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Nov 2, 2012

UFO Sightings Filmed During Hurricane Sandy

Earlier we had reported, NASA videotaped UFO over Hurricane Sandy from space station

Now in latest development, according to eyewitness report on the day the superstorm was supposed to reach the east coast of the United States, lights can be seen in the dark clouds. This was shot on a lake that wasn't in the danger zone of the hurricane.

On same day UFOs were also spotted during Hurricane Sandy In Pennsylvania as well.


  1. It would seem we are constantly being under survielence from space. The government is always covering up something.I wished they would just unvail the truth an maybe their would be more funding for deep space exploration ; shuttle development ect .... ect... You know they have to know stuff about magnetic propulsion that they are kerping secret from all the reverse engineering they have done on UFOs.America deserves the truth in my opinion

    1. Touch sir! 80-90% now... its time!

  2. The first video all I seen was clouds, a bird and two drops of water on the camera lens. Am I missing something here?

  3. If you all knew what I know and if I could tell you without going to federal prison.

  4. Go on tell us then

  5. These were just transformers in the distance. A lot of transformers we popping in PA. The first video with those 4 lights... Not sure.. To me it could be edited in (because he sat on that areas of the film like he was expecting it). Or it could be the real deal and just so happened to be staring long enough at that portion of the sky to catch those lights but not stay and continue to move the camera away from it.. Sounds sketchy to me.

  6. The end is upon us people,nwo,mark of the beast,fallen angels,crazy wheather,war and rumors of war,government underground bunkers,planet x,one world police,more and more ghostly sightings,and the list goes on and on,please research and see the truth out there!!!!!