Nov 11, 2012

UFOs Filmed Over Longmont, Colorado USA

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According to eyewitness testimonial UFOs was filmed over Longmont, Colorado on November 6, 2012. Longmont is a Home Rule Municipality in Boulder and Weld counties in the U.S. state of Colorado.

The city is located northeast of the county seat of Boulder and 31 miles (50 km) north-northwest of the Colorado State Capitol in Denver.

Interestingly two days later FOX 31 Denver News Channel reported day time UFO sighting over Denver , Colorado too.

Down below is Denver UFO sighting news report video :

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  1. I saw this in Lafayette, same night 11/06/2012 around 6:00 PM MST. My video is not as good as yours. Went over my car traveling south on County Line Road, then went SW over Lafayette down Baseline. I caught the footage facing south, a couple blocks south of S. Boulder.

  2. 8 of us seen this same thing!!! Check out my footage also! Its the same night! Tonight November 6 2012!! Undeniable footage, it was right over us! I couldn't believe my eyes when i seen it.. There here!!

  3. I saw the same thing in lafayette a few weeks ago! I was looking out my back window late at night and i feel dumb now cause i just thought "wow those stars are acting weird"! i didn't sense anything negative about them at the time. freaky and exciting. furthermore. wth is it?

  4. Lafayette is pretty close to the country of Boulder. Sure Lafayette didn't get a little to much smoke from those folks on Pearl Street? That would explain the whole thing. Look like a street light from afar to me, but then I hadn't had any of the weed that night...

  5. I saw this exact same thing on July 25th, over Longmont. Only difference is, there was only one orb and it was just hovering, not flying.

  6. Saw this thing fly overhead tonight in Longmont. It looked like the Little Dipper but, comprised of small, dull orange lights. It flew north with no sound and faded into the night.

  7. I was coming home from work at 3am and I silent v shape craft fly 30ft above me headed south. No lights where on but it made no noise. Sense then I have seen this craft 3 more times between 9pm and .12am over the last week. I was flying much higher (1000ft) maybe and with more speec. It has 5 very dim red lights on the bottom but they don't seem to be lit up. Please keep an eye in the sky and report if u see them 2.

  8. I was walking into my garage 10/1 at 3am and a v shape UFO flew 20ft in front of me and about 30ft high. It was dead silent, black, and have 5 red lights underneath but where off. It was only going maybe 5mph. Since then I was seen it 3 more time but fly much higher and faster. Please keep ur eyes in the sky and report it if u do . I can be the only one to see it!

  9. I seen this same thing you guys are talking about just went outside to let the dogs out and standing on my deck in Longmont estates by the fire department and was looking up and to the west this thing was dead silent and like others said the lights wer off it was maybe 60ft up and moving about 50 60 mph at first I thought it was geese or birds but it wasn't it was to fast and it faded quick wow tippy I know what I saw....