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Jul 19, 2012

Mass UFO Sighting in Michigan, USA

On July 10, 2012 residents in several towns across northern Michigan witnessed a massive fleet of UFO orbs hovering in the night sky.

The military has claimed the lights were flares being used in a training exercise. This is a ridiculous explanation of course since the orbs never descended to the ground and maintained a precise formation. One of the witnesses said:

"It looked like it was coming straight towards us in the sky, and once it changed directions, that was the odd part, that it changed it's course." Flares don't changed course. These orbs are obviously intelligently controlled. Not flares.


  1. extra swamp gas

  2. Bunches of temporary lights that appear in bunches and in a line? Absolutely, unequivolcally plane-dropped flares. You're making genuine sightings look bad by so vehemently defending this.

    I'm very disappointed in this site as a result of this article and how it's written.

  3. From the video it looks like flares to me, especially the way they burnt out and disappeared.

  4. Yeah. Those are NOT flares. Wonder what they could be? Aliens? Possible. But it's also possible that they may be some sort of government project, or even something else entirely.

  5. I want to punch that women presstitute directly in her nose.

    "Is it........ALIENS?"

    Bitch, there are lights in the sky over a civilian population and lots of people see them. You so quickly dispense the govt. saying heat seeking flares.

    No reporting skills whatsoever. She doesn't even pause to question what the military is doing having a night exercise over a city without properly informing the public. Never mind that heat seeking flares might make someone wonder if they are actually firing heat seeking missiles over a fucking city.

    Fuck her and her shitty reporting. And fuck her most of all for making the whole thing sound like a 1950's B-movie alien invasion without even moving her ass to investigate. All that was missing were spacey beeping sounds.

    Put the military commander on screen to publicly say what they are saying it was. Show us some documents. Tell us you tried to do something other than squeeze in the 2 minute segment between your lunch and manicure break.


    1. So much anger. Perhaps a bit over the top.

  6. Soooo...the military is conducting airborne experiments over Michigan.

    "Don't mind us...and our suggestion of heat seeking missiles folks...perfectly normal. Go about your business."


    Has the U.S. military gone full P.R. derp on purpose or is this perfectly normal?

  7. What a dumb piece of shit, "bought and paid for" news reporter. Is it....Aliens? -No, its journalism being flushed down the toilet because you just vomited up that stellar performance. Oh yeah.....u look like a dike

  8. Thats what they told us here in Phoenix years back. I think the phrase "training flares" is code for "we have no clue what they were".

  9. I bet she shits herself when something really happens, typical skeptic ignorant cunt.

  10. LOL the guy says "FLAIR BALLS" mmm maybe they were FLAIRS? No, no,.....NO fing way!probably aliens with shoddy electrical systems. Because you know aliens that travel at least 40 light years don't know how to hid lights on the outside of their ships at night or at least keep them running with out blinking that's the hardest thing in the universe.

  11. Being that this tv station is my local news station I am fully aware that they suck ...but The Air National Guard DOES NOT perform excersizes over a populated area. Its possible that they (ANG) were following the objects and dropped flairs to confuse the onlookers or so that they would have a alibi.