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Oct 7, 2012

UFO Time Travelers From Our Future

In down below online video stream documentary Ancient Aliens, alleged alien encounters and UFO sightings may be of beings from Earth's future traveling in time machines, and that these same beings could have posed as ancient aliens in the distant past.

Is it possible that sightings of alien beings or UFOs may actually be evidence of time travelers from the future? And might ancient astronauts actually be time travelers from our future? Scientists explore the theoretical possibility of time travel. How can it be achieved? And what might people from 10,000 years in the future look like?


  1. At min: 22:30

    I got a picture of Jebediah. And i think he had some history goes in Shelbyville.


  2. By Archetype: On one hand the could be other dimensional beings but then there is also the .possibility that they are us from the ancient prehistoric past. Perhaps an us who sought refuge just outside the earth's gravity perhaps when severe cataclysmic events were taking place long ago. If this is the case, then this would be that they had simply hovered around the earth for thousands of years perhaps in some kind of hybernative or cryogenic like state awaiting for a time when the atmosphere of the earth would be more hospitable for them. Unfortunately, what's now good for them may also be very bad for us. This could also explain the earlier crashes where perhaps some got caught or knocked to close to the earth and were pulled down by It's gravity explaining our sudden technology explosion. Perhaps they are reactivating. Perhaps our whole space station gig was not an experimentation/ discovery mission but rather a Recovery Mission.

  3. I subscribe to many theories. All of them equally plausible.

    In the first, We are the product of a mixture between Cromagnon man and aliens who came here 150,000 years ago and inbred their DNA into humans thus coming up with that amazing 100 year time span where modern man just appears out of nowhere with no missing link. This explains a lot and why there can be nothing found as far as the final pieces of how modern man came to be. In this theory mans past is carried down by the Sumarians who have knowledge of how we got here from the heavens. Sumarian culture was passed down and remnants are strikingly similar in our Biblical accounts of the beginings of man. I submit that mankind came from the stars and that the building blocks of life are much more common than we believe. I also believe that these alien races copied this plan not just here but on 12 other worlds. This would cover redundancies in development as it would be expected that as many as 3 worlds would come to an end in self destruction or through cosmic dangers. Sumarian history is quite amazing and I would recommend looking into our past to help explain things better. They were advanced and knew much. I also believe that Aliens lived amoung us for many years. In Egype the paroahs heads were elongated and non human. Again research finds the truth. I think Atlantis was real at one time and was an alien colony. I believe the tales in the history in India detailing a war between UFO's attacking a city which are accounted in ancient texts were what they say.... Two alien races at war, one establishedon earth and the other trying to take control. I believe the accounts of war between UFOs over Germany in 1561 to be truth. They were seen by many and written in history books. All of these things would support this idea that we were seeded here and that our human DNA is half Alien in nature. Alsos accounted for in the first deluge accounted for in Noah's story of the arch. Here GOD attempts to undo the damage done by aliens. Later in the bible GOD commands it is OK to mate with the gentiles and allow them to worship GOD. There is too much in this to really go into detail so forgive my jumping around a bit. Also in this theory many alien races agree to split the Earth into zones and populate their DNA into our human DNA which is where we come up with our many races and ethnicities around the Globe. We were a test site to see if all Aliens could live together in peace. However, war broke out many times since. There is a current war in the heavens now. I would attribute it to part Galactica and part Star Wars. Think of an Empire... This Empire is made up of many races of conquered aliens who serve much as slaves do to the supreme race. Not really supreme. They were just ahead technologically and won the war allowing them who had the not so great idea of oppression, the controlling race. They are eyeing the 9 worlds that have not yet been able to achieve interstellar travel. They are not afraid of these 9 worlds, they are only interested in a plan to kill off 80% of the populations in order to asure the 20% left are too scared to oppose them and submit to being slaves. Then they take the planets and use them as bases to expand further. Not a good scenario but of all of them sadly this is the most true.

