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May 2, 2012

UFO Picture - UFO Photographed Over Peru

Down below UFO/Ovni was photographed on April 23, 2012 over Peru. 

Close up :


  1. Nice blurry dot, did it poop on you when it flew over?

  2. When I enlarge the picture, the object looks more cylinder. Could it have been a beer can thrown into the air?

  3. does seem legit seems way to rectangular seems shopped

  4. For Chist sake! its the sun! when over exsposed it turns black.

  5. I suggest we introduce another set of objects: BUFO which would stand for Blurry Unidentified Flying Object.
    In those terms, we have an invasion of BUFOs in last few years, culminating in 2012.

    Also, we have invasion of IFOs, which are identified flying objects, as they are all seen as alien aircraft, therefore identified.

    Finally, for those traditional believers, I recommend we leave the term UFO, for all those human made aircraft that flies too high so a mobile phone cant picture it properly, so it remains unindentified.

    Statler & Waldorf

  6. It always amazes me how people don't like their cameras

  7. @AnonymousWhen it is enlarged, I see vertical lines on both sides. Also what are the 'dots' around the object.
    You could be right, it could have been 'shopped'.
    I am not sceptical as I do believe, but there have been so many hoaxes.

  8. artifact in the picture created by the sun :)

    Train by day ! Joe Rogan Podcast by night ! ALL DAY !

  9. I'm a film maker/photographer/ufo investigator and iv had ufo/saucer sightings, the ones that cant be explained. i think this can.. sometimes depending on the camera, when pointing directly at the sun, it will give a sharp black lens flair/dot! if you look closely, the dot is inline with a faint "flair ray". so maybe that's all this is.. peace

  10. I'am a true UFO believer, but this is as convincing as a fly on a beach.
    No where near convincing, nore a UFO in my opinion.