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Nov 18, 2012

BBC - UFO Filmed Over Pitlochry, Perthshire, Scotland

UFO investigators are studying footage of a mysterious object seen floating in the sky above Pitlochry, Perthshire, Scotland

Adrian Musat filmed the glowing white light when he spotted it from his living room window in Pitlochry.

Mr Musat sent the material to the British UFO Research Association who are now examining it.


  1. Great footage! Gave me a boner!!

  2. Not this again. The person that recorded this did not use the focus on the video camera so this so-called ufo is just a light recorded out of focus and this is already well known.

  3. he said, not this $h*t again! totally agree, just like commercial Liners in a holding pattern!

  4. 100% ufo. u haf to be dumb to not believe that! great footage!

  5. Jerks like this Guy give urology a bad break its out of focus fools

  6. If anyone spots what they think is an unidentified flying object please find a way to steady the camera and importantly try to use the focus as best you can. There is absolutely no doubt that this footage has been recorded without the use of the focus button. This diamond shape will always occur when you zoom in on any point of light with extreme out of fucus use.

  7. The news in the UK came out and said it was a light from a cab that was situated above a machine used by the forestry commission. Having worked with the forestry commission and leasing with the team that was supposedly in the location at the time. I can confirm that this has nothing to do with any vehicle from the forestry commission and nobody was in the area at the time. This is a massive cover up, which makes me think it is very real. If not why try and cover it up with lies.

    1. Really because I was believing the explanation. It seemed plausible and logical. So you have information to the contrary. Please give more details. Like which firm was meant to be the cause of such a stir. Give us the who's and why's . If you can confirm and prove that this possible cover story is wrong, then we can get the ball rolling and start pointing fingers atbtge people who told us all lies. More details dude come on step up and be counted.

  8. Why don't UFOs land any more? Just sayin.