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Oct 6, 2012

Massive Triangle UFO Photographed Over Century City, California : MUFON

An office worker in Century City, CA noticed a UFO outside his 15th floor window Tuesday, and captured the amazing sight on camera.

According to eyewitness testimonial "I was at work on the 15th floor of a skyscraper and noticed a beautiful sunset developing when looking out my office window which faces west. 

Noticed the object as the sunlight appeared to reflect off of it. At first, I thought the object was a cloud. Then I noticed that it appeared to have substance and the constant shape. It was hovering. I then noticed that there appeared to be a trail leading up to the object. 

That trail became more and more visible as the sighting continued. I invited several of my coworkers to observe it. We were all somewhat mystified and mesmerized by it. Didn't lose sight of it until I hand to leave the building for the day."

Source: MUFON


  1. photos taken inside buildings can get so many trick reflections. this is one of them I think, the window is clearly visible on the photos, I would think its light inside the office hitting the window. Hence why there is no video footage of it...

    1. yes.. and all that were watching can be labelled idiots...

  2. Thanks for sharing

    Its amazing to me more people havnt noticed these crafts. It the general populace knew how many of these crafts were in the skies cloaked daily most would panick. This is by no means a one off. There are most certainly thousands of these in our skies daily.

    I noticed these crafts back in october 2011. My first vividly blunt sigting. I was video taping the sky doing a time lapse of the sun and at that time. The sky surrounding the sun was overwhelmed with chemtrails and geo engineered clouds. There i am about five minutes in and a craft makes a swooping motion revealing itself from behind a cloud....once the camera locked onto it ...was as if the ufo spotted me at the exact moment my jaw dropped and made a swooping 180motion and slung itself behind the sun (dont ask me how). The craft was about 1/3 the size of the sun from our perspective. This craft was disk shaped though...giant mothership!

    I showed my brother and he called over 4ofand his best friends and we all watched in amazement....looking at the screen and then back at me like i had the answers or something. Like they were waiting for "gotcha" or something. I watched the recording probably 50x's that nite.

    I woke up the next day and as soon as i opened my eyes i grabbed the camera and went to upload the footage to youtube. I was shaken...still amazed and was so excited to share my capture with the world. I have seen every piece of compelling footage out there and nothing was as vivid and real as mine. I turn the camera on and to my suprise the footage was gone! Over 7gigs of media erased!!! I was furious. My only satisfaction was. I got to share with my brother and his best friends.

    That was what initiated my research. I was now 100%i positive and everyday video taped the sky and still do to this date. About a week later i was analyzing media footage and realized there were small triangles in every cloud i could see. I thought was an illusion until firther studying of footage. The edges are sharp....the light from the sun or camera brought out there shadow in the cloud outlining there shape in great detail. The more i noticed them the more bluntly apparent they were. Then i realized the small ones like in op's photo are a fraction of the size of the large crafts that the small ones are helping cloak. The large crafts take up a significant part of the sky cloaked in huge clouds. There are thousands everywhere.

    I dont expect anyone to believe me nor do i care really because it is fact and i feel very shortly u will all see them with your own eyes when they uncloak. If you take 5minsthat a day and video tape the sky u changing the lighting and exposure to bring out the shadows and lines u will start to notice black triangle shapes in the clouds everywhere. Then u will notice them moving. Then you will realize how many there must be if they are this large in number just above you.

    1. I know. I recently saw 3 at night, then when I learned what to look for I started to catch hundreds over my area, some massive, some smaller, clouds or not, always at night. I see them almost nightly depending on contrast. Some move away from slow to gone. all dead silent. I saw the 3 float up to each other connecting the corners forming a large triangle. You don't have to convince me.I am a little rattled.

  3. Sure, sure...

  4. Im a believer, but thats a cloud.. Just becuase you cant see the sun from that view doesnt mean it cant hit the cloud, and make it bright..

