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Oct 29, 2012

UFO Filmed Over Hurricane Sandy From Space Station

UFO spotted over Hurricane Sandy from the International space station. This is from pass one of the video NASA Released from the International Space Station. This UFO appears to be green on top red in the center. Possible orb shaped UFO watching the storm. The camera zooms in right when you see the UFO.

NASA Filmed UFO Over Hurricane Sandy From Space... by ufoblogger

Source : http://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/videogallery/index.html?media_id=154596961 (UFO appears at around 5:22)


  1. every day you can see those lights (ufo i think) sometimes green, red or orange it depends.
    You just have to show nasatv live on ustream and to be patient.

    That's all.

  2. There is a hidden agenda behind the rise in ufo sightings. The dark forces on this earth want the public to believe that aliens are either a threat or are visiting us on a grand scale and at some point in our future they will reveal themselves.
    Ufologists need to wake up!! These orbs are jinns. They are in collusion with satanic followers of the highest order to trick the masses. Real aliens have not landed on the whitehouse because God forbids them to meddle in earthly matters.
    One day there may well be a so called alien threat or war and it will be won by someone with ONE EYE. He will then claim to be a leader, then a prophet and finally he will claim to be god.
    Prophet Mohammed warned that the greatest trial to face mankind will be that of the DAJJAL, THE ONE EYED DECIEVER OR CONCEALER OF TRUTH, OR AS IN THE WEST HE IS KNOWN AS THE ANTI-CHRIST.He also said that all 124,000 prophets before him since the time of Adam had warned their people of this dajjal but only the prophet muhammed had been granted to reveal to the whole of mankind that the dajjal has one eye and your lord does not for he is perfect.
    People can doubt what they want but just take note....the one eyed symbol is very prominent today, in freemasonary, in satanasim, infact anything associated with dark evil forces.
    Muslims believe in alien life, it is a fact. When muslims pray five times a day at the end of each prayer we look to the right and to the left and we say peace to all of Allah's creation in the universe and on earth.
    Please do your own research if you are truly open minded and want to seek the truth. Just think for one minute. If there is even one alien species in the universe so advanced that they could travel here then why not just take the planet over or rule over us? They havent because they too have to answer to our creator.