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Oct 25, 2012

Illinois : UFO Photographed Over Rural Illinois Towns

A southern rural Illinois resident alerted authorities October, 23rd  night after seeing what they described as an unusual light in the sky.

The sighting was reported by a Hecker resident just after 7 p.m. The Monroe County Independent reported on its Facebook page that the witness saw the light hovering just over the horizon. They said the light would shift colors and appeared to be stationary.

Deputies from Monroe and St. Clair counties responded to the area and reported seeing the same light. After 8 p.m., a second object was spotted over the Freeburg area. Witnesses said the second object was similar in shape and size and also shifted colors from orange, red, blue and green. Police told the Monroe County Independent that the lights or objects did not appear to present any danger, so they returned to their patrol.

Officials at Scott Air Force Base said they did not have any aircraft in the area when the sighting occurred.

So far, no official report from authorities has been given to explain what the lights may have been.

Famous 2002 Southern Illinois UFO Sighting :

Twelve years back, a UFO was seen by several police officers, a truck driver, and a school teacher in southern Illinois, near St. Louis MO in early January of 2000.


  1. Awesome,

    I live about 10 minutes from there and go to Freeburg twice a week. I'll post any new information that comes out if I can.

    We had a pretty interesting sighting back in 2000 (posted above) as well in Millstadt, which is about 5 miles north of there.


  2. This sounds like it was a great sighting. What I like about it is that was seen, reported and tracked by County Police as well as other witnesses. I hope some video of this sighting surfaces soon because this one has peaked my interest.

  3. This is refreshing. A UFO that looks like it could actually be a UFO. Very cool that there are multiple witnesses including police.

  4. I live about an hour away from Hecker, IL and the summer before last, my son and I witnessed a strange diamond shaped object in the sky. It rose from the horizon and traveled in a straight line directly over our heads. Whenever it was overhead, it appeared to be a metallic type small craft surrounded by flames. It traveled slowly and silently north before disappearing on the other side of the tree line. We were in town getting ice from a vending machine when we saw it.

    The next night, we were out in our yard on the other side of town and witnessed it again, but this time it traveled slowly north and then very rapidly made an abrupt, sharp left and traveled a short distance southwest and suddenly disappeared as if it had just killed the lights and was gone. I'm no expert, but it did not behave like anything I've ever seen before.

    I keep watching the sky for it again, but haven't see it since.

  5. Hey I think I saw that last night when I was having a smoke. I couldn't get a good look at it, but it didn't look like a star, too close I think. I couldn't tell if it was moving or not. It was flickering blue and red and maybe yellow/white sort of randomly. At first I thought it was an airplane but after a half hour or so it didn't seem to go anywhere. Sometimes I think I saw it move but I can't say for sure. It was mostly just chilling there.

    I got the strong impression that it was a UFO/Alien Spaceship/whatever people prefer to call it, but I can't really back that up or anything.

    I don't really know what else to add. I'm in Virginia, Shenandoah Mountains area. It was to the Southeast. Maybe 2 or 3 AM. October 24th.

    Sorry for being so vague. Just relaying what I remember.

  6. I can say with certainty that i have seen this exact UFO in Melbourne Australia on consecutive nights going about 2 months back.

  7. It's now in Northern Illinois. I have a video of this same object! I live in Geneva Illinois. It was in the southeastern sky about 2 am Monday morning. There were three of these objects last night about 1 am.

    1. I started seeing these multi colored lights in the sky for more than 2 years now. There are more and more in the skies now. At first it was easy to pass them off as "stars" but not now. Not when all the other stars move through the night across the sky and as the year passes they should change where they apear and they don't. Now I have seen them move across the sky sometimes as low as just above the treetops. I have seen more this winter then I have my whole life. Central Wisconsin is a hot spot for UFO activity.

  8. By Scott afb and seen blue red lights flickering in same spot. I work on the 135 and know its DEF not our jets. It just sits and blinks colors. Strange

  9. I have many friends that saw this. The object was there long enough for Monroe county police to set up a viewing area in padderborn. My husband and I have seen lots of strange thugs out here regularly and they are increasing. Anybody around here will tell you the same. It seems to be a hot spot here.

  10. I was in a parking lot several years ago with 6 children, I had went out side about 10:30pm, in Brighton Il. one of the children looked up and yelled whats that....I looked up, saw a very large triangle shaped object it appeared to be dark in color we seen no lights and it made no sound at all. The object was not moving at all right above us, and not very far up it was very close hovering right above us. The object was huge, when all the children and I were looking and pointing at it it took off....0 to 100 in a second and once it was about 1/4 a mile away it come to a complete stop and a few lights came on then it was gone it completely disappeared........strangest most memorable thing I've ever seen!!!

  11. Wow! I live in southern Illinois, Clinton county. SAFB is only a few miles from me. I was in Belleville (St. Clair Co.) driving my brother home after he spent the day at my house. We were approaching WalMART and I noticed something above the store parking lot. It was the same flashing lights (green/red/orange) that are described by other people here. I showed my brother and daughter and turned into the lot. It was closed so the lot was empty. As soon as we turned, the object moved about a half mile, to the other side of the metrolink track that goes over the highway. It was way to fast to be a helicopter, which is the only thing that I know of that hovers. It didn't make any noise either. I would guess it was only a hundred feet up. It might have been higher. The object stayed there a while and we left. On my way back home, I saw it over a farm, just hovering like before.

  12. I use to live in southern illinois and was on rt 148 heading north from kentucky as usually did every 2 weeks for cigs.. it was between 7-8 pm and i saw the same object that appeared above. it was florecent green and traveling at high speed north above crab orchard wild life refuge south of marion,il.. I just happened to glance toward the forest line when i saw it... driving along with my music blaring... stunned, this thing was moving alot faster than a plane would at that level and just about 30 ft above tree line.. i wasnt only one to see it though.. there was a cop coming to T at intersection.. i pointed up and he must of saw it too.. his lights came on immediately and gave chase as though he could catch it lols.. he jumped infront of me on 148 and i slowed down and he got that car going same direction as object north towards marion... Had never seen anything else since... it was a exsperience i will never forget...

  13. i saw the red whit blue tonight round 9 bpm by scott afb direction it faded away round 9:15 pm

  14. Four of us witnessed the triangle shape object ion 1995 or 1996 on our way from edwardsville to Effingham, illinois by way of staunton. It hovered above our sun roof as we traveled down interstate 70. When we exited at Effingham it shot directly sideways and was gone in a split second. No turning etc. just shot sideways. I know looking back that others on the interstate would have had to see it as well.