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Sep 28, 2012

Moon Hoax : How Stanley Kubrick Faked The Moon Landings

Down below online video stream shows how Stanley Kubrick faked the moon landings.

He used a special technique, the front screen projection, which allows to make appear a background scene behind the actors.

This process allows to film scenes in a studio and make as if these scenes were taken outside with landscapes in the background.

This is probably the way Stanley Kubrik faked the moon landings.


  1. We are still waiting. The truth is hidden and can be many things. But think of this, we would not of been able to get the moon if the nazis never found the hidden aryan race in tibet ( for proof of this search for the recently found buddhist statue carved in a "meteorite" or from somewhere else..). When WW2 was over all their mind control and world domination theories went into US. And now we think our governments are bad. What would you say if I said the nazis are the ones pretending they are ETs to contactees. One of the alleged nazi UFO projects was called 'Andromeda'. Are they turning us against our governments. Its your belief and yours only that counts. Not mine
    Waitin XT4

  2. These movies were done in anticipation for what they expected to find on the Moon. They were to be used in case something showed up they didn't want to show the public. If that happened they were to replace the live feed with these.....

  3. I've always been abit suspicious that the moon landing was a hoax as the footage shows no starts, surrounding look similar to earth like desert, etc but if it were a Hoax i think human life as we now it is all a lie really. it ridiculous and quite sad that we as humans live in a society of speculation and lies. why cant it be easy to speak the truth, why live in a world that is a lie!!

    Cmon people we are all the same, we are all human we all have the right to know and speak the truth.

  4. My film contains a clip of "A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Moon" which shows irrefutable evidence of a moon landing hoax. It is online in Part 2 of my film called "Dark Legacy JFK and 9-11"

    More about the film is here:
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