  5. Looks like the famous Belgium triangle with its small companion craft following.

  6. To the first poster and to ALL Others:

    Yes, indeed, the Armada has finally arrived and is in this quadrant of the Galaxy. Everything else that has been experienced/seen/viewed since the end of the last Alien wars (9th-15th Century AD) here in this quadrant of the Galaxy was only vanguard, research, and other 'hidden' Alien agendas; including the building of certain Alliances. You are right, the Membrane of Forgetfulness shall soon be pierced and the World shall verily drop its collective jaw and gawk in disbelief, whilst collectively falling off its stool of incredulity.

    Understand the following:

    1) Antarctica, the Arctic circle, Afghanistan, Australia, Bulgaria, Belgium, Canada, China, Egypt, Greenland, India, Iran, Iceand, Japan, Mali, Mexico, Norway, Russia, Siberia, South Africa, Sierra-Leone, Switzerland, Tadzhikistan, Turkey, USA,... These countries All already have Alien bases and divers Alien presences on their soil walking amongst You.
    2) Some are actually conversing with Your Kind, unbeknownst to You, for Mortal attire, physiology, psychology and statures cloak true form(s). They are indulging and in the midst of accomplishing their task of Observations and Study.
    3) It would be of a wise advice for Mortalkind to show its best sides. Consider Yourselves as being analyzed, scrutinized and gauged collectively. And all of this activity isn't to be equated to Mortal equivalence and standards, but, to Immortal specifics which shall decide whether, or not, Mortalkind needs to be erased.
    4) Some argue that a Species, any given Mortal Species in the Multiverses, rife with this inherent sort of destructive collective mindset, can't be allowed to further propagate itself into the Cosmos at large.
    5) Across the great expanse of The Multiverses, a Plethora of Civilizations with promise have met with a fate of eradication at the advent of their eclosion into the Cosmos at large. Were Another Desert Storm scenario to unfold at this precise moment, here on this Planet, it would doom Mortalkind to extinction on a mass level.
    6) For He has finally arrived and has parked his Chariot behind and in close vicinity of the Sun. It is visible, for those that care to look. The size of the flux of information, pertaining to All of Existence on this World, that has been amassed and collected is of hitherto unprecedented Volumes and he shall have the final Word therein.
    7) Species have spoken out in favour of Mortalkind, yet others have an extremely low opinion of Your Species and they have asked for its obliteration... A war has been going on because of the harm that befell some Aliens here on Earth. He has come to judge for himself and The proverbial Ball is on Mortalkind's side of the Court.
    ∞) Show Yourselves as being Worthy. The contrary would be a pity indeed, as some that have lived amongst the Denizens of this Earth, would be very dismayed and sad indeed to NOT see Your Stellar Destiny and promise unveiled. IN THE ADVENT OF AN UNFAVOURABLE JUDGEMENT, None other than Mortalkind SHALL be responsible for its Annihilation.
    9) The Time to Embrace Infinity, or Annihilation is nigh. Be Worthy and Dignified.

    Most importantly;

    Prepare and Be well,


  7. @Anonymous

    WATCH THIS ONE IT WAS Very similar! this was not a cloud or mountain

  8. Those images are quite simple to explain.

    Sky is almost 100% clear and the sun is below the horizon line. So any cloud formation whatsoever will strongly reflect the sunshining through it and stand out in the sky. Among the limitless number of shapes clouds can have, on this particular day, from the perspective of the camera it looked tringular.

    Sorry to dissapoint you all, but there aint nothing happening besides our daily routines, some make their routines very exciting by bringing in new challenges under a fearless existence and others don't, looking for excitment in some kind of magic, divine intervention.

    The intervention will not be carried out by aliens, it is only up to us to shape this world to our expectations and needs.

    Peace and live fearlessly.

