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May 26, 2012

NASA Spotted Gigantic Sphere UFO Near Sun, While Deflecting Solar Eruption

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Now in latest development yet again, a gigantic sphere UFO near sun while deflecting solar eruption spotted by NASA.



    1. Hilarious bro. If they are images spotted by NASA cameras, then they are Images spotted by NASA. Whether they acknowledge it or not is another story.

    2. The mayas are coming back.....they told me on my dreams. ..they coming back to helps us make it in to the new shift 5th d..but also they will protect us from the being that are already in earth....

  2. @ Anonymous 1, when are you going to awaken from your slumber of sleep? WAKE UP!!!

  3. And that is more mature calling someone autistic?
    My daughter is autistic, and is very smart and can do sign. Witch must adults can't even do!

    As for NASA finding this...I don't think so...that would lead to admiting the hole supernatural phenomenon. Witch we all know they won't come out and say so.

  4. @Anonymous NASA probably did see it and as usual say nothing, there is quite clearly an object there it maybe an illusion but it is there visually on the clip quite plain to see. I recomend you get an eye test as you also type in caps! and while your there research Autism, my Daughter is autistic and she as bright as that sun, shame about you though

  5. Space is teething with life, ufo's have been visting here for thousand of years and that goes for other planets, i'm sure they use the sun for energy, came to think of it, there probably doctoring all the planets around us.

  6. @AnonymousNASA Never A Stright Answer

  7. the usual explanation for this is coronal cavity with a sphere at the top of the filament. Which is why he mentioned he was puzzled why the sphere deflected that thing back instead of dissipating outwards.

  8. Nobody knows shit unless u really experience it u amatures ..only squares nd idiots dont believe in UFOz I spotted one right above me in Mexico when I was on vacation..scary but A*mazing ;-)

  9. Aliens are able to traverse great distances in space by "folding" space. This requires an enormous amount of energy. You see the "spheres" connecting to the sun ( a discharge) right before they disappear, and then you see a huge solar flair. They somehow, harness the suns energy to enable them to fold space. Clearly, there is no room for error. The question is to me, do they need the same power output when appearing at point "B"? If so, then they probably travel from star to star. They probably don't just appear in the middle of space, but probably, right next to another star. A little like the way they "jump" from point A to B in Battlestar Gallactica.