Oct 22, 2012

Incredible Mass UFO Sighting Photographed Over Kentucky, USA

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Incredible mass UFO sighting was photographed over Pike County, Letcher County in the state of Kentucky, USA

Down below UFO was photographed through a high-powered telescope, which was reportedly seen in several areas of Kentucky on October 16 afternoon.

According to local media reports, police were overwhelmed with alarmed calls of apparent alien spacecraft like activity on same day..

UFO was reportedly seen in several areas of Pike County on Tuesday, but officials have no information as to what the object may have been.

Kentucky State Police Trooper Shaun Little told the News-Express that KSP Post 9 in Pikeville received five calls on Tuesday reporting the object in the sky. The object was visible from several areas, including the South Williamson area and Elkhorn City in Pike County.

It was also spotted and photographed in Virgie (Virgie is an unincorporated community located along Kentucky Route 1469 in Pike County, Kentucky) , as well as Jenkins in Letcher County, Kentucky too. 

Down below online Video stream was videotaped by Allen Epling through a Meade 8? SCT astronomical telescope.

According to eyewitness testimonial, sighting was with clear, blue, cloudless skies, no aircraft in sight, altitude unknown but definitely above airliner cruising altitude. The object hovered roughly in the same location for over 2 hours, not drifting more than 10 degrees in any direction. Was sighted approximately 60 degrees above the horizon. Image in video was shot with about 150 power magnification.


Kentucky UFO Spotted Over Two Other States In USA
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  1. There was a mass sighting of a UFO in Williamson, WV on this day--about 30 miles from where this was witnessed. Many said it hung around for over 2 hours. One witness described it as vertically oblong. Gotta be the same thing. Super interesting.

  2. Now isn't that pretty interesting. With the UFO sighting around the world this year it really makes you truly wonder.

  3. Wow that's quite strange. Never seen any UFO that just looks like a big pane of glass refracting light like that, makes you wonder if it was just some trick of the light or weather phenomenon like the Northern Lights. But really cool nonetheless.

  4. Why would a person need to call the police to report a ufo sighting?

    "Officer arrest that alien for causing a public disturbance" LOL

  5. By Archetype: It's really difficult to prove something is real unless it can't be faked.

  6. Look at the first video at time 0:26 and it looks like he was pointing his telescope at a window as it looks like a reflection from something on the window that he was recording. When he try's to zoom in you can see the light flashes and this happens when you try to focus and zoom in on a reflection on a pane of glass.

  7. disregard my previous comment in relation to it being recorded through a pane of glass. I checked it out on some software and it is NOT recorded looking through a pane of glass. The object was definitely in the sky. Sorry about that, I should have tested it properly the first time.

  8. This seems to have been a mass sighting and looks legit

  9. We are among you now. Soon you will know. Do not worry.

  10. Water... here for water for fuel...

    1. Hahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa

  11. When I was a boy my father taught me how to pilot one of these. He was not an alien or part of a secret government agency. Our version was made of paper and balsa wood, so the technology has advanced somewhat. My training allowed me to easily identify the object in Epling's video as a kite -- a large, very cool, high-tech kite. The "frame" consists of two tubes, inflated by the wind or with a gas, like helium. Everything Epling describes and what I see in the video is consistent with the behavior of a large stable kite made of a thin, translucent, reflective material. I hope whoever flew it comes forward to explain its purpose. Of course, it may have been made simply for fun or as a great UFO hoax.

  12. It looks like a balloon to me.
    I've seen these odd ball shaped
    balloons before.

  13. Well your kite gets hit with lightning at the 1:00 mark an remains stationary. A good kite.

  14. ,u r wrong. I live 60 miles from where the video was taken (in sw virginia). A large number of people here observed the ufo at the same time he was filming. There's no way a kite could be seen by people in 3 states while it hovered in one spot. U can research if u like. Police reports were filed in my county which is called Buchanan.

  15. Blimp for audio surveillance.

  16. Same day our radios here in Knoxville, TN reported sightings of this object also. A couple pulled over and watched it pass overhead in downton Knoxville. I read Georgia also had reported this as well. That is no kite my friend.

  17. 150x Magnified that would have to be something big in space as people actually saw commercial jets fly under it. It would have to be something so massive for people in different states to see this with the naked eye. I live in KY but I am in the middle of Hills so 60 degrees is blocked for me. Even the space station can not be seen by the naked eye in the daytime sometimes you can see it when the sun reflects off of it at night but nothing like this.

  18. Looks like the classic cylindrical ship. These have been reported as much as the discs have throughout history. I wonder if they are different usage craft, like buses vs. cars.

  19. It may be the alien equivalent of one of our unmaned drones that the military has. Sort of shaped like a huge paperclip, I could see this being some sort of magnetic propulsion device.

  20. In Bosco ky me and my girlfrind saw a strang light in the sky

  21. evolution of technologies have explained plenty.
    well its " transparent "
    i can assume it gave the transparent look due to some type of explosive heat conversion. anti-gravity stuff.
    it can stay " transparent " for a very long time from the initial take off. also hover,go to the moon and travel here in the the earth's globe.
    i am pretty sure this is an unmaned drone.
    I do not believe this is an alien like ufo.

    in this same site there is a continuation of this same article where u can see this transparent ufo go inside of a volcano...

    to me the government almost perfected an unmaned drone and i would love to work for them and help them out, i would even "hush" about it.

    they threw it inside a volcano to cover tracks in mexico.




  23. Very interesting video. It's good to know that folks are getting better at taking more time to get good photos and video now.