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May 6, 2012

Sun UFO - Jupiter Size Doughnut-shape Spaceship Photographed BY NASA - STEREO

Sun UFO - Jupiter Sized Doughnut-shaped Spaceship Photographed BY NASA - STEREO

Earlier this week we had reported "Giant UFO Mothership Near The Sun Photographed By NASA SOHO"

In past we had also documented :

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Now in another exciting development, on May 2, 2012  NASA STEREO photographed down below image; in which you can see a gigantic Jupiter size doughnut-shape spaceship near sun.

STEREO data suggest UFO was there from May 2, 2012 [Time Stamp - 19:15:40] to May 3, 2012 [Time Stamp - 23:55:40]. UFO is still there but from may 4 onwards NASA distorted the UFO from STEREO images.

Image of the solar corona, taken by the SECCHI inner coronagraph (COR1) on the STEREO Behind observatory on May 2, 2012 at 23:50:40 UT.
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STS-75 1996 Tether UFO Incident:

NASA's STS 75 Columbia Space Shuttle Tether Science Mission TSS-1R launched on February 22, 1996 from Kennedy Space Center Florida. The orbital altitude was 160 nautical miles with a mission duration of 15 days, 17 hours, 41 minutes, 25 seconds and a distance of 6.5 million miles traveled.

The payload deployed was an Italian built Tether designed to gather data on voltage generated across the Tether while in the ionosphere. During the operation the Tether snapped from the Shuttle on day three just short of full deployment of it's 12.8 mile length Tether causing it to speed away from the orbiter. The Tether moving through the ionosphere became electrically charged with as much as 3,500 volts or 480 milliamps drawing the attention of UFO's orbiting the Earth.

Very large UFO passing by and then behind the 12-mile long tether on filmed after the tether break on STS-75, Februay 25, 1996. The video camera was being operated by astronaut Claude Nicolier Photo of the STS-75 mission showing a UFO and the tether.

Note that the tether is between 77-100 nautical miles away from the shuttle Columbia. The tether is 12 miles long. The UFOs all pass "behind" the tether which allows us to view and measure their minimum sizes. Some are 2-3 miles minimum diameter

Down below image showing NASA - STEREO and STS - 75 1996 UFO


  1. As anyone else noticed that Lasco C2 + 3 haven't been updating since the 3rd?

    Does any one else find this odd. Also the gif movies stop on the 3rd too :|

  2. @Anonymousthe same too something is hiding

  3. @Anonymous

    Would the berkley images ordinarily be up to date?

  4. that object is still there.

    and the caption under the picture says
    Image of the solar corona, taken by the SECCHI inner coronagraph (COR1)
    on the STEREO Behind observatory on May 7, 2012 at 07:05:39 UT.
    This image was produced from the STEREO space weather beacon telemetry.
    Because of the high amount of compression used for the space weather beacon,
    the image quality is far lower than in the final science product.


    3rd of may there was no problem with the images? and starting from 5th of may images get blurry. All of a sudden there happens to be a compression problem with the images?
    You can see that object is still there....
    and images are blurry for 2 days...
    correct me if I'm wrong. Do they always upload blurry images at first and then change them with the high resolution ones?

  5. Even if this is "real", that is, a physical object as opposed to some weird glitch or graphics artifact, please stop calling the thing "jupiter-sized" when there is no indication of its size. Since there is no reference (unlike with the tether incident, where the reference allows us to deduce a size of a couple of miles, which is fantastic enough) the object, if object indeed it is, could be mite-sized and centimeters away from the probe's camera, or it could be huge and far away from the probe. Thing is, there's no way to tell.

    What we CAN say with some certainty is that it's NOT Jupiter-sized: if it was, I reckon we'd be able to see it sit next to the sun with our bare eyes. A jupiter-sized object at a distance of only 1 AU from us, and right next to the sun, would be biggish and really, really bright. Heck, Jupiter itself is farther away and in the opposite direction and see how bright that is (at night).

    So I know you want to sensationalize everything even further, but there's a point where it just starts being ridiculous and fodder for debunkers who call everybody involved with UFOs morons who want to believe and therefore believe everything. Don't give them that fodder. Thank you.

  6. @india cognito most time is up to date if something happen they will stop working 1-2 days but this time already 4 days

  7. I have noticed that some of the later more recent stereo images are much lower in resolution as if to hide something

  8. Any one notice that this object looks exactly the same as the objects that were video taped flying around the nasa tether years back.

  9. Does anyone know if the images are taken with a mirror type lens? this would explain the dounut shape and the hole in the middle. in photography they call it circles of confusion.

  10. @Anonymous

    Always latest 3 days are blurry coz information is compressed and just first part of it (beacon mode) is avaliable.
    After 3 days whole pacage of info. is finnaly decompressed and then u get nice sharp picture

  11. I don't think it's a mirror lens error, as this doesn't really account for the notch that appears to be missing & if you have seen these in real time, you would notice that the inner part appears to be rotating.
    They look more like giant space lifeforms, as the shape isn't perfect enough to be a 'spacecraft'. If you build or manufacture a spacecraft you would, I expect, try to make it as perfectly shaped as possible. The pictures shown are of objects that are not perfectly shaped in my opinion.
    It's possible it's the same photographed object as in the tether incident years back, but at a different wavelength, as you can see the middle part is not shown.

  12. This new ufo seen near the sun... not only looks like the tether ufo but in my opinion looks a lot like the unidentified object in the baltic sea...

  13. @Anonymous
    So if it wasn't in beacon mode it would send without compressing them?