  9. This is the weirdest part. I live in the Los Angeles area and saw this EXACT cloud/shape earlier in the day at around 1pm. What's MORE interesting, is that there were two chemtrails over my school's campus that afternoon, marking an X in the sky. When I came back to campus that evening (around sunset), there were lines after lines after lines in the sky from about LAX that you could see continuing up towards the valley. I'm an avid believer in UFOs and although I do not believe it was a UFO that day (although it always couldve been), there were definitely, 100% chemtrails in the sky that Tuesday, October 2nd.

  10. This is not about religion, neither is the chariot next to the Sun a god in the religious vein of things. This is pertaining to actual living Alien cultures rife in the Multiverses. Some have acquired immortal status and it's all about Physics; A kind of Physics you know naught about. And it shall indeed come into being; The membrane of forgetfulness shall soon enough break asunder and you shall all collectively fall off your stool of incredulity. You verily think that you're alone, Mortal(s)? How utterly illogical, immature, and naive a thought. Magellan saw the shadow of the Earth on the Moon and knew it to be an Orb. Despite the belief of his day; that the Earth was flat. Awaken, or face the consequences of your collective folly and it's just around the proverbial corner of your assumed reality. The time is late. Prepare and be well.

  11. @Anonymous
    Well, Penumbra#1: I appreciate that the biblical tone and archaic language of your contribution is intended to emphasise the importance of your statement. Armageddon and Tennis metaphors? Imaginative! I am inclined to think you have a secret agenda to tickle our ribs! If not, I would remind you that no one ever has a monopoly on "The Truth" (except, arguably, George Carlin -may God and all the angels in the Multiverse chisel his name in solid gold pillers at the Heavenly gates) and that all of our insights and opinions are filtered through the prism of our cultural conditioning and limited by the quality of our individual consciousness.
    Good luck with everything you do (and if you are serious then don't forget to laugh at yourself -we will).

  12. You make me ponder Mortal; what sayest thou? My archaic tone? Well, for starters, I have visited this Orb on numerous an occasion and the last time, I came hither, this was the parlance in usage. Mayhaps, an update is needed so as to fully grasp the vernacular of this day and age, inorder to convey this most dire Message to Mortalkind... It used to work wonders on your forefathers, know so.
    Furthermore, The monopoly as pertaining to 'The Truth' eludes you Mortal, as be the case with nearly All of your kind... And this with good reason. Know this, I am not alone in the endeavour of shaping collective thought on this Planet. We have indeed come hither with an agenda and as stated above, you are collectively being gauged. Twas the biblical devil's greatest trick, was it not? To make believe he was naught else but myth?
    I shall give you a clue herein, 'Anonymous' Mortal; Phaeton did indeed lose control of his 'father's' chariot and it plummeted down to this Orb and brought about the demise of the wondrous city that was Atlantis. We have been given to understand that a plethora amongst Mortalkind actually believes the Earth to be only nine thousand years of age. We do indeed laugh, albeit wryly, at such delusional and malinformed claims. Yet, we are few and far in between to know the pleasures of laughter. Humour is a wondrous trait to entertain and not all within the Multiverses (for plurals they be)have been blessed with this trait; it is an accompaniment to that, better known hither as the 'Lebensfunke'. Goethe's Faust speaks of it and It is, for the most part, reserved only to those draped within Mortal Skin. Advancements beyond your wildest imaginings have been bestowed upon your Kind, yet, for naught. Your Species' recalcitrant, egoistical Nature prevails. Verily, you believe to be in possession of 'La Science infuse', when, not unlike Insects, you have barely made an eclosion from a pupal case into the Cosmos at large. Would you want me to tell you of other Worlds? Ask, I shall respond in kind. Hark and heed and lend an attentive ear to Truth when it presents itself... Be Well.

  13. penumbra#1, i'm all ears :) what's your email??? tell what you know of other worlds. and i'm not being 'cute'.

  14. I have stated this afore, yet, I shall state so again, for the necessity of allowing us to focalize on a common starting point, from which all further knowledge bestowed shall flow:

    Allow me to address the issues as pertaining to habitable Planets elsewhere in the Multiverses.

