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May 24, 2012

UFO Filmed Over Blue Springs, Missouri, USA

BLUE SPRINGS, MO May 24, 2012 - People in the area say in the past two weeks they have seen multi-colored lights in the sky, and the Missouri UFO Network is now conducting its own investigation. The video of these orbs hovering is causing quite the debate in Blue Springs and is the topic of discussion in the quiet suburb.

Robert Kover first noticed it two weeks ago and went down to get a closer look. He was confronted by a neighbor who thought he was spying on women, until he handed her his binoculars.

"I showed her the star that [was] in the sky, just to get somebody else's perspective on it, and they said they had never seen anything like it before," Kover said.

Becky Neely said it was vibrating red, green and blue lights.

"It was like nothing I've ever seen before, but with binoculars we could see it fairly well, and it was off in the distance," Neely said.

Teresa Price saw it twice. The first time was the same night Kover and Neely did, and she noticed it again when she was walking her dogs the following week. However, the second time things were even more bizarre.

"It was up in the sky and then it just dropped and stayed stationary in that lower position," Price said.


  1. Its been a good while since I've seen a ufo vid that looks this legit, whatever it is.

  2. I've seen the same thing they see in the video. I live in Southeast Georgia. I don't know if it's a UFO or not, all I saw was a dot in the sky with the stars but one was flashing exactly like in the video.

  3. Not sure the story is really all together. seems pretty sketchy, could even go so far as to say "that's Venus and these hicks don't know it" lol

  4. I remember seeing the exact same thing several years ago in central Florida.

    I didn't need a telescope or binoculars to see it. It was larger than any of the other stars in the sky. The flicker rate was fast and I never saw it move. It was up in the night sky for several days.

  5. Not Sure .. @Anonymous

    Well the same can be said for many UFO videos and reports. It is easy to discredit them based on the observers. Ultimately i think you can watch as many videos as you can find but still be left unconvinced.

    You have to go back and study the literature and early reports to really come to a measured conclusion. People need to read more.

    I've always believed that UFOs are connected to our consciousness in some way that we still don't fully understand.

  6. I've seen something similar lately here in Florida. Could it be Serius?

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  8. I'm from California and I also seeing strangle glowing Orb like lights .. At first I thought It was a planet but kept changing colors too so maybe we're ooking at a UFO ... What if they are trying to communicate with us?

  9. () sky watcher5/27/2012 06:29:00 PM

    i live in mn and had been seeing the same thing in the sky for a while now !! i have seen post on other sights about it as well. i also think there may have been another like this one on this sight.
    would really like to know what it is, very cool that so many other sky watchers have seen the same thing !!

  10. Two nights in a row I and others in my neighborhood saw a red thing in the sky the first night we saw it west of us and look as of it was falling to earth. The second night at the same time my grandson and I saw it north east of my house and it was closer it look like a flame in the sky and the it took off across the sky and went the same place it did the night before. It took a couple if pics with my cell but it just like a bright dot. Does anyone out there know what this is??? I live in southern Indiana close to the Ohio River 50 miles from Ecansville.

  11. I saw one above the intersection of 50 hey and 7 hey right above a big gas station there I think that's blue springs only this one wasn't an orb this one had rotating lights triple Decker & the lights were squarish and colorful