Dec 9, 2012

UFOs Europe : The Untold Stories : 2012 Episode 2

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A cyclist sees glowing UFOs in the sky, two US soldiers discover a landed craft, and strange files describing a UFO sighting in Venice from 1936.

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UFOs Europe : The Untold Stories : 2012 Episode 1
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  1. What I find amazing about UFO sighting is that what all the high tech cameras that are available today even the dedicated UFO hunters never get a clear steady picture of any UFO. If anyone who really believed that UFOs were real, then we would have real proof by now. Lights in the sky are just that "lights in the sky"

    1. I seen a real UFO, so they're real, i thought they was not real too untill i actually seen one with my own eyes.

  2. The problem is if u see something u don't understand you will stare at it & prob won't think about taking a pic until it is gone & the amazement has ended