    1) There Are As Many Habitable Planets as there are Grains of Sands on this Orb. Know so.

    2) The Interstellar Cloud that keeps this Solar System within its folds, also harbours 400 additional Stars. 41% amongst these are surrogates to a Habitable Planet. Therefore, 150 Earth-like Planets are a mere 15 light years away from this your very Orb.

    3) 600 million Stars Alone are spread across the periphery of what you call the Milky Way. They form the Arm(or Tentacle) in whose fold lies the Birth of the Solar System.

    4) Over 200 billion Stars share Space in this Galaxy Alone.

    5) The Milky Way is only one amongst tens of thousands of Galaxies within what Mortalkind calls the Virgo Supercluster. Several hundred thousand billion Stars are surrogates to 80,000 billion habitable Planets.

    6) The millions of clusters of Galaxies that border the Virgo Supercluster harbour tens of billion, billion Stars...

    More to follow, please bear with me as I'm needed elsewhere... You shall hear from me in the coming twelve hours... Be Well.

  15. I am being kept from bringing you the truth. Yet, their efforts will remain fruitless and shan't hinder me. Time doesn't await us either, except if we so wish it to. Yet nothing made of Mortal contraptions shall sway me from my chosen path herein.

    In light of this, please, do pardon for this most unnecessary of delays. Proceed, I shall.

    7) The majority of Exoplanetary systems are 'flat' in their given nature and disposal. This points to a halcyon based, peaceful and stable, evolution similar in nature to your very own system.

    ∞) Water, the Life-giver, is abundant in the Multiverses. Know so!
    I.E. A given Star, within the fold of what Mortalkind calls the Beta-Pictoris group, is surrounded by a ring of small sized bodies composed of silicates and 70% iced Water. This is tantamount and on a par with the inherent composition of what your astronomers call the Kuiper Belt within this your very own Solar system. The interior part to this ring is unstable and bombards the internal regions of the system with permanence. A mechanism very similar to the one that brought Water to this very Orb.

    9) One cannot and shall not view the Multiverses through a Keyhole! New pragmatic approaches are indeed necessary to enable your Species to do so effectively.

    10) Special attention needs to be brought to the dwarf Stars; 41% of all dwarf Stars harbour a terraformed Planet within the habitable zone. (Adequate distance twixt Star and Planet which enables the Planet to harbour Life). On a scale, their mass is tenfold less and their light one hundredfold less than this your very Sun. Dwarf Stars are representative of 80% of the stars within the fold of the Milky way, the same holds true for the totality of the Multiverses. If one were to apply this given rule of logic to this very galaxy alone, the result would be that of tens of billions of Planets in its very midst! And so it be, verily, in reality! Know so!

    11) Terraformed Planets within the habitable zone are the norm and common, as opposed to being the exception to the rule.

    12) Supernovas aren't a hindrance to Life and e'en if a Supernova were to explode in the vicinity of this quadrant, its rays (what Mortalkind calls X and Gamma rays) would only affect the Earth for approx. a couple hundred years, more or less, yet, wouldn't render it sterile of Life.

    13) An exoplanet does not need a satellite(as in Moon) to enable it to be in possession of stable climate/weather.

    14) Stars needn't be in possession of heavy Elements either, to enable them to give birth to Planets.

    Are you able to follow my lead so far, Mortal(s)? Please advice, so as to allow for me to proceed accordingly.

    Be Well...

  16. Proverbial Cat bit your tongue now, did it?

  17. Greetings Penumbra#1. How many alien races are visiting Earth? Can you tell us which teories amongst us are closest to the TRUTH? I'm very curious.

  18. worriedearthling10/14/2012 04:04:00 PM

    Penumbra#1 you said that time was late, how late? When can we expect judgement from 'him'...?

