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Dec 4, 2012

Mars UFO : NASA Spirit Rover Spotted UFO On Mars

Today we received a mysterious mars picture, which was photographed by NASA Mars Spirit rover.

Close up 1.

Cigar shape UFO in the sky of Mars

Close up 2.

We played around with the close up image in Photoshop:

 NASA Spirit Rover Original Photograph :

 Image Source : NASA

Our Conclusion :

1. Spirit photographed UFO.
2. Spirit spotted  NASA secret interplanetary aircraft (X-40 updated version) on mars.
3. NASA rover Spirit never went to mars but was operating near coastline.When Spirit photographed the area, it incidentally also photographed the plane while flying over that area.

To test if its possible to convert earth image to look like mars , we played around with the image in Photoshop and got some interesting results.

Down below image shows, Atacama Desert landscape can be change into fake Mars landscape using photo editing software. 
UFO is definitely not a scratch, or damage to the lens :

 Image before " UFO" :

Image after " UFO"

Above sequence of images truly trashes the artifact on the lens theory. This is clearly some sort of airborne object.

In past we had also reported :

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  1. F-22 o_O ? on mars

  2. The red color in all mars photo is questionable. Earth looks blue, but sand and rocks are not blue in photos. I guess all mars photos cant be in red shade. The only possibility of having red shade in all photos could by red filter or modified one.

  3. lol its a conspiracy as usual...

  4. I think NASA used to be on the fore front of space exploration but their role now is just a public PR show. Elite government has cut funding and tied their rockets down and are making them film on earth. We have been seeing a lot of little clues like this F22 jet? Probably from some pissed off NASA employees.

  5. Looks very similar to the T-38. Thats probably the real top secret feature to the F-22 though.

  6. So if we can prove that this is hoax then do we finally get to fire the entire government and put things right?

  7. Nazi Aeronautical & Space Agency

  8. One of the numerous US or Russian probes that still orbit the red planet.