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Jun 12, 2012

Baltic Sea UFO A Hoax After All?

Earlier we had reported:

200-foot wide unidentified object at the bottom of the Baltic Sea

Another UFO Spotted In Baltic Sea

Russia, US Forces Blocking The Crash Site 

Definitely Something Unusual Hiding At Seabed Says Search Team 

Baltic UFO : Everything Is Top Secret Now, Says Search Team

Just a quick update with some new developments that’s been causing havoc on the Ocean X Team’s Facebook page, which has seen a lot of non-moderated activity in the last couple of days. 

Moderators stepped in quickly today though when a local long-time professional marine archaeological diver — a resident of Norrtälje, where the Ancylus is moored — posted a picture of her son on the Ancylus bridge together with a comment that read along the lines of “no no, the anomaly is surely not a UFO.” The photo and comment were quickly deleted.

Viral marketing 101 — control the flow of information!



  1. Hello,

    I am the person who wrote this post on Facebook.
    Please, could you just mask the names on this capture ?

    Thank you,

    Kind Regards,


  2. Cover up with a cover up. I don't believe any of it till I hear or see something real.

  3. My Theory: The Blair Witch Project... Ocean Edition

  4. I think this is a valuable lesson in how you can get caught up in the need to believe something and how you can lose sight of any objectivity and sense of your own ability to filter fact from 'faction'. Even as this whole thing is about to blow wide open as nothing more than a cynical publicity stunt, look at us...still talking about them! There were of course, no guarantees that this would prove to be anything significant. The sonar readings were sketchy at best. What can I say...we see what we want to see and leave ourselves wide open to exploitation and dissinformation.

    1. Yes! Exactly. There was never proof - just sketchy sonar, no photos, no physical evidence no coordinates, and no scientific analysis. This whole thing reeks of hoax at this point, and the fact they won't release info just reinforces that fact. Disappointing, yes - but should we have expected from a group of people who make their livings by poaching history from the ocean floor???

  5. Think about it,if its true we will never know its true, no media will be allowed to confirm this is a UFO/USO EVEN IF IT IS. therefore a ruse to mock the original article will be made hence the belief that it is a hoax and therefore no longer believed.... wake up people

  6. @Anonymous
    Believe... That's how religion started 2012 years ago...

  7. There were religions before 2012 years ago. FO instance the Hebrew and before that stone objects, the sun, moon, gods of the sea, etc.

  8. Mask the names?? It's public info.

  9. went on the website, they are selling images of the sonar picture and will have a documentary on them, wow they really got us good.

  10. What if in 50 years or less some marines from US or Russia (if im right those forces were having there ships at the time) step out and publicly in TV or YT or other media that will exist in future (if at all :p) say that there was something and they pull a whole story and some proofs with military documents and maybie parts, just maybie ... Then everyone will be talking "dang it was a coverup, they called it hoax". Thing is Me or anyone else here dont have a green idea if it is truth or not ... If You want to proove it go there and make a proof, other than that noone here have a right to call it hoax or truth either ...

  11. @Anonymous

    Just to point out Religion didn't start 2012 years ago, It started before we even had fully developed language skills, worshiping fire, nature, the sun. Religion has existed as long as man has had reason.

  12. There is new info on this USO. On their website, they're saying that it's a mushroom like formation but it's not rock and has a egg shaped entrance on top. This is strange for a rock formation and it's 4 meters from the sea bed and with round borders. Interesting...

  13. ...If you can call religion a measure of 'reason'. Some would say it is the very opposite!

  14. What a bunch of lies, produced by UFO-Blogger commentators. Information of expedition is on with the date of 15.06.2012, and also under links that they gave with some photos also. Please reveal name of guy who wrote on facebook "they want the hype about UFO...", so that we all know who the liars are.



  17. what is this UFO, all about. They all talk about the objects all the time.have the aliens fianally arrived. Why can't this aliens be seen.

  18. @Anonymous

    The belief in UFOs as aliens depends on unavailability of data, the religious belief depends on the impossibility of escaping reality and discover if it's an abstraction like our simulations are abstractions.