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Nov 17, 2012

Denver UFO 2012 : News Station Confirms UFO Neither Bird Nor Plane [update]

A Denver FOX31 news crew has confirms that UFO sighting is neither bird/bug nor plane.

Earlier this month a local man's report of unidentified flying objects regularly zipping around the sky. Like the man, the crew was able to capture on camera the mysterious objects as well.

The Federal Aviation Administration and the North American Aerospace Defense Command both shrugged, saying they had no records or reports of such activity. read more

Now in latest development, Denver FOX31 news reporter came forward and said :

We saw no bugs, it really isn’t a very buggy area. If we had, we would have questioned it ourselves.

I’ve done this for 20 years, i don’t shoot flies and turn them into UFOs.I have received a lot of email about the bug theory, when i get my head above water we will do a follow up.And when I do a follow up, we will use video that isn’t so ”artistically” edited.


  1. Its not a Airplane or a Helicopter, and its not a bird, Nor is it a Bug. first off there is NO bug that I know of or in existence that's able to fly the rate of speed that it cannot be seen visually by the naked eye, and secondly bugs don't have reflective or metallic properties to them. So your Bug theory is Bugged.

    I would also point out that the object in question is moving in extreme speeds and while doing so is also making 90/Degree turns and climbing and descending vertically at the same time.

  2. I lived in Denver and drove taxi cab, I remember seeing these things out of the corner of my eye but didn't say anything out of fear people would think I was seeing things. I thought of using a camera but didn't have cheap high definition enough cameras for that then.

    They would explain the little green men myth or legend and there are people who say they look kind of like bugs or snakes that fly these types of craft, makes one wonder if the mother ship isn't far off or if the gov is covering up

  3. Just wanted to mention that I live near Denver and work in Denver itself...and wanted to point out that when they shot this footage it was cold. Like very cold. (It snowed.) There aren't any bugs flying around this time of year.

    I'm not saying I believe it's aliens, I'm just saying I don't think it's going to end up being bugs either.

  4. Definitely an unusual case this is. I will be looking forward to any new updates on this as they come out.

  5. Lucky enough to have seen a UFO sighting in Durban South Afica - and it was amazing to know we are not alone in the Universe.

  6. Gov is trying to get me.
    Richard Dolan

    1. I also find this video fascinating and currently unexplained by conventional means. And, no, that was not me above who said "Gov is trying to get me." :-)

  7. They are virtually everywhere. I started seeing them back in 1998. Daytime sighting with 5 other people.

  8. I also find this video to be fascinating and currently unexplained by any conventional means. And, no, that was not me above who said "Gov is trying to get me" :-)

  9. Two cameras from two different angles would eliminate the bug theory. The "bugs" are supposedly real close to the camera giving it the appearance of high speed and radical g's. Put the cameras 20 feet from each other and synchronize the clocks. It's either there or it isn't.

  10. Dye dame dis Denny Doller

  11. I read this article because I am open to a variety of opinions. After researching this particular topic in a couple different sources, I have drawn the conclusion that this strange event is: A, a hoax or B a test of a new military device, possibly to prepare for a strike by the Iranian or Iraqi nuclear program. I am not saying that this attack is likely, on the contrary, I believe the opposite. I do however think this object is an attempt at creating a successful military precaution.

  12. It was a fairly clear cool afternoon back in 2009. I remember sitting in the car waiting for my boyfriend. Bored I was looking at the clouds in the sky when I noticed a small white object very high up above the clouds. At first I dismissed it as a satellite, but when I looked again I noticed there were two of them. The way the were moving across the sky was so strange the only way I can explain it is like two leaves swirling around in a breeze. I followed them with my eyes for a couple minutes until they both shot into the sky with a quickness and disappeared. Of course when I told my boyfriend what I had seen he laughed at me. Im not saying I saw a space ship, but what I did see was definitely not birds, planes, bugs, eye floaters or a satellite. After I seen this video Im convinced this is the same thing I saw back in '09.