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May 26, 2012

BBC Confirmed Planet - X Is In Our Solar System

Last week we had reported, Brazilian Astronomer claims there's a rogue planet hidden behind Neptune and later on how American Astronomical Society tried to censor the information by wiping out the name of the speaker from the list of invited speakers from their website. read more

Today one of our online reader sent us the down below video, in which BBC had also confirmed that Planet - X is in our solar system too.


  1. Great! Thank you for sharing. Finally some good news

  2. Is not that nibiru move in to are solar system...we,earth and are solar we all shifting on a new dimention..we also may see more planets round earth and pretty close like the moon ,ones we do the complete shift ...if you do some meditation every day for at less will see,and feel all kinds of things sush the planetary shift..

  3. @Anonymous

    Uh yeah, I'm good on the meditation garbage. Nothing like inviting the demons right into your playground.

    1. Thous demons you sow are thous one making you not to belive on your naturly..but one they let go to your body and quit feeding them negetive energy you will see,feel, the truth you wakee uup dawg,i got you here to help,one love,love one we all one..11.11

  4. @Anonymous

    I want NO part in feeling the energy you are allowing are playing with the beast. You one with everything crowd are abusing your pride...