  4. Second idea, is that UFO's we see and aliens we see are actually from our distant future and have come back through time to attempt to alter their own past at key points continually in a bid to undo some horrible mistakes they have made in the future. They actually slowing went back year by year all the way back to 150,000 years ago and again made changes to our DNA. The reason was to jump start advances in science to get us to our pace our own destruction allowing us to learn green technology and get into space exploration sooner. This too help make sure all our eggs are not in one basket. In this theory we would be the ones who are spreading out seeding worlds. And many of the things they do alter the future so vastly that it splits off our progressions into tangents or alternate universes and then we start seeing dimensional beings coming into our universal dimension and manipulating us as well. Again now a good ending or story here. This one is less plausible but still feasible.

  5. The third is somewhat a part or the first however instead of alien races, we ourselves started on another planet several hundred thousand years ago or even millions of years ago. Our start was much like our passed down Biblical accounts. Stories passed down about how GOD made the universe and man the original Adam and Eve. Of course that story has interesting plots as Eve was not the first woman. She was later made from Adam because Lilith was unruly and spiteful. So it was decided to clone EVE from Adam. Again, not something easily done and only now are we technologically capable of such things. We progressed on that planet vastly and had acquired interstellar travel and seeded other worlds. This was one of them. Either some cataclysmic event destroyed that world or something happened and they were conquered by other races of aliens in the galaxy that had grown up along side Man in the universe and through exploration they unfortunately came across each other. The world Man had seeded were searched our and decisions were made to watch us rather than destroy us, likely because they fear the supreme being in the universe. Aliens have made a deal with our governments to study us. Due to the fact that we are incapable of defending ourselves adequately, we came out on the bad side of this deal. They have all access passes to abduct our people and can manipulate our minds so that we cannot remember even being abducted. Only an odd feeling or nightmare or something as a focal point such as an owl or tree that is prominent in our dreams. Only hypnosis reveals the nightmare. Again this theory sees us at the bottom of the barrel.

  6. No matter what the truth out there of our past and our future. There are a few constants. UFO's are real and are studying us
    We are being abducted and studied by aliens who have no so innocent objectives
    Aliens are altering our DNA and have done so for 150,000 years
    We have a more complex past than our history has recorded
    There are many races of aliens and they are at war
    We are on the losing end of this and at some point soon we will sadly discover our fate

    Governments are in contact with aliens and are making deals that affect us severely. These officials think somehow that after 80% of the people are gone they are going to gain some favor with the aliens. They are just going to be killed in the end as they would no longer be useful after the aliens get what they want. Aliens tell governemtn officials they need to study DNA due to some mess up in humanity at some future point. That is a lie to get what they want. I believe the goal to be to make humans lazy and docile. They want to take the fight out of us genetically so we are easy to control. Think of the growing obesity problems and how our food gets altered before it hits the store. Again too many things to discuss here in such a short time. If you look at all this. It is a conspiracy theorists dream. Unfortunately many of these thigns would be passed off as such and that is why it will come to pass...

    There are underground alien bases all over the world for the past several hundreds of years. Many of them are under current military air bases and even international airports. Places where it is very busy. Where do you hide an alien.... In plain site!!! An airport gets deliveries etc. It is common knowledge there are underground facilities under these bases. People just don't realize that they are not for us.

    There are up to 9 other Worlds going through the same thing and have yet to achieve interstellar travel

    I am posting this anonymously as I do not want to end up getting killed by aliens who don't want this information made public.

    This is a wake up call. I hope you do something with it to let the public know.

    Also UFO's are not uncommon. People just don't look up! If you make a conscious effort to watch the skys you will catch some either before or after they cloak themselves. YES... Cloak themselves. They have 3 ways to cloak. One way is cloaking from visible light. In this instance they can be seen through IR or UV or both. The next is dimensional and I just don't understand the process of course, and the third way is energy barrier. By projecting a high energy field they blend into the blue sky as the energy field distorts any view making them invisible. They did use or may still use projection as well where they do what our military has recently started doing. Project the background image on the skin of the ship so you cannot see the ship. Technology handed to military contractors by aliens :)

    1. Are you one of them?