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Dec 28, 2012

Taiwan Alien : Policeman Photographed Transparent Creature Near Jiaming Lake In Taiwan

Taiwan UFOlogy Society (TUFOS) on Saturday announced a transparent alien creature was photographed by a police officer near Jiaming Lake, located at an altitude of 3310 meters, in the southern part of the Central Highlands in Taitung.

Above photograph shows large alien creatures with transparent body, webbed hands, seen from a distance. Due to its odd shape, TUFOS certain, it's not human, but a creature from outer space.

Chairman TUFOS, Huang Chao-ming revealed, the photo was taken by a police officer with his iPhone 4.

Taiwan alien closeup image :

To investigate whether the photo is genuine, claiming TUFOS takes a year to consult with expert mobile technology, computer imagery, and photography cameras to check out the photos. However, no definite conclusions.

The photos were taken by Chen Yung-huang, a policeman who was walking around the lake Jiaming with his colleagues on May 14 last year.

Chen said he did not see anything out of the ordinary while he was photographing in the mountain. 

Jiaming Lake

Jiaming Lake is located in Haiduan Township, Taitung County. It is situated on the east side of Mt. Sancha, and is 7 kilometers from Mt. Xiangyang as the crow flies.

The water reaches a depth of 6 meters, and no streams enter or leave the lake. The lake nevertheless remains full of water at all times of the year. The water in the lake is a deep sapphire blue, and has been described as "angels' tears.

Jiaming Lake's most notable feature is that the Central Geological Survey, MOEA, has determined that it was created by a meteorite strike, and is the only lake in Taiwan known to have been formed in this way. The shore of Jiaming Lake is covered with rocky debris and glassy material, including black, brown, and white glass. In addition, the surfaces of certain kinds of debris show signs of melting at high temperature, and quartz grains in stones around the lake have been subjected to extreme shattering forces.

Geologists have determined that the glass found at this lake shows signs of extreme internal stress. Since there are no nearby volcanoes, nor have there been glaciers or signs of erosion by ice or snow, it is therefore thought that Jiaming Lake was indeed probably formed by meteorite impact.

Source : http://www.taiwan.gov.tw/ct.asp?xItem=36901&CtNode=2220&mp=1006


  1. It's got wings yo. Look closer.

  2. Looks like a heat distortion of a man walking carrying a rag. If you look at the black outline in the silhouette and move it up and to the left it perfectly matches the outline of the transparent "creature". You will notice the same distortion on the ground, it is transposed up and to the left as well.

    So, have fun spinning this into an alien story, but it is easily explained.

    1. yeah because its sooo oddly hot in China right now. lol. getouttahea!

    2. it only has to be hot for awhile, and then cool down, so that the cold air rushes in over the hot air, causing the inversion. ham radio ops have been using these for years to communicate over long distances. btw, Taiwan is NOT part of China.

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