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Oct 31, 2012

I Have Military UFO Footage Says, UFO Hunter

UFO hunter Gonzalez, claims he has military UFO footage. Gonzalez also drives a research vehicle or "Paranormal Ambulance" equipped with the requisite gear necessary to investigate UFOs: a Geiger counter, an EMF scanner, infrared cameras, and of course, a Sony HandyCam camcorder with night vision.


  1. Subtle discouragement tactics by the MSM, yet again, to prevent the average everyday folk from becoming interested in the subject.

  2. Fox News, the most credible source of information in history.

  3. I so where's the military footage then

  4. Please listen to me. If you want proof that something strange is going on look at image: Iss033-E-007920 as on this image on the bottom right panel of the satellite you will see a shadow on it making it look like part of the bottom right panel isn't their. If you look at this panel carefully you will see stars where the panels shadow should be. Why is this here? Have they sloppily pasted a starfield on? If so why? And if not is this part of some new scientific law involving shadows in space. To see this evidence look at the shadow on the bottom right solar panel of image: Iss033-E-007920

  5. @Anonymous

    You are right, they copy/pasted ISS on some picture of stars and set layer on multiply. If u look closer u can even see stars over ISS

  6. That is a great find. Them scum at NASA need to be held accountable for the lies they spit out. That is such a poor job on that image it's laughable...