  19. Verily, the Truth was handed over to your Ancestors. The whole of Mortalkind was given a part of the Truth. Atlantis, Sumeria, Ancient India and Egypt, the Norse, Greeks and Romans as well as the Mayans and Aztecs. The Dogon, the Wadjeris, Jivaros, Hopi and those of Athabascan Tongues as well as the rest of the Ancient tribes that roamed and inhabited this Orb you call Earth. Rebellion was also rife amongst the Star travelers, wars were fought hither on your Planet. The events of the Vedas did indeed take place and Mortalkind could have been annihilated aeons ago. You see, She did indeed fashion Mortalkind from her own DNA. Different prototypes ensued, afore a general consensus was agreed upon. For it was Mortalkind's initial duty and purpose to serve. Aliens had intercourse with Female Mortals, who in turn begat those who would become the first Leaders amongst Mortalkind.
    You have asked of me to point out to you the most imminent fate of Mortalkind.
    I shall point out the direction to follow for you.

    1) Phaeton really did crash Apollo's chariot. The event spelled the end of Atlantis.
    2) The Pyramids were built out of fear and promise made. They were meant to emulate the Space vehicles of the Immortals. So as to allow the Mortal Pharaohs to follow their Makers/Masters/Teachers to the Stars upon death. Death remains incomprehensible to any given Mortal, much more so when directly confronted with, seemingly, Immortal beings.
    3) Hermes wasn't the sole mercurial one. He was also known as Odin (Wotan) and traveled the Earth under a plethora of differing identities. Antiquity saw and experienced as Aliens walked and ruled this Orb and e'en though the bulk of them left hither World, visitations have always taken place throughout the ages and this has been going on for aeons.
    4) The monotheist faiths/dogmas were enacted so as to bring about forgetfulness of the real Makers of Mortalkind and events past. A control mechanism that is also part of an agenda. The initial Sumerian term was Elohim and not Eloha! Despite the above, He whom Mortalkind claims as Jesus Christ, the saviour, is a direct manifestation of the order that begat the Multiverses and that same order also begat the Immortals.
    5) Helios' (Apollo/Helios/Krsna/Odin/ are One and the same!) His Chariot circles this Star, the Sun, anon. The ones hostile to Mortalkind and to this quadrant have been sapping/using the Sun. He and those benevolent to Mortalkind are at War with, said, Hostiles. The Hostiles are Extra-dimensional Beings. They have increasingly found their way hither into this reality and also walk amongst Mortalkind. Alliances have been formed twixt some of Earth's most powerful Military Industrial Complex actors and the Hostiles; purveyors of control mechanisms in place and this despite the order for them to cease.
    6) The Sun, akin to the very Nature of All Stars, Is Also A Portal.
    7) Other Alien Species and Extra-Dimensional Beings started coveting this World as soon as the Makers left for their World(s)*. Yet, this World has always had its Guardians; Consider the Biosphere, pertaining to Earth, as a patent of sorts, belonging to its Makers.
    *Vulgarly, you may deem it as 'Intellectual property'.

  20. 8) Yet, History and the Laws of Cause and Effect throughout the Multiverses, for Multiverses they be, show one repetitive constant and this constant stipulates that there isn't such a thing as a constant. Perpetual change/movement is the only viable Truth. Any other speculation is irrelevant and in utter contradiction to the advancement of any given Species.
    9) Governments, around this Globe, the Earth, have been informed of the consequences of the possibility of a Solar Storm come hither. Just because flares haven't hit as of yet, doesn't mean that the Danger isn't Real.
    10) Consider the odds akin to a game of Russian roulette; what holds true for any given individual, also holds true for any given collectivity.
    11) There are positive points under consideration pertaining to this your Species. Know so and uphold them.
    12) It is of paramount importance to note that Time doesn't flow in the same manner for those Immortal as for those of Mortal heritage. Superior doesn't equate to gods.

