Apr 20, 2012

NASA Viking Found Alien Life on Mars Back in 1976 Says, Scientist

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For anyone who is reading our site regular will know that we have already written a article about "By Law NASA Is NOT Allowed To Tell The Truth

Latest on NASA coverup, a new study exposed the fact that NASA had discovered the alien life on Mars — several decades ago. A team of scientists claim one of the early Mars lander missions actually found life, but the data was misinterpreted at the time.

"They say they found bacteria when searching data collected 30 years ago by NASA's Viking mars robot. Researchers say that what scientists thought was simple geology is actual bacterial activity."

The Viking mission was the first to show conclusive evidence of water on Mars, but they also looked for evidence of life in soil samples.
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  1. Hmm" Not a surprise

  2. Well if they were looking at soil samples... I doubt there would be any "little green men" hiding in the dirt.