process for over 500 American jurisdictions.

3.) But recently, SOE software has now been sold to a company named SCYTL, owned by George Soros, headquartered in Spain.

4.) The votes will go to SCYTL, the question becomes as to WHY Must local votes for each precinct will be downloaded to SCYTL’s main server – leaving no TRACEABLE record of how many, and what votes were scored! Which of course means that said votes will be MERGED; and any discrepancies at lower levels will be IMPOSSIBLE to track.

5.) But wait, it gets murkier: SCYTL is shadow owned by Pere Valles, a former CEO of Global Net; who just HAPPENS to have been a maximum level contributor to the Obama Campaign in 2008. Not surprisingly, Valles is also has contacts with Media Matters, a communication consortium owned by: George Soros.

6.) Now the bad news: according to the “Black Box” voting site, this centralizes one “middleman” access point for over 525 voting jurisdictions: (AL, AZ, CA, CO, DC, FL, KY, MI, KS, IL, IN, NC, NM, MN, NY, SC, TX, UT, WA. – and growing)." The rest of the article is a click away.

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  1. What the hell does this have to do with UFO's?

    1. Information like this always help to make people aware about whats really going on in our world. Great Job UB

  2. The sad part about everything is that we all see this shit going on.. Everybody knew Ron Paul would win if not for the corrupt system. He said: Its treason to speak truth in a country of lies.

  3. Wow we are going 3rd world. This si depressing. Stalin was right.

  4. Given the 'quality' of the GOP offering, Obama won't need to commit any fraud to win the elections.

  5. A bit off topic here, but if London 2012 was to be 'zion'. Then why would they make the olympics logo be easily rearrangeable to spell the word 'zion'? I mean if it was so secretive then why would they make it stand out and be so obvious something will happen in London 2012. In my opinion this and most things are just psychological operations against us, the truthseekers. This is just another psy ops like Elenin was ( in my opinion).

  6. Rael is right. we are on our way to a new world order. soon our eyes will be opened.

  7. Its strange, and I may be wrong, but has history has taught us, that one to three families have always lead us, always were our leaders and they always made their fortunes by oppressing us.

    For example all, it has been proven all US presidents up to now, are related by blood. My bloodline is in the US, and have been since the discovery of America and they have did some great things including inventing some device still in use in every home today, as well as made other great accomplishments through out history. But none of my bloodline has ever been president.

    These people own the labs which produces our vaccines and medication and they do not tell us of natural remedies, due to them not being able to make money off it; they own the tabloids and dictate what we see on the news; they own major shares in the banks of the world; they dictate who will be president of the US, and they sponsor all political parties, basically backing all horses in the race; etc.

    I think its a pretty safe assumption to assume one particular group, made up of possibly several families, is basically ruling the entire planet, through one way or another. Basically the planet is already ruled by one government.

    It would also be safe to assume that these are the people who intentionally leaked a story of a one world government (NWO) and provided solid evidence, to hide the fact that the planet is already under the rule of a one one world goverment.


    1. @AcesHigh I totally could not agree more.

  8. This has nothing to do with UFO"S...but the Republicans have done this before and I personally do not care...as long as Mitt Romeny does not get elected and we can kick the tea party out of Washington

  9. @Anonymous

    Dude you are SUCH a moron!

  10. @Anonymous

    Uuuuuh. Little fact. Obama's Grandfather that raised him is related by BLOOD to Bush Jr. and Sr. and to James Madison, just point out a few. OH MY GOODNESS, doesn't that mean, being the grandchild of a man related to former Presidents of the USA, that he too must have the same blood. You are so full of your own crap, you actually believe it. Sad. You need to read both sides of the argument instead of only reading what supports your naive bias.

  11. @Anonymous Hate the constitution huh?

  12. @Anonymous

    I also believe Ron Paul would have won if someone wasnt stealing the votes. I was thinking it was the GOP because they so obviously hate Ron Paul. But they are both sides obviously alike so perhaps this Soros company that owns these machines are working on behalf of global interests and not either party. They just couldnt have Ron Paul spoiling their party.

  13. Obama is the worst thing that could happen to this country: Deceiving, inept, unexperienced, with a hidden agenda. His objectives are the advancement of the radical left interests: destroy businesses, nationalize them, reject religion, specially Christianism, make the people dependent on the government, diminish America's power in the world, and perpetuate the rule by the redical left.

    In an era when even the "communist/socialist" countries are trying to move to some form of "capitalism" b/c Marx & Engels failed as philosophers / economists, this "genius" Obama's only solution is to move US towards socialism, centralized government controlled planning? Gimme a break!!!

    Obama himself said in Feb 2009 that his presidency would be “one-term proposition” if the economy did not recover in three years, so let's take him to his word, and after 4 years of his inflexible failing policies, let's vote him out of office!

    We shouldn't have in office someone who associate with the most radicals, the communists, the marxists, terrorists. We shouldn't have in office someone who consumed and knew who distribute illegal drugs. We Americans need to grab some pride in our country and set our hopes for someone hetter. We have 200 years of excelling at the greatest progress humanity has ever seen. We will not sell out our future to Obama the welfare president! We can do better than that! In the next election take your country back, vote for Mitt Romney!

  14. You ppl are loons and to damn concerned with conspiracy theories to think for yourselves...Your a**** should've voted Bush out of office and all of this nonsense wouldn't have happened---how stupid can you be??? YOUR NOT CONCERNED WITH THE ECONOMY /YOUR CONCERNED WITH RACE e_e...

  15. Well here we all sit screwed! Some places with a 90+% Republican majority all decided to vote Democrat? I believe voter fraud on massive scale has just been perpetrated on the American people. Numbers are being crunched and things just aren't adding up. Mitt Romney may well have won the election but these voting machines owned by George Sorros could have easily been manipulated tomgive Obama his votes. I don't know how this could ever be proved and it looks like America is going to face dark times ahead.

  16. mother fuckers