Jan 9, 2013

Loud booms were heard In Evansville, Indiana, USA

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Earlier we had reported "Sonic Boom Heard In USA, UK And India".

In latest development,loud booms were heard by many overnight and so far explained by none.

It turns out, the booms were heard not just here, but across the country.

It wasn't an earthquake. The USGS doesn't have reports of any activity in our area.

The Air Force says it wasn't performing any military drills, either.

Authorities say, at least for now, it will remain a mystery.

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  1. There was a strange noise (vibration) during 15 minutes, followed by a reactor sound for about 30 minutes last nigth near Montreal Canada... I've heard that just after my tv set opened by itself at 3:00 a.m. .. Snd I was feeling dizzy ... Like if i was in some kind of force field...

  2. Heard several booms today in the midlands of SC. It sounds as though there is an explosion in the sky that radiates downward. I have heard these and other strange sounds coming from the sky. One night in 2011 I heard what I thought was a jet but the sound continued for over an hour and seem to be multidirectional. I could hear wind blowing and sort of metallic hum I have no idea. Something is going on though because this is happening around the world and much more frequent. Google "strange sounds from sky"

  3. I saw something that was the size of a basketball and it went clockwise at a constant speed, but very fast! It had an extremely low noise, that sounded like "whitnoise". Very faint sound!. It got me all excited and fascinated! Then it went and shot down and kind of morphed into what looked like the back of a "dodge em" car. Was the most puzzling thing ever.