Jan 14, 2013

UFO 2013 : Strange Triangular Crafts Filmed Over Detroit, USA

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Reports that strange triangle crafts have been seen in the skies over Detroit this week have make the news.

Other reports have happening in Florida, Indianapolis and other parts of the US. These objects are not part of the military and no one knows what they are?

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  1. I just saw 2 UFOs over Bathgate, West Lothian. 1 was hovering with a 'half moon shaped', yellowish white light in the middle and a smaller red light to the left and right. The other had 4 lights, 2 red on the outer sides and 2 green lights in the centre all lights on both crafts were in a line. When they moved the 1st was a modern pace and the 2nd seem to have 3 'crescent moon' shaped lights but at the rear and in a triangle shape

  2. All the excitement over the triangle UFO's, News Flash! They're ours, I may as well tell ya, it will be released to the public next few months anyways, experimental aircraft using ion propulsion, Canada, Europe , few others involved, Air force been flying these prototypes for some time, your tax dollars hard at work! How do I know, I personally know a pilot, who yes, flies these, all I can say......Aim High!

  3. no one puts flashing lights on their vehicles unless they are humans lol

  4. what's that, you personally know a pilot... a knob pilot. Bully for you dkd!

  5. tr3b ASTRA.......

  6. if u spend time in front of ur tv to much time in front ur computer u never see what outside in skys above u, u will never see the truth.

  7. why is it I don't trust this pompous third turd from the moon production each and every time I see them?