  21. 13) That which is infinitesimally small, also has its exact opposite, as in infinitesimally gigantic. Think; DNA, Bacteria, Virus, Insects.
    Furthermore, individualism is rare amongst them and yet, it does come to transpire and when an anomaly arises, it is either erased for the greater good of all, or, it survives and makes its place in the greater scheme of things as pertaining to the Multiverses.
    14) Not so with Mortalkind (人) and some Species of Mammals, individualism is rampant, despite, pre-established, societal paradigms representing the norm. Clearly this may be deemed as a strength, yet, in the larger scheme of things, it can also be detrimental to the survival of the Species. Know when to unite.
    15) Amongst the billions of habitable Planets out there in the existing Multiverses, there are also World-Eaters. Know so!
    16) EBANI: Vanguard; afore taking over a World, one maps it out and places one's strategies into place.
    17) The Complete Symbiosis twixt Aliens and their Chariots, explains the reason behind the free-flight patterns observed. What accounts for one Chariot, holds true for the whole Armada. They're symbiotically connected. In other words, when and if, they attack, it shall be as one entity. Akin to a swarm of technologically advanced Bees, everywhere and at once. They're refueling fusion energy from this Star, the Sun; as per their usual mode of functioning and Star Travel. Causing further Solar activity anomalies.
    18) E'en though Bongiovanni errs and makes the same mistake of attributing Mortalkind traits to that which isn't, like so many others afore him, He really is genuine. Amongst the billions of habitable Planets out there in the existing Multiverses, there are also World-Eaters. Know so!
    19) Listen to Adair, for, Adair speaks the truth.
    20) Voltaire, Tesla, H.P. Lovecraft, were contacted. Many others as well...

    Be Well.

  22. Penumbra#1. So if you are what you say you are, meet me somewhere and take me on your space ship across the cosmos.

    Why would UFO's be hovering amongst the clouds if aliens are walking around earth studying us. I don't understand the logic in having to hide not only that waste gas by hovering within the sky.
    Take me on a trip through the galaxy. If I give you an address I imagine I should see you in about 60 minutes maximum?

  23. So can I have a ride on your space ship then?

  24. Penumbra#1, please go into more detail about the "World-Eaters." Approximately how much time do we have before we have been fully gauged? Do you know anything on the topic of "out-of-body experiences" (OBEs)?

  25. prenumbra#1, what else do you have to warn us about/say??? i'm truly d intrigued. i've done my homework over the years, and i've found out the same of what you know via research of world civilizations, AND through meditation. i would really like some sort of a heads up as to what i can do as an individual to help not only myself, but my family and those others that i know around the world :)i find that my findings line up with everything you've said thus far :)

  26. I shall respond to all queries above in the next 24 hours to follow. Please bear with me.

    1. penumbra#1, Man you really sound like you know what your talking about, lots of uneducated people talking nonsense out there, Its a pleasure to come across you, very interesting read :-)

    2. It has been 75 hours and counting. Is all OK?

  27. Penumbra#1, if you truly know our kind (our blindness to the "truth") then surely you can expect us to have out doubts to your claims above. If it be your goal to make us believers then why do you and yours not just come right out and show us? If our race depends on us embracing the truth and uniting, and your goal is to help us then on behalf of humankind we need you or one of yours to send obviously indisputable proof for all to see. If you were in our place would you not want the same? If the time is as late as you say the it is time for drastic measures. No matter how abrupt it may be, we need this.

  28. That's rite tell'em joe m.

  29. Maybe he took that guy for a spin on his spacecraft :-)

  30. @Mike K
    Mike, I would love to say he took me for a flight. This has yet to happen. Maybe he was sacrificed by his other alien forms for letting out their big secret, because after thousands of years of "judging us", through all the wars, and nazi's, and pretty much all the other disgusting shit that's happened, They're still not quite done in terms of their judgement.

    Maybe he was submitted to an insane asylum for thinking he's a fucking alien selling trash on a UFO blog of an obvious photo of a "UFO" that is truly, nothing more that a reflection haha.

  31. Im sure the goverment will say it's testing a weather balloon

  32. I'm not exactly near the coast but we've got refracted light and unknown sources of shadows here in arizona