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Jul 22, 2012

Israel Might Pull Out A False Flag Attack in London and Blame It on Iran Says US Military analyst

In past we had reported:

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Above: Pyramidal "all-seeing-eye" illuminated shapes ring the stadium.
Now in latest development, according to US Military analyst, Israel might pull out a false flag attack in London and blame it on Iran.

The Iranian network Press TV published an interview on its website on July 10, 2012, with the US Military analyst Gordon Duff, who says he has highly credible information that Israel might pull out a false flag attack during the London Olympics and blame it on Iran, to push the US into war with the Persian country. 

In the same day that Press TV published it, Sky News released a video interviewing an insider at G4S firm, who says the private security of the London Olympics is a joke and there's a 50% chance of deadly weapons get snuck into the Olympic village.

Interestingly on July 18, 2012 staging the set for false flag attacks, Israeli News paper published the news article stating that Israel fear Iran could attack London Olympic games.

Source :

Update 1:

On July 22, 2012 google also published news article with headline "Israel 'fears Iran Olympics attack'"


Update 2:

The Sunday Times publishes the story on same lines on front page:


  1. Hell , they're smart .. they throw the rock , break the glass , point the finger at someone else , then the one with the broken glass gets their stronger , dumber brother ( THE UNITED STATES ) to blow the accused rock throwers up. Good plan , and probably wouldn't be the first time this has been done

  2. a reverse "Munich massacre" O_O

  3. So Gordon Duff is an activist, anti semite, anti US, anti west, pro Palestinian a-hole.
    Nevermind that the folks currently blowing people up around the world happen to Muslims mostly financed by Iran.

    If all the Arabs lay down their weapons and declared peace Israel would welcome it with relief- yet if the Israeli's were to lay down their arms the Arabs would rush in and butcher every last one. That's the difference!

    I have said it before this UFO site should stick to UFO's and leave the crazy mass murder slanders to others.

  4. You are either a zionist stooge or are totally ignorant of actual happenings in the world. Israel did 9-11. The arab nations have a right to defend themselves against israeli aggression. false flag operations are their modus operandi. The motto of Mossad is "by way of deception thou shalt make war."

  5. Watch this, and weep for the world.

  6. @Anonymous

    Well done, He's a stooge obviously, their hallmarks are easy to spot these days. ;)

  7. @AnonymousOnly an ignorant conspiracy theorist/a-hole would believe that Israel had anything to do with the attacks on the U.S. on September 11th 2001. Show me some proof that Israel had anything to do with those attacks on September 11th, 2001, and I will prove that it was you that carried out the attacks all by yourself.