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Aug 18, 2012

Mars : NASA Curiosity Photographed Fossil Finger On Mars ?

Earlier today, we reported Obama asks Curiosity team to inform him immediately after contacting martians.

Now in latest development, down below is an image photographed by NASA Mars Curiosity mast camera.

The image captures, what looks like a finger with nail. The NASA Mars Curiosity  rovers wheels are 29.52 Inches wide, a human finger is about 3.5 inches the fossil finger appears to be roughly 5-6 Inches in length.
Big question, is this part of an old statue depicting humans or fossilized finger ?

Above is fossil finger found here on earth. | Source :
Double click on image to view high resolution image
 Source :

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  1. It's just an optical illusion. I mean c'mon, look at that thing. It's just a rock in the middle of nowhere that the rover just happened to snap a picture of along with the rest of the ground. Someone's really knit picking on this picture to have spent enough time looking at the rocks here to have found one rock in thousands on the ground that just so happened to resemble a finger in even the slightest possible way. This is really stretching it.

    1. Thank you!

    2. How sad that our public schools can produce this level of stupidity.

  2. Guys in the bigger picture you can see a small pencil too. :D

    UB thanks for sharing !

    1. About halfway down, by the the edge the tread 8)

    2. I saw too...

  3. looks like a dildo

  4. I can see a nose just above the finger!

  5. really? I mean, it's known that NASA hides things from us. What makes you believe that this whole thing is a true story? Maybe they already know mars very well. There is no humanity in the big picture. Only men with big fat dollars and personal interests.

  6. Hilarious! Thought you were being serious at first, then saw the "fossil finger" pic.

  7. Directly to the right of the finger spot the small stone face

  8. Guys, pay attention, before a face now finger, then Rhode Colossus from Mars??

  9. i don't believe that is a finger but i do believe there are more interesting things to look at on mars than what they are showing us. i think we are landing in some type of terrain on mars that is similar to a desert here on earth. with no vegetation or water.

  10. I think you guys are missing smth. Take a closer look to the right from red square, just before yous get to the edge of the wheel theres half face of a woman, and to the right and bottom from it there is a strange looking stone having two round things on it. Thinking of ur finger - it might happen thats a penis if you follow. I think it a broken scopture.
    P.S. There are three strange looking objects on this picture beside what we already found :) try to find it :) best wishes :)

  11. Why are you "color correcting" it? The original photo is color-accurate. Your "color correction" makes the colors *WRONG*.

    By the way, that must be one tiny finger:

  12. OMG! Can anybody see the strange red square in the photo?!!

  13. Is it just me or does that wheel actually looks 3D - And if the Curiosity has been wandering Mars all these time - why is the wheel not all scratched up? - Just saying - .::